15 Best Day Trips from Buenos Aires

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Fanatical foodies, culture vultures and party animals all have one thing in common, they fall head over heels for Buenos Aires.

Sumptuous steaks accompanied by marvellous Malbec, the amazing architecture in the form of Casa Roasao and Teatro Colón as well promiscuous and pumping night clubs like Pacha, what is there to dislike? Once you have danced a tango or two, or even sat by and watched from a distance, it is time to explore what else Argentina has to offer.

Away from Buenos Aires city centre there are eco parks, polo schools and dozens of hidden gems to explore.

Let’s take a look at the best day trips from Buenos Aires:

1. Don Silvano Ranch

Don Silvano RanchSource: Robert Cutts / Flickr
Don Silvano Ranch

One of the most popular tourist activities in Argentina is to visit an authentic cattle ranch.

It seldom gets better than Don Silvano Ranch.

This working cattle ranch opens its doors to tourists to come and experience real agricultural Argentinian living.

During a visit to Don Silvano Ranch you can learn about the daily life of the Gauchos, cowboys, saddle up and get out on the horses and even try your hand at herding the livestock.

It is way harder than it looks, don’t be fooled, these boys make it look easy.

At Don Silvano Ranch you can also visit the museum, nip by the bakery for a sweet treat, or just ride around the tractor if horse riding doesn’t take your fancy.

2. Tigre Delta

Tigre Delta, ArgentinaSource: 87_MM_87 / shutterstock
Tigre Delta

The Tigre Delta is one of Argentina’s most iconic geographical wonders.

This is an amazing area of Argentina that could be described as a paradise.

The Tigre Delta is best experienced on a boat trip that will see you visit the delta’s islands.

On the islands of the Tigre Delta live the isleños people who have a culture all of their own.

During the day you can learn about their customs and traditions and how life changes on the islands through the seasons.

En route you will pass the simply exquisite Presidential Residence of Quinta de Olivos.

Pack your camera for this one.

3. Montevideo

Montevideo, UruguaySource: Don Mammoser / shutterstock
Montevideo, Uruguay

Are you a traveller keen to tick off as many countries as possible? The Uruguayan capital city of Montevideo is an easily accessible day trip from Buenos Aires.

Hop on the ferry in the morning and sail along the River Plate, which spans as much as a mile wide in some places.

Montevideo is an exciting and bustling city with a whole host of interesting nooks and crannies to explore.

The Old Town is not to be missed and while walking through the stony streets you will truly feel as if you have stepped back in time.

The newly renovated Solis Theatre is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, as too is the Palacio Salvo.

4. Santa Susana Ranch

Santa Susana RanchSource: L. W. Yang / Wikimedia
Santa Susana Ranch

There are dozens of ranches within easy reach of Buenos Aires and each has a character and charm all of its own.

During a day trip to Santa Susana Ranch you can get to grips with life in Argentina’s answer to the Wild West.

Sit with the gauchos and listen eagerly to their folklore tales and hilarious stories of life on the plains.

The homemade empanadas at Santa Susana Ranch are seriously some of the best in all of Argentina; if you ask nicely they may just give you the recipe.

The gaucho show at Santa Susana Ranch is mind blowing, these guys have the best relationships with their horses and they make quite the team.

5. San Antonio de Areco

San Antonio de ArecoSource: SC Image / shutterstock
San Antonio De Areco

Venture out of bustling Buenos Aires and experience the laid back life in San Antonio de Areco.

This sleepy town can be found nestled away on the banks of the Arecro River and is home to dozens of cultural gems.

The moated Ricardo Güiraldes Gaucho Museum is the highlight of a day trip to San Antonio de Areco.

The museum is home to an incredible collection of Ricardo Güiraldes’ work.

He was one of Argentina’s most prolific writers and poets.

He was a vagabond, a gaucho and a national treasure.

Once you have toured the RGG Museums be sure to head to the La Porteña Estancia for a horse and carriage ride around the parklands.

6. Feria de Mataderos

Feria de MataderosSource: rusty426 / shutterstock
Feria De Mataderos

Bringing rural Argentina within the city limits, the Feria de Mataderos is an immersive cultural experience that will leave you spellbound.

The Feria de Mataderos, or the fair of the matadors, was created 20-years ago within the slaughterhouse district.

The fair sees rural communities come into the suburbs to keep their culture alive; to show off their traditional dress, their cuisines and homemade wares.

Saunter through the streets lined with stalls selling everything from tamales to locro, from fine wines to locally made handicrafts.

You can couple a visit to the Feria de Mataderos with a tour around the Museo Criollo de los Corrales which provides fascinating insights into life in the Pampas.

7. Aquafan Water Park

Aquafan tigreSource: www.youtube.com
Aquafan Water Park

If you are looking for a fun filled family day out Aquafan Water Park is the place to head.

Home to the highest water slide in all of South America the Aquafan Water Park is one of the most exciting and exhilarating day outs in all of Argentina.

There is always a great atmosphere at Aquafan Water Park; the kind of place where kids make friends left, right and centre meaning parents can kick back and relax.

Spazio Bimbi, Twist and Speedrail are some of the best loved attractions.

If you have time stay late into the evening and enjoy one of the Aquafan Water Park party nights, strictly adults only.

8. Temaikèn Eco Park

Temaikèn ZooSource: Daniela Rencelj / shutterstock
Temaikèn Eco Park

Temaikèn Eco Park, also known as Temaikèn Zoo is one of the leading educational conservation centres in Argentina.

Proud to be the first bio-park in all of Latin America, Temaikèn Eco Park conducts and promotes studies on flora and fauna whos results directly assist in global conservation efforts.

The Temaikèn Eco Park is home to a marvellous array of animals from all four corners of the world.

They have giraffes and hippopotamus from Africa, tapirs from South East Asia and penguins from Antarctica.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The aquatic centre is mesmerising, home to manta rays, turtles and sharks too.

The Temaikèn Eco Park is particularly good for young families.

9. El Monumental Stadium

El Monumental StadiumSource: Fulviusbsas / Wikimedia
El Monumental Stadium

Argentina is one of the most famous football nations on earth.

While in the nation that created Messi, Maradona and Mascherano, it seems fitting to take a day trip to the home of Argentinian football; the El Monumental Stadium.

Able to sit over 61,000 people, on match day there is nothing that can compare to the electric atmosphere at El Monumental Stadium.

Having hosted the Football World Cup in 1978 this is a stadium steeped in history that was officially renamed as Estadio Antonio Vespucio Liberti in 1986. You can couple a tour of El Monumental Stadium with a walk about La Boca neighbourhood and even a visit the Museo de la Pasión Boquense too.

10. Colonia de Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento, UruguaySource: Gabor Kovacs Photography / shutterstock
Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay

A visit to Colonia de Sacramento sees you head across international borders into Uruguay.

Sitting across the Río de La Plata, Colonia de Sacramento is a short ferry ride from Buenos Aires.

This picturesque city is home to cobbled streets and a heap of Portuguese colonial culture.

The most recognisable landmark in Colonia de Sacramento is the Portón de Campo.

Not only is the Portón de Campo an iconic city gate but it features a perfectly preserved wooden drawbridge.

The Historic Quarter of Colonia de Sacramento is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which means that this precious city will be conserved for all to enjoy.

The Museo Portugués houses dozens of artefacts from the Portuguese colonists; everything from weapons to traditional dress.

11. Lujan

Lujan, ArgentinaSource: Anibal Trejo / shutterstock

Sitting 68 km northwest of Buenos Aires is the stunning city of Lujan.

Lujan is home to one of Argentina’s greatest architectural achievements, the Basilica of Our Lady Lujan.

Visitors from far and wide travel to marvel at this exquisite gothic church.

Once you have taken it all in the next stop should be Provincial Museum Complex, also known as Enrique Udaondo which documents the vivid history of this city.

Once a chapter house, then a school and subsequently a prison, the Enrique Udaondo beautifully illustrates how Lujan came to form.

If you are looking for somewhere for lunch, the French steakhouse L’eau Vive de Argentina never fails to impress.

12. Estancia Puesto Viejo

Estancia Puesto ViejoSource: puestoviejoestancia.com.ar
Estancia Puesto Viejo

Estancia Puesto Viejo is one of the most esteemed polo clubs in all of Argentina.

Both a hotel and a polo club, it is possible to visit Estancia Puesto Viejo to get a taste of the action.

With polo matches happening on a weekly basis you can sit back with a G&T or perhaps a glass of Malbec and enjoy the players and horses battling it out.

It is possible to book day long polo lessons at Estancia Puesto Viejo and what better way to learn than with the professionals.

No need to have had any polo experience before, nor even to have ridden a horse.

The coaches at Estancia Puesto Viejo are second to none and will walk you through step by step.

13. Carlos Keen

Carlos Keen, ArgentinaSource: inigolai-Photography / shutterstock
Carlos Keen

The tiny town of Carlos Keen is a little off the beaten track for many travellers and as such is one of Argentina’s best kept secrets.

Once this town thrived, thanks to its railway station.

When the schedule changed and the trains no longer stopped in Carlos Keen the thriving city was soon forgotten.

Nowadays Carlos Keen has been bought back from the dead by day trippers keen to fill their boots at the few remaining restaurants and family run diners.

El Secreto de Keen is a fantastic little restaurant serving up some classic Argentinian dishes that are not to be missed.

14. Estancia Villa Maria

Estancia Villa MariaSource: www.estanciavillamaria.com
Estancia Villa Maria

As one of the most prestigious polo clubs in Argentina, it is a real privilege to visit Estancia Villa Maria.

Home to a gourmet restaurant, lavish hotel suites and an incredible wine cellar, Estancia Villa Maria is other worldly.

On a day visit you can book in for a polo lesson or perhaps a round of golf.

If you want a taste of the high life then a day visit Estancia Villa Maria will certainly impress.

One of the most popular pastimes at Estancia Villa Maria is to take a horse and carriage ride around the vast complex; to breath in the fresh air and enjoy the ever changing colours of the arboretum and garden.

15. Mendoza

Mendoza, ArgentinaSource: Matyas Rehak / shutterstock

Although on the other side of Argentina, it is possible to take a flying visit to the wine regions of Mendoza in a day trip from Buenos Aires.

Catch the early morning flight from Buenos Aires and fly back in the late evening.

Once you have touched down jump in the car and head out to the Boutique Achával Ferrer winery.

Boutique by name and by nature, this winery makes limited batches of the finest of red wines.

Here you can learn about vineyard cultivation and wine production.

Learn about the history of wine in the region and even stock up on a case or two before you leave.

Other must visit wineries in Mendoza include Dominio del Plata and Luigi Bosca.

15 Best Day Trips from Buenos Aires:

  • Don Silvano Ranch
  • Tigre Delta
  • Montevideo
  • Santa Susana Ranch
  • San Antonio de Areco
  • Feria de Mataderos
  • Aquafan Water Park
  • Temaikèn Eco Park
  • El Monumental Stadium
  • Colonia de Sacramento
  • Lujan
  • Estancia Puesto Viejo
  • Carlos Keen
  • Estancia Villa Maria
  • Mendoza