17 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Kansas

Kansas, also known as “The Sunflower State” and “The Wheat State”, offers some of the most beautiful and spectacular sights and places to visit! Just browse through these awesome pictures and be amazed by it’s beauty. Did you know the state has the longest railroad bridge, called the Rock Island Bridge.

Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark

Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark, Kansas

Source: CLP Media / shutterstock

Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark, Kansas

The Monument Rocks were one of the first landmarks to be declared a National Natural Landmark. The large chalk formations are impressive and unmissable, rising unexpectedly from the flat farmland surrounding them on all sides. They reach up to 70 ft in places and it is possible to see fossilized sea life embedded in the chalk. The famous ‘Keyhole’ is a large gap in one of the monuments and offers the perfect window on a setting Kansas sun. Afterwards, pay a visit to the nearby Keystone Gallery. The gallery describes itself as fully “off-the-grid”, generating its own power from solar and wind energy. Here you will find fossils on exhibit and for sale, alongside art and souvenirs, making it the perfect excursion for geology fans.

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17 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Kansas:

Wichita, Kansas

  • Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark, Kansas: CLP Media / shutterstock
  • Mushroom Rock State Park, Kansas: Robert D Brozek / shutterstock
  • Drinkwater & Schriver Mill in Cedar Point, Kansas: Weldon Schloneger / shutterstock
  • Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area: Ricardo Reitmeyer / shutterstock
  • Wetlands near Lawrence, Kansas: flickr
  • Flint Hills, Kansas: TommyBrison / shutterstock
  • Wichita, Kansas: KSwinicki / shutterstock
  • Sauer Castle, Kansas: Amoore / Wikimedia
  • Geary County Lake Waterfall: MS7503 / shutterstock
  • St Fidelis Church, Victoria: Sue Smith / shutterstock
  • Kansas Lavender Field: Hang Dinh / shutterstock
  • Oxford Grist Mill: fireboat895 / Flickr
  • Nutterville – Kansas City: betterphoto
  • Lyons, Kansas: Robert D Brozek / shutterstock