15 Best Innsbruck Tours

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At just more than 100,000 residents, Innsbruck is only the 5th largest city in Austria, but it’s the biggest alpine sports resort in the entire Alps and draws visitors from all over the world.

In addition to its world-class ski slopes and scenery, the city is well-known for impressive architecture, a lush food scene, and abundant shops, museums, and galleries.

Don’t fret if winter sports aren’t your cup of tea, because year-round activities are plentiful, and the weather is just about perfect for much of the spring and summer seasons.

Below are 15 of the best tours of Innsbruck that are worth checking out.

1. Classic City Highlights Tour

Innsbruck, AustriaSource: Sun_Shine / shutterstock
Innsbruck, Austria

For those who refuse to skimp on the Innsbruck experience just because they’re working with limited time, this 1 ½ hour tour of the city’s premier attractions would be a great fit.

The city’s old town area is awash with majestic cathedrals, impressive towers, and other historical attractions that really shouldn’t be missed.

Tours of this nature are great ways to get the lay of the land quickly and discover things that you’d like to explore more on your own if you’ve got the time.

Tours are available in multiple languages and go full-speed ahead in all weather, so dress accordingly.

2. Paragliding Adventure

Paragliding InnsbruckSource: www.getyourguide.com
Paragliding Innsbruck

As a bit of a disclaimer, paragliding definitely isn’t a suitable activity for everyone.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, it often ends up being one of the most memorable and exhilarating things visitors experience on their trips to Innsbruck.

It’s not a problem if you’ve never taken to the sky in a flying machine without engines, because you and your travel companions will get all the equipment and training you’ll need before taking off.

Prepare to be dazzled with unparalleled scenery and sensations you’ve probably never experienced.

Age and weight restrictions apply, so click the link below for specifics.

3. Tyrolean Sweets and Coffee Tour

Tyrolean Sweets and Coffee TourSource: www.getyourguide.com
Tyrolean Sweets And Coffee Tour

Though coffee and sweets are pretty satisfying no matter where you consume them, there’s something truly special about enjoying them in a magnificent alpine resort town like Innsbruck.

Agree? If so, there’s really no better way to spend 2 ½ hours than on this Tyrolean sweets and coffee tour.

Following your local guide, you’ll set out to parts of the town that most tourists never get to see.

You’ll learn about the area’s history and culture, relax in quaint cafés on historic streets, and ooh and ahh as you sample traditional coffee and baked goods.

Tours depart at one o’clock, so try not to eat a huge lunch.

4. Gundolf Family Evening Cultural Experience

Tyrolean Evenings Family Gundolf in InnsbruckSource: www.getyourguide.com
Tyrolean Evenings Family Gundolf in Innsbruck

Cultural immersion is probably the best way to learn about the people and places you’re visiting in a relatively short time.

The Guldolf Family consider themselves ambassadors of music and culture, and they’ve been welcoming travelers from all over the world into their home since the ‘60s.

If folk songs, traditional dance, and yodeling sound appealing, then consider blocking out a few hours to enjoy one of Innsbruck’s most enduring icons.

Guests are encouraged to join in, though it’s definitely not mandatory.

Show costs include traditional food like soup, roast pork, potatoes, salad, and strudel loaded with whipped cream.

5. Private Innsbruck Tour with Local Guide

InnsbruckSource: Mihai-Bogdan Lazar / shutterstock

Walking tours are great ways to stretch your legs, burn unwanted calories, and see things from a street-level perspective.

This walking tour with a local guide is available in 2, 3, and 4-hour options depending on what guests want to see and how much time they have.

Tours include elements of history, culture, recreation, and dining, and can be customized to fit the interests of participants.

Your guide will enlighten you with tidbits about the city that other tourists might miss, and you’ll get a good overview of its layout and attractions, too.

It’s a great activity for those who’ve just arrived.

6. Top of Innsbruck Round-trip Cable Car Ticket

Top of Innsbruck: Roundtrip Cable CarSource: www.getyourguide.com
Top of Innsbruck: Roundtrip Cable Car

More than a few of Innsbruck’s attractions are so amazing that the services of a guide aren’t really needed.

Previous visitors agree that riding the Innsbruck Cable Car is one such activity.

At its peak, the cable car reaches nearly 2,500 meters. It affords riders unobstructed views of the city, mountains, and valleys for which the area is known.

Views of Innsbruck have often been described as if they’ve jumped from the pages of a fairy tale. As the sun sets, the city becomes a mesmerizing sea of lights.

Tickets are valid for an entire day, so you can take the ride when it suits you best.

7. Swarovski Crystal World Ticket and Transfer

Swarovski Crystal WorldSource: K3S / shutterstock
Swarovski Crystal World

Swarovski crystal is sought after the world over for its beauty and high quality.

The company’s Crystal World Museum is located just a stone’s throw from Innsbruck in Wattens.

The museum features attractions like the Giant’s Garden and the Crystal Cloud, which is comprised of nearly one million individual pieces of crystal, each of which has been put in place by hand.

This excursion includes an entry ticket and transfer from Innsbruck. Once on-site, you’ll have ample time to explore at your own pace and do a bit of shopping if the spirit moves you.

There’s even an outdoor playground for little ones.

8. Entrance Ticket to Alpine Zoo and Hungerburg Funicular Combo

Alpine Zoo, InnsbruckSource: Beate Panosch / shutterstock
Alpine Zoo, Innsbruck

Featuring thousands of animals from hundreds of species, Innsbruck’s Alpine Zoo is a must-visit attraction that’s especially popular with those visiting with animal-loving children.

The zoo is located in the mountains high above the town of Innsbruck, and the Hungerburg funicular is how you’ll make the journey from Congress Station.

The ride is relatively quick but provides guests with amazing views. Once on-site, you’ll have ample time to explore the alpine themed zoo that’s home to birds, bears, lynx, and fish that are native to the area.

The zoo is engaging and entertaining for adults and kids alike.

9. Innsbruck Food Tour

Innsbruck Food TourSource: www.getyourguide.com
Innsbruck Food Tour

Innsbruck’s Market Hall is the beating heart of the city’s culinary scene, and it’s where this 4 ½ food tour gets underway.

The market stalls are brimming with fresh ingredients brought in from the surrounding countryside, and there are social and cultural elements that you just won’t find at modern supermarkets.

While on the tour, participants will sample traditional favorites from a number of Tyrolean regions, such as coffee, baked goods, and hot and cold dishes.

The tour starts at ten o’clock and is great value for diehard foodies and those who relish the chance to rub elbows with the locals.

10. City Tower Entrance Ticket

Innsbruck City TowerSource: Massimiliano Pieraccini / shutterstock
Innsbruck City Tower

Innsbruck’s City Tower is one of the area’s most iconic attractions, and for many locals and visitors, it embodies everything that makes the historic city special.

Though there are several tower tours, many visitors choose to see it for themselves. There are plenty of plaques nearby that describe the tower’s interesting history.

It’s a popular place for lovers of all ages to congregate, especially in the warm months when the sun is setting behind distant mountains and trumpeters are playing from the Golden Roof.

You’ll need to scale more than 130 steps to reach the tower’s viewing platform, but the views will make it well worth the effort.

11. Private Eagle’s Nest Tour from Innsbruck

The Eagles Nest, SalzburgSource: flickr
The Eagles Nest, Salzburg

During much of the Third Reich’s existence, the Eagle’s Nest was the higher echelon’s premier rest and relaxation destination.

It’s perched precariously atop a sheer mountain in nearby Salzburg and is a must-see attraction for history buffs.

This one-way tour begins in Innsbruck and ends in Salzburg, so it’s a great last day activity for those who’ll be moving on to other parts of the country.

It’s a private tour, which means an intimate experience. You’ll learn about the opulence the politicians and military brass enjoyed while their soldiers were off fighting and dying in foreign lands.

12. Bergisel Ski Jump Arena Entrance Ticket

Bergisel Ski Jump ArenaSource: trabantos / shutterstock
Bergisel Ski Jump Arena

Innsbruck has hosted two winter Olympic Games over the years and features one of the tallest ski jumps on the continent.

In addition to being a practice facility, the facility features a terrace restaurant and panoramic views of the Alps and Tyrol Mountains.

The entrance ticket includes access to the viewing area, multiple lifts, and the Olympic gallery that gives guests unique insights into the games held in years past.

It’s also an excellent place for a relaxing afternoon coffee or strudel. Most guests spend between two and three hours showing themselves around before heading off on other adventures.

13. Innsbruck eBike Tour

Innsbruck E-Bike TourSource: viator.com
Innsbruck E-Bike Tour

Bike tours can be great ways to cover lots of ground in a new area quickly, but in mountainous regions like Innsbruck, they may be impractical for all but the most athletic.

That’s precisely why e-bikes have become so popular in recent years.

They assist the rider with extra power when the going gets tough, which means more time spent enjoying the things you want to see and experience.

This professionally guided e-bike tour covers a lot of ground. Along the way, participants will enjoy awe-inspiring scenery and historical narration, all while breathing the fresh mountain air and burning calories.

14. Walking Tour with Private Guide

InnsbruckSource: xbrchx / shutterstock

Despite its high-altitude alpine environment, Innsbruck is a very pedestrian-friendly city. During the warm spring and summer months, there are a variety of walking tour options from which to choose.

For those who prefer to avoid vans crammed with harried tourists, walking tours can offer a more pleasant way to see the city.

This private, guided tour includes stops at many of Innsbruck’s most celebrated attractions, and it can be customized to meet the needs and interests of participants.

Popular tour attractions include City Tower, Triumphal Arch, and other points of interest off the well-worn path.

15. Upstream River Surfing Adventure

Up Stream Surfing, InnsbruckSource: viator.com
Up Stream Surfing, Innsbruck

It’s been said that only dead fish swim with the current; though the verdict is still out on the phrase’s meaning, it definitely won’t be an issue on this upstream river surfing adventure.

The rivers and streams around Innsbruck often experience periods of heavy flow during the spring thaw, and the river surfing can be phenomenal.

It’s an activity best left to the fit, and fearless, but guests get all the equipment and training they need before heading out to try their luck.

Tours are limited to five participants, ensuring everyone gets personal attention, but it’s not a good fit for the elderly and those with physical limitations.

15 Best Innsbruck Tours:

  • Classic City Highlights Tour
  • Paragliding Adventure
  • Tyrolean Sweets and Coffee Tour
  • Gundolf Family Evening Cultural Experience
  • Private Innsbruck Tour with Local Guide
  • Top of Innsbruck Round-trip Cable Car Ticket
  • Swarovski Crystal World Ticket and Transfer
  • Entrance Ticket to Alpine Zoo and Hungerburg Funicular Combo
  • Innsbruck Food Tour
  • City Tower Entrance Ticket
  • Private Eagle's Nest Tour from Innsbruck
  • Bergisel Ski Jump Arena Entrance Ticket
  • Innsbruck eBike Tour
  • Walking Tour with Private Guide
  • Upstream River Surfing Adventure