15 Amazing Waterfalls In Georgia

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If chasing waterfalls is an adventure you enjoy, then Georgia is the place to be. Georgia is the largest state located east of the Mississippi River and in the southeastern part of America. Whether you are looking to capture the perfect photograph or want to venture on a casual hike, each waterfall offers a different experience and varied terrain.

Depending on the season, the areas surrounding the waterfalls boast different landscapes and colors. I was born and raised in Georgia and have explored a lot of what the state has to offer. So I’m sure you’re gonna like my list of the 15 most amazing waterfalls in Georgia.

1. Amicalola Falls

Amicalola FallsSource: JayL / shutterstock
Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls is the tallest waterfall in Georgia. It boasts stunning views of the hills surrounding the state park and is one of the seven wonders of Georgia. The meaning behind ‘Amicalola’ is ‘tumbling waters,’ which comes from the Cherokee language. Amicalola Falls offers many different viewpoints; from the valley looking out over the falls to the main cascade looking up at the cascade. This place is best enjoyed in the summer season, due to the quality of trails being maintained during the summer months.

  • Height: 729 feet
  • Hike Distance: 2.3 miles
  • Location: Amicalola Falls State Park

2. Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls, Georgia, USSource: David Grano-De-Oro / shutterstock
Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls is situated in the Chattahoochee National Forest, which is a very scenic area. The falls are made up of two creeks that cascade over the drop-offs. One creek is Curtis creek, at 153 feet, and the other is York Creek falls, which are 1/3 the size at 50 feet. The water at the bottom is known as Smith Creek, which then forms Smith Lake. There is a small fee to access the trailhead, at $3.00 per person. Gift shops, facilities, and snack machines are on site.

  • Height: 153 feet
  • Hike Distance: ½ mile
  • Location: Chattahoochee National Forest

3. Ada-Hi Falls

Ada-Hi Falls in Rabun County, Georgia, USASource: Jsfouche / Wikimedia
Ada-Hi Falls

A hike out to Ada-Hi Falls is a pleasant walk into the Appalachian cove. Wildflowers, ferns, and tall hardwood trees will surround you, as Ada-Hi Falls is located in Black Rock Mountain State Park. Although the hike is short and scenic, the water is nothing more than a dribble during the dry months. Ada-Hi Falls are the highest elevation falls in the state of Georgia. It’s a neat place to explore and the observation platform is great for pictures.

  • Height: 35-feet
  • Hike Distance: 0.2 miles
  • Location: Black Rock Mountain State Park

4. Bad Branch Falls

Bad Branch FallsSource: kurdistan / shutterstock
Bad Branch Falls

Bad Branch Falls is unique, particularly because of the slanted rock formation and how the water flows down the rocks. Since the location is a bit isolated from the big cities, you will need to drive a bit in order to reach the trailhead. Once you approach the trailhead, the beauty begins. In terms of accessibility of the hike and difficulty level, this hike is great for all ages and abilities.

  • Height: 30-feet
  • Hike Distance: 0.4 miles
    Location: Rabun County
  • 5. Sea Creek Falls

5. Sea Creek Falls

Sea Creek FallsSource: The_Gut / Flickr | CC BY
Sea Creek Falls

Sea Creek Falls are remarkable no matter what the season. During winter and spring, the flow of the water is heavier, which creates beautiful pictures. The upper falls are steep and the cascades have a transitory drop, which is similar to the lower falls. The area around Sea Creek Falls can be very wet and muddy depending on the weather conditions. You can take your shoes off and enjoy dipping your feet in the pool beneath the waterfall. Children enjoy these falls but it’s always important to exercise caution on slippery rocks.

  • Height: 30-feet
  • Hike Distance: 0.1 miles
  • Location: Coopers Creek Recreation Area in Suches

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6. Cherokee Falls

Cherokee FallsSource: Gabriel Quiles / shutterstock
Cherokee Falls

The path to Cherokee Falls is quite strenuous. From the trailhead, it drops down to the canyon, where you will find two waterfalls – Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls. It is a half mile to Cherokee Falls and another energetic half mile to Hemlock Falls. These falls are best visited in the spring and winter months due to the heavy water flow; however, the water varies from month to month. Cherokee Falls is a favorite amongst many photographers in the area. This place is a great backdrop for engagement photos or family shoots.

  • Height: 60-feet
  • Hike Distance: ½ mile
  • Location: Cloudland Canyon State Park

7. Caledonia Cascade

Caledonia Cascade, GeorgiaSource: JayL / shutterstock
Caledonia Cascade

Caledonia Cascade is located along the South Rim Trail and offers the best views of the waterfall. One great feature about this waterfall is the trail taken to reach it. The trail does not have as many elevation changes as the other trails and it is suitable for any age or ability. As you hike to the waterfall, you can stop off at the Wallenda tower. The tower was used as an anchor point for crossing the Tallulah Gorge in 1970. Not only will you learn a bit about the history, but you will also get your exercise and pictures all at the same time.

  • Height: 600-feet
  • Hike Distance: 0.7 miles
  • Location: Rabun County

8. Toccoa Falls

Toccoa FallsSource: John Pryor / shutterstock
Toccoa Falls

Toccoa Falls is higher than the famous Niagara Falls in Canada and is one of the highest free-falling cascades discovered east of the Mississippi River. The water flows through the 1,000-acre campus and is a popular campus retreat. The falls are handicap accessible and are easily accessed through the gift shop. Children under six years of age get free entry, while adults and seniors can access for the minimal price of $1-2.

  • Height: 186-feet
  • Hike Distance: 100-yards
  • Location: Campus of Toccoa Falls College

9. Emery Creek Falls

Emery Creek FallsSource: Phil Truelove / Facebook
Emery Creek Falls

Emery Creek Falls is nestled in the northwest part of Georgia and offers remote waterfalls unlike any other in the state. The trail requires some patience, as it is not well marked, but the scenery is stunning. The forests surrounding the waterfall are lush and the trail collides with 20 different creek crossings in order to reach the double waterfall. Expect to see wildflowers, mushrooms, lots of green moss and a campground on your way to the falls.

  • Height: 550-feet
  • Hike Distance: 6.4 miles
  • Location: Chattahoochee National Forest near Ellijay

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10. Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek FallsSource: Christopher Cadle / shutterstock
Helton Creek Falls

Situated less than a mile from Helen, Helton Creek Falls is a hike you will want to enjoy with the family. This easy hike boasts views of two striking waterfalls. The autumn season is a great time to check out the waterfalls because of the generous water flow and stunning multicolored leaves. Lush, mossy valleys will surround you and it’s a great spot for picnicking and taking in the views. The trailhead for this hike starts at the south end of Vogel State Park.

  • Height: 60 feet
  • Hike Distance: 0.4 miles
  • Location: Chattahoochee National Forest near Helen

11. DeSoto Falls

DeSoto Falls, GeorgiaSource: Jason Patrick Ross / shutterstock
DeSoto Falls

Named after Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto, DeSoto Falls is not only a great hiking trail with a waterfall at the end, it also boasts a great deal of history. When you reach the waterfall, you will see two beautiful cascades. DeSoto Falls is close to many different trails, such as Trahlyta Lake Trail and Bear Hair Gap Trail. Make sure you leave enough time to explore the surrounding State Park area, which is truly stunning.

  • Height: 200-feet
  • Hike Distance: 2 miles
  • Location: Chattahoochee National Forest near Helen

12. Hemlock Falls

Hemlock FallsSource: Micah Blaho / shutterstock
Hemlock Falls

Hemlock Falls is located in the north end of Georgia in Rabun County. The hike to the waterfall is two miles long, with outstanding scenery along the way. Hemlock Falls flows over a cliff into a clear pool. The trailhead for Hemlock Falls is found at Lake Burton’s western shore or near the entrance to the Moccasin Creek State Park.

  • Height: 90-feet
  • Hike Distance: 2 miles
  • Location: Moccasin Creek State Park

13. Dick’s Creek Falls

Dick’s Creek FallsSource: popofatticus / Flickr | CC BY
Dick’s Creek Falls

Dick’s Creek Falls can be reached by following the Dick’s Creek Trail. The waterfall is 60-feet and drops into Dicks Creek in the Chattooga River. You will be at the center of lush greenery and tall hardwood trees. Towards the end of the hike, you will have stunning views of the Chattooga Basin, from the elevated bluffs. This hike is short and easy and great for all fitness levels.

  • Height: 60-feet
  • Hike Distance: 1.4 miles
  • Location: Chattahoochee National Forest

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14. Becky Branch Falls

Becky Branch FallsSource: JayL / shutterstock
Becky Branch Falls

Becky Branch Falls is located through the trails of Warwoman Dell Trail and Bartran Trail. Within a 1.4-mile loop, you will see a trio of waterfalls with heavy flows during the winter and spring months. The small, wood-railed bridge is picturesque and easily accessible from the hiking trail. You will notice that the trail rises on a rim that is situated above Becky Branch. There is a tunnel that was built in 1854 to provide drainage under the rail bed. There is lots of history and beautiful scenery to discover at Becky Branch Falls.

  • Height: 20-feet
  • Hike Distance: 0.6 miles
  • Location: Rabun County

15. Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls, GeorgiaSource: kurdistan / shutterstock
Minnehaha Falls, Georgia

Minnehaha Falls is a short and easy hike that loops around the falls. The multi-tiered falls cascade over cliffs before reaching the Lake Rabun shore. Minnehaha Falls is a favorite amongst locals in Georgia because it is a short and sweet hike. Many photographers prefer Minnehaha Falls to the other falls in Georgia. The sharp terraces and boulders lining the falls are great to adventure to the top, but only with appropriate footwear and for more advanced rock climbers.

  • Height: 100-feet
  • Hike Distance: 1.2 miles
  • Location: Rabun County

15 Amazing Waterfalls In Georgia:

  • Amicalola Falls
  • Anna Ruby Falls
  • Ada-Hi Falls
  • Bad Branch Falls
  • Sea Creek Falls
  • Cherokee Falls
  • Caledonia Cascade
  • Toccoa Falls
  • Emery Creek Falls
  • Helton Creek Falls
  • DeSoto Falls
  • Hemlock Falls
  • Dick’s Creek Falls
  • Becky Branch Falls
  • Minnehaha Falls