15 Best Romantic (Weekend) Getaways in Kentucky

10. The Old Hashienda

The Old Hashienda

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The Old Hashienda

This country abode showcases the old-time rural Kentucky in all its glory. Recently converted from a historic building dating back to the early nineteenth century, the Old Hashienda is a very unique experience for couples to get away into rustic romance.

The Old Hashienda is centered right in the middle of small town, Rabbit Hash. Depending on the time of year you and your loved one visit this county oasis, you can catch live music from your own porch or have a hootin’ and hollerin’ time at Kentucky’s famous barn dances right across the street.

At this adventurous destination, you and your loved one can hide away from the big city life and enjoy your time by the authentic wood-burning stove in your humble retreat.

Website: http://www.rabbithash.com/about_rabbit_hash_general_store/visiting_the_general_store/stay_at_the_old_hashienda_in_rabbit_hash.html

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