15 Best Beaches in Albania

It was just a decade ago that travellers really discovered the rugged coastline of Albania.

Its traditional villages burrowed in between golden beaches and isolated bays was an irresistibly charming combination.

Though a lot has changed, the Albanian Riviera is still known for its beauty and as one of the top beach destination spots.

The roads are paved now, making for easy access along the coast where the Adriatic meets the Ionian Sea, and there’s a wide variety of accommodations and restaurants to keep you comfortable.

Albania, and particularly the southern part of the country, has secluded pebble beaches, islands, and a few hidden and pristine sandy beaches.

Come and enjoy the landscape, the fresh seafood, and the marvellous sunsets.

1. Saranda

Beach in Saranda

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Beach in Saranda

Located in the south of Albania is Saranda. It’s a small town of about 30,000 and is one of the most visited places in the country.

Though it’s not the best on offer when it comes to the beaches, it does make a perfect base camp to explore several beaches and other tourist stops like Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is where everyone starts.

The food is good and cheap, it’s easily accessible, and has that ideal Mediterranean climate that holiday-ers crave.

Enjoy a walk along the promenade and head up to Lekursi Castle for some fantastic views of the gulf.

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15 Best Beaches in Albania:

Ksamil Beach