15 Best Things to Do in Algiers (Algeria)

The capital and largest city in Algeria, Algiers is a cosmopolitan city that sits in a bay along the Mediterranean coastline. The modern part of the city is located along the coast, while the old part climbs the hill behind it.

Algiers is not as popular for tourists as other major cities in northern Africa, but tourism is growing, as is its facilities. It offers numerous hotel options, attractions and lovely architecture, with many visitors being impressed by the amazing hospitality of the local people and businesses.

Lets explore the best things to do in Algiers:

1. Explore the old city


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Officially known as the Casbah, this is an ancient part of Algiers that is built on a hill overlooking modern Algiers. This part of the city dates back to the 17th century, founded on the ruins of old Icosium.

The Casbah is a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its exceptional architecture, which includes Ketchaoua mosque, mosque el Djedid and mosque El Kébir. It is also home to the Casbah Palace, which is well worth visiting.

The palace, or Dar Aziza, was built in 1791 and named after the Princess Aziza Bent ed-Dey. It is a beautiful, white palace with a courtyard, numerous terraces and a spectacular grand staircase.

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15 Best Things to Do in Algiers (Algeria):

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