15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Georgia

Georgia, being one of the United States of America’s original 13 colonies is a wonderful place for travelers wanting to go somewhere with a rich history, hospitable culture, and incredible natural scenery. Its landscape spans through beaches, mountains, farmland, and big cities. Georgia is famous for being the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., one of the U.S.A.’s greatest civil rights activists and for its production of juicy peaches.

Many travelers make the mistake of only visiting Georgia’s big cities like Atlanta and Savannah, without paying homage to the rest of the sites that make Georgia so special. Those who solely see the big sites miss out on what makes Georgia such a well-rounded and fantastic state. You can visit the Blue Ridge Mountains, venture along the Historic Heartland on Georgia’s Antebellum Trail, look for gold at old mining towns, and enjoy the peacefulness of small town life.

A great way to see the state of Georgia is from the windows of a good old-fashioned road trip, where you can stop at any of these small towns on your way to other destinations. Though there are hundreds of noteworthy small towns in Georgia, there are some that stand out above the rest.

Lets explore the best small towns to vist in Georgia:

1. Madison

The Dovecote House in Madison, Georgia

Source: flickr

The Dovecote House in Madison, Georgia

Madison, one of the prettiest small towns in America, is one place in the country that invests in preserving its history and it shows. It has one of Georgia’s largest collections of 19th century architecture of stunning colorful historic buildings. Madison is also part of the Historic Heartland on Georgia’s Antebellum Trail, a 100-mile path that weaves through some of Georgia’s best preserved towns. Madison is one of the best stops on the trail, where you can easily enjoy more than a few days seeing all of its beauty.

For those who are into finding treasures from the past, there are over 150 antique shops to browse through. You can also spend time at the parks, restaurants, and local parks.

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15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Georgia:

Helen, Georgia

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