12 Best Places to Visit in Worcestershire (England)

Although small in size, Worcestershire packs more than enough to win your heart.

In the south are the Cotswolds and their enchanting stone-built villages and heart-lifting rural scenery.

Go west and you arrive at the Malverns, dark, brooding hills that rise suddenly over the valley of the River Severn that courses north to south down to the Bristol Channel.

Worcester is the headliner for its cathedral and medieval charm, while the north of the county is where you’ll get the inside track on Worcestershire’s 19th-century industrial legacy, at restored mills and canals.

Lets explore the best places to visit in Worcestershire:

1. Worcester


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Affluent and exceedingly pretty in places, Worcester is the county town and is an unexpected mix of the very old and new.

So on Friar Street and New Street, rows of Tudor houses are interrupted by an occasional office block from the post-war period.

But this does little to break the spell.

Worcester Cathedral is the city’s crowning glory, adored for its central tower, chapter house and early Norman crypt.

Greyfriars, a former Franciscan friary, has a rustic courtyard and is held as Worcester most beautiful half-timbered house.

Worcester was also the birthplace of the vaunted composer, Sir Edmund Elgar, and the cottage he was born in has a first-rate museum celebrating this English cultural giant.

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12 Best Places to Visit in Worcestershire (England):