15 Best Flea Markets in Wisconsin

Written by Jan Meeuwesen
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Wisconsin might be known for its picturesque lakes, rivers and prairies, but there’s far more to this great state than just outdoor activities and sightseeing. The “Dairy State”, as it’s often referred to, thanks to the copious amounts of delicious cheese it supplies to the rest of the U.S every year, is also home to some of the best bargain shopping in the country.

Whether you choose to visit the flea fairs of Milwaukee, the vintage markets of Madison or make a day trip to one of the country flea markets, you’ll find antiques, second hand goods and discounted items for every style, taste and need.

Here is our pick of the 15 Best Flea Markets in Wisconsin:

1. MadCity Bazaar

MadCity BazaarSource: facebook.com
MadCity Bazaar

Madison’s coolest flea, the urban pop-up MadCity Bazaar was based on the successful model of the Brooklyn Flea and sees local vendors selling artwork, crafts, food, antiques, vintage and collectibles to discerning shoppers in Wisconsin’s capital city.

Founded in 2014, the flea market has become incredibly popular, with regular fleas taking place between the months of May and November. Food lovers will find plenty to keep them occupied, with a great range of food trucks, vendors and snack bars rotating for each market.

Pick up a unique handmade gift, a one-of-kind item of vintage clothing or rummage for buried treasure amongst the stalls of antiques.


2. Elkhorn Antique Flea Market

Elkhorn Antique Flea MarketSource: facebook.com
Elkhorn Antique Flea Market

Located in Elkhorn, this popular antique flea market has been running since the early 1980’s, and now features over 500 vendors with a huge selection of merchandise.

Set in the Walworth County Fairgrounds, visitors to the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market can browse amongst the stalls selling everything from home furnishings to toys, clothes, antiques, household goods and furniture.

Alongside professional antiques vendors and dealers, the market also sees some garage sale-style sellers, offering those who love to hunt for buried treasure the chance to scoop up an unusual bargain.

Kicking off at 7am, the market offers free parking and all-weather shopping, with both indoor and outdoor booths. There’s also a selection of food and drink vendors for those who need a break from retail therapy.


3. 7 Mile Fair

7 Mile FairSource: facebook.com
7 Mile Fair

One of the biggest and most popular flea markets in the state, Wisconsin’s 7 Mile Fair is an unmissable shopping destination for the whole family.

With local and visiting vendors, the busy flea market has been running since the early 1960’s, and still continues to draw large crowds of shoppers to its stalls each weekend.

Alongside flea market items, including antiques, furniture and collectibles, visitors will also find discounted brand name clothing, the latest technology, low cost children’s clothing and toys and designer fragrances and beauty products.

Thanks to the eclectic nature of goods on offer, this Milwaukee flea has become one of the top shopping stops for bargain hunters, swap-meet shoppers, fashionistas and health-conscious consumers.


4. Crazy Frank’s Flea Market

Crazy Frank's Flea MarketSource: facebook.com
Crazy Frank’s Flea Market

As the sign above the door states, at Crazy Frank’s Flea Market, you can find “Thousands of items, just for peanuts”. This small flea market, located in Iowa County, is home to over 100 vendors, with new items being added regularly.

Open from 9am to 5pm daily, the flea market focuses heavily on antiques and memorabilia, including furniture, pottery, glassware and collectables, but shoppers can also find a decent range of other flea market items, such as home décor, pet supplies and health and beauty products.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one or friend, Crazy Frank’s has rare pieces, as well as gift bags and wrapping supplies.


5. Adams Flea Market

Adams Flea MarketSource: facebook.com
Adams Flea Market

Going strong for over 37 years, Adams Flea Market is a huge flea, encompassing 11 acres and 12 buildings of shopping bargains.

Open every weekend between May and October, the busy flea offers free admission and parking, with more than 100 outdoor flee vendors.

Whether you are in search of a rare antique, want to pick up fresh flowers and produce or you simply want to browse through the second-hand clothing and bric-a-brac, Adam’s Flea Market is an ideal stop for those who like their hard-earned money to stretch a little further.


6. Jackson Flea Market

Jackson Flea MarketSource: facebook.com
Jackson Flea Market

Part flea market and part craft fair, the Jackson Flea Market is a recently new addition to Wisconsin’s flea market scene.

Opened just last year, the flea has over 70 vendors, made up of craftspeople, artisans, local farmer and produce suppliers, antique and vintage dealers and non-profit organisations. Alongside flea market staples, such as collectables, crockery and bric-a-brac, visitors will find a great selection of gifts, jewellery, handmade beauty products and local artwork.

The organisers of the Jackson Flea Market try to make each market event different, with themes, live music and rotating food vendors.


7. Dodge County Fair Flea Market

Dodge County Fair Flea MarketSource: www.dodgecountyfairgrounds.com
Dodge County Fair Flea Market

Held in the Dodge County Fairgrounds, this popular family flea has both outdoor and indoor selling space, for year-round, all-weather shopping.

Visitors will find a wide selection of vendors selling unique goods, including rare collector’s items, antique homeware, vintage clothing and artwork, as well as a great range of locally crafted gifts. Choose from lawn art, handmade crafts, woodworking and local produce or rummage around the thrift and garage-sale style stalls for buried treasure.

The Dodge County Flea Market offers free entry and parking, and with dates changing throughout the year, visitors can check their website for their next flea market event.


8. Pea Pickin’ Flea Market!

Pea Pickin’ Flea Market!Source: facebook.com
Pea Pickin’ Flea Market!

One of the best traditional flea markets in Wisconsin, the Pea Pickin Flea Market! In St. Croix Falls is held every weekend between April and October.

A little rough around the edges, those who can see past the humble exterior will find themselves rewarded with stacks of vintage books, records, antiques and clothing to rake through.

If you are in the market for some low-cost designer gear – whether it’s clothing, perfume or aftershave – the Pea Pickin Flea is also a great place to pick up name brand items at massively discounted prices.

Hungry shoppers can also fill up on tasty snacks and burgers from the regular food stalls and vendors.


9. Waterford Unique Antique Market

Waterford Unique Antique MarketSource: facebook.com
Waterford Unique Antique Market

Antique lovers will enjoy browsing amongst the 60+ vendors at The Waterford Antique Market, open every Tuesday to Saturday from 10am, and 11am on Sundays.

Antiques might be the main draw of this upmarket, indoor flea, but visitors can also pick up a great selection of other unique gifts and homeware. Whether you want to take home some Amish chocolates, handmade candles, locally produced beauty products or a piece of crafted jewellery, this antique flea market has something for everyone.

Shoppers with children will also love the beautiful collections of vintage toys, including vintage train sets and dolls.


10. Antigo Wisconsin Flea Market

Antigo Wisconsin Flea MarketSource: facebook.com
Antigo Wisconsin Flea Market

A traditional country flea, the Antigo Wisconsin Flea Market in the Langlade County Fairgrounds, on select weekends between May and September.

This large flea has all the charm you would expect to find from an old-world market, with plenty of antiques, second-hand, country style furniture, collectibles, arts, crafts, garden supplies and fishing equipment.

Open from 7am to 4pm, those looking to find the best deals should arrive early to beat the dealers. Families wanting to make a day out of their trip to Antigo can enjoy great local food and drink from the onsite snack vendors.


11. The Princeton Flea Market

The Princeton Flea MarketSource: facebook.com
The Princeton Flea Market

Running every week from April to October, The Princeton Flea Market is one of the best flea markets in, not only Wisconsin, but the entire Midwest.

Open from 6am each Saturday, thousands of people visit the famous flea during the summer months, meaning you’ll have to arrive early to grab the best bargains.

Whether you are in need of a new outfit, local produce, gardening equipment or antique furniture, you’ll find everything you want and more at the Princeton Flea Market.

Admission and parking are free, and with a wide selection of food available from the historic central food stand, you can fill up on breakfast, lunch or snacks and continue shopping.


12. Shawano Flea Market

Shawano Flea MarketSource: facebook.com
Shawano Flea Market

One of Wisconsin’s best-loved markets, the Shawano Flea is held every Sunday at the Shawano County Fairgrounds, between April to October, before it moves to the indoors for the winter to the Shawano Community Hall.

Admission is just $2, with children under 16 going free, and with ample free parking, this is a family and budget friendly way to spend the weekend.

Alongside tasty food and refreshing drinks vendors, the Shawano Flea market has a great range of merchants selling clothing, accessories, homeware, household products, beauty and health items and much more.


13. Wilmot Flea Market

Wilmot Flea MarketSource: facebook.com
Wilmot Flea Market

Situated in the scenic country setting of Kenosha, on the Wisconsin – Illinois border, Wilmot Flea Market runs every Sunday, between April and October.

Open for its 10th season this year, the traditional flea market has a fun, family-friendly atmosphere and thousands of bargains to browse through.

There’s plenty to eat and drink, as well as stalls packed with antiques, clothing, CD’s and DVD’s, home furnishings, decorating supplies and gardening tools.

Many new vendors arrive each week, so even those who have visited before will find new and interesting treasures to take home with them.


14. Crivitz Flea Market

Crivitz Flea Market WisconsinSource: discoverantiqueshops.com
Crivitz Flea Market

Part flea, part farmers market, the Crivitz Flea Market is a small-town flea, with big offerings on new and used goods, and local fresh produce.

With just 30 vendors, the Thursday flea market might have less bustle than Wisconsin’s larger fleas, but there are bargains to be had all the same. From handmade gifts and local crafts to antiques and vintage goods, this is an excellent gathering of local businesses, farmers, vendors and artisans.

Open from 8am every week, you’ll find the best local fruit and veg, as well as antiques, to be had before 12pm.


15 Best Flea Markets in Wisconsin:

  • MadCity Bazaar
  • Elkhorn Antique Flea Market
  • 7 Mile Fair
  • Crazy Frank's Flea Market
  • Adams Flea Market
  • Jackson Flea Market
  • Dodge County Fair Flea Market
  • Pea Pickin’ Flea Market!
  • Waterford Unique Antique Market
  • Antigo Wisconsin Flea Market
  • The Princeton Flea Market
  • Shawano Flea Market
  • Wilmot Flea Market
  • Crivitz Flea Market