15 Best Flea Markets in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas. This includes high school football stadiums, houses, hair, and even their flea markets. Texas plays host to some of the biggest and best flea markets in the country.

Some flea markets are so big, they span cities. So, next time you are in the lone star state, check out one or more of the 15 best flea markets Texas has to offer.

1. Texas Antique Weekend – Fayetteville to Carmine

Texas Antique Weekend

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Texas Antique Weekend

Over 100,000 people descend on Texas during this twice a year event that spans several cities across the middle part of the state. More than 2000 vendors take part in over 60 locations that span over 25 miles. This fair runs for two and a half weeks and is usually held during the spring and in the fall. Admission at most of the fairs is free. There is parking at most sites, but with so many people, sometimes finding a spot can be a challenge. As you might imagine in a fair of this size, there is something for everyone. You will find antiques, collectables, and arts and crafts. If you are traveling down, make sure you make hotel reservations in advance, otherwise you might want to pick up camping equipment at the fair.

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15 Best Flea Markets in Texas:

Texas Antique Weekend