15 Best Romantic (Weekend) Getaways in California

It’s nothing but California Dreaming with these romantic getaways. From luxurious pampering to jaw-dropping views, you’ll want to pack your bags as fast as you can to visit these California destinations with your special someone.

And with such a huge and gorgeous state, it’s hard to cut the list down. These getaways capture the very essence of all that is California: luxury, wine, celebrity, coast, and elegance. Here are our 15 favorite romantic getaway spots for California:

1. Meritage Resort and Spa

Meritage Resort and Spa

This is the ultimate getaway for when you want to dive into European luxury without leaving the Western Hemisphere. Say “ciao” to this beautiful Tuscan-inspired resort nestled into the Napa Valley, a perfect hideaway for couples wanting alone time to be spoiled.

At the resort’s one-of-a-kind 22,000 sq. ft. spa located 40 feet underground, wine is incorporated even in massages. There is a massage called “Vino Bello,” incorporating a grape seed scrub followed by a mineral and antioxidant-ruch wine and rosehip mud wrap to rejuvenate the skin. At the end of the massage, guests are covered in a soothing grape seed lotion. If this doesn’t scream Napa Valley to you, I don’t know what does.

Enjoy the view even more when you upgrade to a balcony room that overlooks the resort’s nine-acre vineyard.

Website: http://meritagecollection.com/meritageresort/

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15 Best Romantic (Weekend) Getaways in California:

Meritage Resort and Spa