10 Amazing Waterfalls in New Jersey

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Chasing waterfalls in New Jersey is definitely a great outdoor activity.

Big cities are fun and all, but there is nothing like climbing up a waterfall or hiking in the wild and being surprised with a 100-foot waterfall at the end of your hike.

New Jersey is known as the garden state; however, you can find astonishing waterfalls – mainly in the northern end of the state.

Since the rivers and streams are running at their highest in the spring, that is the best time to visit the falls.

If you happen to visit New Jersey during any other season, they are accessible year-round and beautiful any time of year.

1. Boonton Falls

Rockaway River by Boonton FallsSource: Herbie Pabst / shutterstock
Rockaway River by Boonton Falls

Boonton Falls are situated just off the main street in Boonton.

These falls are easily accessible from each direction of the Rockaway River, inside Grace Lord Park.

These cascades once powered the New Jersey Iron Company, which is a unique reason to visit the park.

Many people who visit the falls actually climb to the top for better views.

Surrounded by moss and greenery, there are not too many other falls in New Jersey that are as picturesque as Boonton Falls.

Beneath the falls, you will find a pool, which is great for fishing or kayaking (only for expert kayakers.)

2. Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk FallsSource: Andrew F. Kazmierski / shutterstock
Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls is the tallest waterfall in New Jersey.

You do not have to hike very far in order to see this waterfall; in fact, it’s only a few steps away.

Since Buttermilk Falls are so easily accessible, many people frequent them during the summer months, so it can get busy.

There are several beautiful trails around the falls, especially the blue trail.

If you want to visit Buttermilk Falls in the winter, you will need to walk around one mile down Mountain Road in order to approach them.

3. Hacklebarney Falls

Hacklebarney FallsSource: Andrew F. Kazmierski / shutterstock
Hacklebarney Falls

Hacklebarney State Park is a great place to go and spend the afternoon.

Many people visit the park for a picnic and utilize the charcoal grills that are situated in picturesque locations around the canyon.

There are five miles of trails throughout the park, which, of course, include the falls flowing around the boulders down the ravine.

During the 19th century, this was a mined iron site.

You can read the signs and learn a bit of history during your visit.

4. Tillman Ravine Falls

Tillman Ravine FallsSource: Dawn J Benko / shutterstock
Tillman Ravine Falls

Tillman Ravine Falls are located in Stokes State Forest and feature a few different, easily accessible trails.

Since the falls are located in the northwest area of New Jersey, the landscape is a little different; it is very quiet, isolated and beautiful, with only a small village nearby.

The waterfall is small and narrow and slightly different from the other falls in NJ. While visiting Tillman Ravine Falls, you are close to Buttermilk Falls and Silver Spray Falls; try to make the most of your time and visit all three.

5. Hemlock Falls

Hemlock FallsSource: quiggyt4 / shutterstock
Hemlock Falls

Hemlock Falls are located near Millburn, New Jersey.

The trailhead is easy for all fitness levels.

Dogs are welcome on the trail as long as they are leashed.

This trail is well maintained from March to the end of October, although it is open year-round.

Hemlock Falls Trail is a 5.6-mile loop and is recommended for intermediate hikers.

There is a trail you can follow that is less than two miles return, for those who want easy access to the falls.

The falls are 20-feet high and surrounded by forest.

6. Great Falls

Great Falls, PatersonSource: Tetyana Ohare / shutterstock
Great Falls

Great Falls is the second largest waterfall in terms of volume.

It is situated east of the Mississippi River and beside Niagara Falls.

The waterfall is 77-feet tall.

Great Falls is in the newest National Park in New Jersey and is located in Paterson.

The falls are unique; they flow under the bridge, which offers a great opportunity to take pictures.

There is a lot of history to learn when visiting Great Falls, and many different attractions in the area.

7. Greenbrook Falls

Greenbrook FallsSource: quiggyt4 / shutterstock
Greenbrook Falls

Greenbrook Falls is a sanctuary for hikers.

With close to seven miles of marked trails, you can spend the whole day immersed in nature.

Greenbrook Falls are located in Greenbrook Sanctuary, which is a 165-acre reservation in Tenafly and Alpine.

In order to explore around Greenbrook Falls, you must undertake one of their hikes, which is offered by the nature center.

This is a very informative way to see the sanctuary and enjoy the falls.

8. Tumble Falls

Tumble FallsSource: Nicholas_T / Flickr | CC BY
Tumble Falls

Tumble Falls offers a different smattering of little creeks that flow into the Delaware River.

During the springtime or after a good rainfall in fall or winter, these falls are flowing quite heavily.

Tumble Falls ranges from 30+ feet to some cascades dropping 15 and 20 feet.

These falls are fun because there are a few different drops that crash through the sandstone bluffs.

In order to reach Tumble Falls, you will need to hike around 200 yards up from the stream to get the best view.

9. Dunnfield Creek

Dunnfield CreekSource: Breck P. Kent / shutterstock
Dunnfield Creek

Dunnfield Creek offers a few smaller waterfalls located 0.2 miles from the trailhead.

The trailhead starts at the Dunnfield Creek parking lot.

You will be in admiration as the trail crosses over the creek numerous times throughout the hike.

Depending on how long you want to hike around Dunnfield Creek, there are many different trails that one can follow.

Water snakes are frequent in the area and in Sunfish Pond, which is only a short walk away.

10. Watchung Reservation

Watchung ReservationSource: George Wirt / shutterstock
Watchung Reservation

Watchung Reservation is like paradise for children, and adults will enjoy it too.

There are trails for every level of hiker, including the Sierra Trail that formulates a 10.8 loop; this is where you will see the gorge, with water flowing down the cliffs.

While you are visiting Watchung Reservation, you can enjoy the science center, Lake Surprise, the Deserted Village of Feltvile, as well as the Watchung Stables.

This reservation consists of 2,000-acres of protected forest.

There is something for everyone here.

10 Amazing Waterfalls in New Jersey:

  • Boonton Falls
  • Buttermilk Falls
  • Hacklebarney Falls
  • Tillman Ravine Falls
  • Hemlock Falls
  • Great Falls
  • Greenbrook Falls
  • Tumble Falls
  • Dunnfield Creek
  • Watchung Reservation