15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Iowa

Iowa is nestled in between Nebraska and Illinois, in the heart of the Midwest. Crisscrossed by the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, the countryside is a gorgeous place to get away and relax for a few days. Bring your camera and admire the rolling plans and cornfields, and check out our recommendations for the best towns off the beaten path. Dotted with historic communities that keep their founders’ cultures very much alive, you could attend a Tulip Festival and feel like you were in Holland, all without leaving the continental US!

Check out our list of 15 best small towns in Iowa!

1. Pella, Iowa

Pella, Iowa

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Pella, Iowa

Pella is located in Marion County. The town was originally settled by Dutch immigrants who named the town “Pella” in reference to “Perea”, a refuge for Christians fleeing Jerusalem during the Roman-Jewish war of 70 AD. The Dutch had moved out to Iowa in search of religious freedom, much like the Jews fleeing the Romans. Many centuries later, Wyatt Earp grew up here before launching his famous career.

Wander the downtown area and try a dutch letter from Jaarsma Bakery. You can take a tour of historic Vermeer Windmill or stroll along the Molengracht Canal. Appreciate the Dutch flavor that Pella has preserved, and mark springtime on your calendars – the town hosts a Tulip Festival! Pamper yourself at The Cheesemaker’s Inn and revel in the change to your routine!

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15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Iowa:

Pella, Iowa