15 Best Flea Markets in Texas

Written by Jan Meeuwesen
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Everything is bigger in Texas. This includes high school football stadiums, houses, hair, and even their flea markets. Texas plays host to some of the biggest and best flea markets in the country.

Some flea markets are so big, they span cities. So, next time you are in the lone star state, check out one or more of the 15 best flea markets Texas has to offer.

1. Texas Antique Weekend – Fayetteville to Carmine

Texas Antique WeekendSource: vintage13
Texas Antique Weekend

Over 100,000 people descend on Texas during this twice a year event that spans several cities across the middle part of the state. More than 2000 vendors take part in over 60 locations that span over 25 miles. This fair runs for two and a half weeks and is usually held during the spring and in the fall. Admission at most of the fairs is free. There is parking at most sites, but with so many people, sometimes finding a spot can be a challenge. As you might imagine in a fair of this size, there is something for everyone. You will find antiques, collectables, and arts and crafts. If you are traveling down, make sure you make hotel reservations in advance, otherwise you might want to pick up camping equipment at the fair.

2. First Monday Trade Days – Canton

First Monday Trade Days – CantonSource: stacymarkow
First Monday Trade Days – Canton

This flea market is still going strong after 150 years. Yes, you read that right. The flea market began in the 1850’s as a result of people making their way into town on Mondays to go to court, conduct business, and buy and sell horses. It gradually expanded to other goods and has been a consistent fixture in the area ever since. Don’t let the name throw you off, though. The fair is no longer held on Mondays but on Thursday through Sunday one weekend a month. There are over 100 acres of vendors, so if you can’t find what you want here, it does not exist.

3. Third Monday Trade Days – McKinney

Third Monday Trade Days - McKinneySource: frisco-tx-homes.com
Third Monday Trade Days – McKinney

This is another fair that has been around from the 1800s.  There are over 450 unique vendors, including ones ready to sell you your next family dog. This is a good all-around fair and gets consistently decent reviews. Parking is $5, but the fair is free to enter. This market is a little more family oriented than others. It does not sell alcohol and it has somewhat of a dress code. This market is held the weekend before the third Monday of the month.

4. Original Round Top Antiques Fair – Round Top

Original Round Top Antiques Fair – Round TopSource: roundtop
Original Round Top Antiques Fair – Round Top

If antiques are what get you excited, then plan a visit to the Round Top Antiques Fair. This fair is only held three times a year, so mark your calendars and make lodging reservations early. There are antiques here from all over the world spanning several centuries. This fair draws a higher-end type of clientele compared to flea markets in general. General admission will run you $10, but it is worth the extra $20 for the early shopping pass if you are a serious shopper. This is not to be missed if you are in the market for antiques or just love to look at beautiful craftsmanship from years gone by.

5. Austin Country Flea – Austin

Austin Country Flea - AustinSource: austincountry
Austin Country Flea – Austin

This flea market used to be on the top of the list for most Texans, but recently it has lost some of its luster. Although, it has been featured on the Travel Channel as one of the best flea markets in the country, lately it has been noted as having more cheap junk than actual treasures. This is probably not the place you are going to find that rare antique, but it has some really great food that costs next to nothing. It is important to note that it is cash only, so hit the ATM before arriving.

6. Bussey’s Flea Market – Schertz

Bussey’s Flea Market – SchertzSource: flickr
Bussey’s Flea Market – Schertz

With over 500 vendors, there are a wide variety of items to choose from. Popular booths are the record and book vendors and the old guy selling the phonographs. Skip the vendors hocking new items that you could get at a discount store and spend your time at the booths with the older, more unique items. There are many cool unusual finds even if you are not quite sure what you would use them for. People love the $1 parking. The flea market is open every weekend, but strolling around in the summer months can get hot.

7. City Wide Garage Sale – Austin

City Wide Garage Sale – AustinSource: citywidegaragesale
City Wide Garage Sale – Austin

Don’t be fooled by the name. This is a vintage flea market at its core. This flea market is great for anyone who wants to beat the Texas heat as it is held indoors. The location of the “garage sale” changes slightly from one nearby event center to another. With all that AC costing money, entrance fees are around $5-$6 dollars and parking is can go up to $8 (Collected by the City of Austin). Even with the cash you shell out before you get into the door, most are overly impressed with the quality of the items. This is a market that you visit if you are a serious shopper who wants to find quality unique items.

8. Sunny Flea Market – Houston

Sunny Flea Market - HoustonSource: houstoniamag
Sunny Flea Market – Houston

This flea market has been described as taking a trip south of the border without having to leave the country. The outside of the flea market may not look like much, but the inside boasts the best food you will find at any fair. A negative at this fair is its narrow aisles that can make you feel like cattle on crowded days. Bring cash (no credit accepted). Market runs each Saturday and Sunday and can serve upwards of 50,000 visitors each weekend.

9. Trader’s Village – Houston

Trader’s Village - HoustonSource: truxter.org
Trader’s Village – Houston

If all-around family fun is on your agenda, then this is your fair. Trader’s Village is a campground, amusement park, and flea market all rolled into one. They are open for shopping on Saturday and Sunday with parking at only $4 if you are not staying in the RV Park.  Twice a month, they have theme weekends to suit a variety of tastes including wrestling, car shows, and a Day of the Dead party. If you want to ride the rides, you can purchase an all-day pass for only $9.75. That is the cheapest day of fun around!

10. Market Square – San Antonio

Market Square – San AntonioSource: flickr
Market Square – San Antonio

Shopping at this market spans three city blocks and is filled with authentic Mexican goods. It is a thriving marketplace for local vendors that sell handmade art and pottery.  This fair offers a beautiful atmosphere with a plaza lined with restaurants and shops. The market often has street performers, dancers, and a strolling mariachis band. Market Square is open every day of the week, and it is a not-to-be-missed destination if you are in San Antonio.

11. Marketplace – Austin

Marketplace - AustinSource: silkwaterantiques
Marketplace – Austin

This market truly gives new meaning to the phrase “one stop shopping”. They have everything imaginable here. You can get a tattoo, real or henna, and pick up that perfect prom or formal dress on your way out. This is a large indoor market that can get crowded on Sunday afternoons. They people are friendly, and if you can speak Spanish, you are more likely to score a great deal.

12. Buffalo Gap Flea Market – Buffalo Gap

Buffalo Gap Flea Market – Buffalo GapSource: facebook
Buffalo Gap Flea Market – Buffalo Gap

Operating on the third Saturday every month, this flea market offers a wide range of items from new to old. They have a friendly vendor policy, so you never know what you might find. On the flip side of that, sometimes the market can be a little bare. This outdoor market specializes in handmade, unique items, but you also have the opportunity to pick up that barnyard chicken you’ve always wanted. Check out their Facebook page for recent vendor pictures.

13. 77 Flea Market – Brownsville

77 Flea Market - BrownsvilleSource: facebook
77 Flea Market – Brownsville

This fair is open every weekend, even on holidays, come rain or shine. This market is spread out, so wear comfortable shoes. Come earlier in the day before the sun gets hot and you cannot find a parking spot. Parking and admittance is free. The smells from the many food vendors come at you from every direction which distract you from shopping if you are hungry, so indulge! You can find a variety of items, including sod and pineapples, depending on the season.

14. Alamo Marketplace – San Antonio

Alamo Marketplace – San AntonioSource: foursquare
Alamo Marketplace – San Antonio

If you want to recapture your youth, then this fair is worth a visit. Also called the Highway 90 Flea Market, this indoor market has a variety of old toys in mint condition in the original packaging. If you are a gamer, there are several booths selling older video games including those for Atari and early PlayStation. There are also several comic book stands so that you can add to your collection. This is geek heaven.

15. Pasadena Indoor Flea Market – Pasadena

Pasadena Indoor Flea MarketSource: pasadenafleamkt
Pasadena Indoor Flea Market

Touted as the place that sells a little bit of everything, this fair is best for those seeking good deals on newer items. From work uniforms to car stereo parts, this flea market has what you are looking for.  It is easy to park and easy to navigate in this flea. They are open on Friday afternoons and Saturday and Sunday all day.

15 Best Flea Markets in Texas:

  • Texas Antique Weekend – Fayetteville to Carmine
  • First Monday Trade Days – Canton
  • Third Monday Trade Days - McKinney
  • Original Round Top Antiques Fair – Round Top
  • Austin Country Flea - Austin
  • Bussey’s Flea Market – Schertz
  • City Wide Garage Sale – Austin
  • Sunny Flea Market - Houston
  • Trader’s Village - Houston
  • Market Square – San Antonio
  • Marketplace - Austin
  • Buffalo Gap Flea Market – Buffalo Gap
  • 77 Flea Market - Brownsville
  • Alamo Marketplace – San Antonio
  • Pasadena Indoor Flea Market - Pasadena