15 Best Things to Do in Almere (the Netherlands)

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Almere is located on the east bank of the Markemeer across the water from Amsterdam and is a planned city.

Split into 6 districts – Almere Stad, Almere Buiten, Almere Pampus, Almere Haven, Almere Hout and Almere Poort, the city has a distinct structure and organisation.

To cope with the growing population of the Netherlands after WW2, plans for Almere were developed and its first house was created in 1976, and it officially became a municipality in 1984. As the newest city in the Netherlands, Almere sits on reclaimed land from the IJsselmeer lake.

The cities close proximity to Amsterdam, its abundance of natural landscapes and modern infrastructure make it a great tourist destination.

Lets explore the best things to do in Almere:

1. Oostvaardersplassen

OostvaardersplassenSource: flickr

One of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands and a true gem for those who love the outdoors.

Covering over 56km, the park serves as a successful example of rewilding.

Located between Almere and Lelystad, the Oostvaardersplassen stretches onto the Markemeer wetland.

Here you will find many reed beds which are home to many species of birds including the Great Egret, Eurasian Bittern and the Great Cormorant.

Furthermore the land is home to many herbivores including Red Deer, Konik Ponies and Cattle.

Take advantage of the many trails and enjoy the fantastic wildlife and natural scenery that this area offers.

2. Thermen La Mer

Thermen La MerSource: thermenlamer
Thermen La Mer

Looking for a relaxing break away from the stress of the modern world? Thermen La Mer is a wonderful wellness spa located in the district of Almere Haven and offers just that.

Surrounded by woodland, this really is a quiet and peaceful resort with an abundance of treatments and activities to help you rejuvenate.

Experience a soothing massage, pamper yourself in the luxury spa, refresh your body in one of the 7 saunas or take a tantalizing dip in the thermal baths.

Whatever you choose, your a sure to come away from the Thermen La Mer feeling truly relaxed and fresh.

3. Almeerderstrand

AlmeerderstrandSource: flickr

A fantastic beach in the district of Almere Poort and right next to the A6 bridge crossing into Muiderberg.

Golden sands stretch out into the waters of Ijmeer and the beach at Almeerderstrand remains relatively untouched and is a great place to relax.

Strandrestaurant Poortdok is a wonderful place to enjoy a meal and a drink, while at the opposite end of the beach is the Marina Muiderzand which features some cool Yachts and fishing boats.

For fun and relaxation, look no further than this fantastic beach.

4. Forteiland Pampus

Forteiland PampusSource: flickr
Forteiland Pampus

Not many people will realize that there is a fort in the middle of the Ijmeer see in-between Almere and Amsterdam, but there is, and its known as Forteiland Pampus.

From the small town of Muiden which is just 15 minutes drive from Almere Poort, you can catch a ferry to the Pampus Island to see the marvellous Forteiland Pampus.

Constructed in 1895 on a man made island, the fort featured two 35 calibre guns that were hydraulically mounted and also had electric lifts to carry the shells to the guns.

Open to the public from April to October, this fascinating fort is a must see and gives an intriguing look at a form of historical defence that was employed in the Netherlands.

5. De Kemphaan

De KemphaanSource: flickr
De Kemphaan

An extremely interesting and fun place to visit, De Kemphaan is a farm exhibit and shop that is located to the east of Almere Haven in the Waterlandsebos.

Here you will find a range of different activities for children and adults like the Monkey Rescue foundation, the restaurant, and the local produce you can buy including locally brewed beer! On Saturday mornings an organic market is held and here you can buy a beautiful range of organic produce and enjoy a taste of fresh orange juice.

If markets and restaurants do not take your fancy, you can simply relax in the outdoor grounds or take a hike through the trails.

6. Escaping Almere

Escaping AlmereSource: escaperoomsnederland
Escaping Almere

Escape Rooms have never been so popular – These fun and challenging venues test your common sense, knowledge, and ingenuity.

Escape Almere does just this and offers you the chance to show off your investigative skills and teamwork as you try and solve the many puzzles and escape the different themed rooms.

Located in the district of Almere Buiten, this escape room features four different themed rooms including an earthquake disaster, a hospital, a fire and the outbreak of a deadly virus.

All of the rooms feature a detailed back story and have a great amount of mystery and interaction; can you and your friends escape from Almere?

7. Veiligheidsmuseum

VeiligheidsmuseumSource: kidseropuit

One of the few museums in Almere, the Veiligheidsmuseum offers a great opportunity for children to enjoy themselves and learn a great deal about fire engines and the fire service.

Located on the northern side of the Weerwater, this museum is in a central location and is in walking distance of many shops and restaurants too.

Inside this contemporary building you will find various exhibits containing fire engines, an emergency room, a recreation of a crime scene and many other interesting displays.

8. Almere Boat Cruise

Almere Boat CruiseSource: almereveertje
Almere Boat Cruise

What better way to explore the vast stretches of water surrounding Almere than by taking a boat tour? There are many different tours available, both private and group, but the main ones start at the Esplanade in downtown Almere.

Weerwater is one of the main bodies of water in Almere and will provide some fantastic photographic opportunities and beautiful water scenery.

Some boat tours will also provide food and drink, and if you are lucky and have children, they may even let the youngsters have a go at driving the boat (under supervision of course!).

9. Fun Forest Almere

Fun Forest AlmereSource: facebook
Fun Forest Almere

A fun packed adventure playground aimed mainly at children, the Fun Forest is situated in the grounds of De Kemphaan.

Here you will find many different climbing routes in the trees featuring zip lines, climbing frames and other obstacles.

Suitable for all ages, the routes have different levels of difficulty so do not feel intimidated.

With over 3 hours worth of action packed forest climbing fun, this adventure park will provide you with some brilliant memories.

Safety equipment is provided and there are trained staff on stand-by to help at all times.

10. De Stadsboerderij

De StadsboerderijSource: flickr
De Stadsboerderij

This city farm is a superb place to find some local produce and to see farmers at work.

Stadsboerderij farm is managed in an environmentally friendly way and offers an inviting green space in Almere.

Visitors can take a look at the farm, see the stables and the many horses and cattle that reside there, have a chat with the farmer or peruse over the selection of fine homemade produce.

Also offered are educational activities for children to help them understand how important farm work is and what makes the earth and nature to special.

11. Golfclub Almeerderhout

Golfclub AlmeerderhoutSource: almeerderhout
Golfclub Almeerderhout

For the discerning golf enthusiast, the Almeerderhout Golfclub provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy a fun and challenging round set in a beautiful landscaped course.

With 27 varied holes and also a gentle par 3 course, this golf venue offers something for the beginner and the seasoned pro and its design and hole layout are fantastic.

Located next to the De Kemphaan park the golf club is quite central and could easily be enjoyed as part of a day trip from Almere Haven.

12. Outdoorpark Sec Survivals

Outdoorpark Sec SurvivalsSource: sec-survivals
Outdoorpark Sec Survivals

Alemere is full if great outdoor activities and adventure parks and the Ourdoorpark Sec Survivals is one such place.

Not far from the Waterlandsebos area that contains De Kemphaan, the park offers a great variety of outdoor activities for all ages.

Try your hand at archery, survival training and of course the gruelling obstacle course.

Campfires are also a plenty to draw around and enjoy some pea soup after a hard day of activities.

If you are looking for an active adventure then this park is guaranteed to challenge and excite.

13. Citymall Shopping area

Citymall Shopping areaSource: flickr
Citymall Shopping area

Located in the heart of Almere in the Centrum and near the delightful Weerwater, the Citymall shopping area is a fantastic place to enjoy a little retail therapy, have a first class meal or a quiet drink.

The mall is easily accessible and is a large complex with many different shops and restaurants.

Here you can find American Burger joints, Pizzerias, and traditional Netherlands cuisine, all at reasonable prices.

Shops are in abundance and you will find everything you can think of, fear not though, there is also an indoor climbing wall to keep the children entertained!

14. Bowling Almere

Bowling AlmereSource: flickr
Bowling Almere

Ten Pin bowling is a tried and tested activity that is pure enjoyment for all the family.

Bowling Almere features 24 fully operational lanes all lit up in a dazzling array of neon colours.

Recently refurbished, the whole complex is well maintained and looks fabulous and is also air-conditioned which a bonus is when playing a sport like bowling.

Aside from the perfect bowling lanes, there is also a gourmet grill, a billiards and darts area, and outdoor terrace to enjoy a drink and a café.

Not just a bowling venue, Bowling Almere really does offer a great deal more and you will find hours of entertainment in this fun establishment.

15. Cablepark Almere

Cablepark AlmereSource: cableparkalmere
Cablepark Almere

Another of the fine attractions in the Weerwater, the Cablepark offers the chance to try your hand at water-skiing or waterboarding.

Huge pylons hold up a course of cables that send you whizzing through the water at wonderful speeds on your skis.

Easy to learn for both the young and old, this really is a fun sport to have a go at and you will soon have mastered the art and be rushing through the water and perfecting your water-skiing techniques.

Instructors are available to give you guidance and tips, and for those who want to try something less intense, you can also try stand up paddle boarding.

15 Best Things to Do in Almere (the Netherlands):

  • Oostvaardersplassen
  • Thermen La Mer
  • Almeerderstrand
  • Forteiland Pampus
  • De Kemphaan
  • Escaping Almere
  • Veiligheidsmuseum
  • Almere Boat Cruise
  • Fun Forest Almere
  • De Stadsboerderij
  • Golfclub Almeerderhout
  • Outdoorpark Sec Survivals
  • Citymall Shopping area
  • Bowling Almere
  • Cablepark Almere