15 Best Things to Do in Den Bosch (the Netherlands)

Locally known as Den Bosch, ‘s-Hertogenbosch is a city in the southern region of the Netherlands and the capital of the North Brabant province. With a population of 143,000 in the wider municipal area, Den Bosch is one of the largest cities in the region and has been an important city in the country for hundreds of years.

Some form of settlement has existed in the area of Den Bosch since the 1100’a and the city has played parts in both the Eighty Years War, the Thirty Years War, and World War II. With a wealth of historical and cultural sights, Den Bosch stands today as a fascinating tourist destination that provides a mix of intellectual attractions and stunning natural landscapes.

Lets explore the best things to do in Den Bosch:

1. St. John’s Cathedral

St. John's Cathedral

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St. John’s Cathedral

A fine example of a Gothic structure, St. John’s Cathedral is a magnificent building in the centre of Den Bosch.

With a ground-breaking as early as 1220, this is an extremely old Cathedral; however its construction wasn’t completed until 1530. Due to its large size, it is the biggest Catholic Church in the whole of the Netherlands.

The exterior of this cathedral is highly ornate and features many crenulations, archways and decorative motifs; there are also many sculptures of angels including a modern angel that has a mobile phone and jeans! Inside, St. John’s features an extravagant interior that you would expect from an important cathedral – High archways adorn the aisles and the ceiling contains some beautiful frescos.

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15 Best Things to Do in Den Bosch (the Netherlands):

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