Top 25 Things To Do In Germany

Old Town Hall – Bamberg, Germany

Forested and hilly, the country of Germany, or Deutschland if you prefer, brings back memories of long walks in beautiful forests and visiting castles. In my younger days I’ve spent a lot of time in the country and really enjoyed all of it. Although when my parents made us do long walks on rainy days I remember being rather cranky.

Germany has a long and rich history and I’m sure you have heard of names like Albert Einstein, Ludwig van Beethoven and Karl Marx… but besides the cultural aspect of the country I’m sure many will also be envisioning a beautiful busty blond girl in traditional clothing that serves you half a liter of beer and a plate of bradwurst mit sauerkraut:P

But let’s get on with the top 25 things to do in Germany!

1. Hohenschwangau, southwest Bavaria: Neuschwanstein Castle (Schloss Neuschwanstein)

Castle Neuschwanstein

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Castle Neuschwanstein

Like a fairytale castle, the Schloss Neuschwanstein rises up above the Bavarian woods. In fact, the Bavarian ‘schloss’ served as a blueprint for the castle in Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty, and you will understand exactly why, given that its Germany’s most photographed building.

The castle is exquisitely designed, both in terms of architecture, and with respect to the regale adornment both on the exterior and within the interior. Ludwig II of Bavaria is responsible for commissioning the castle in the mid-nineteenth century to serve as a retreat, and due to his love for classical music conceived by Richard Wagner, he dedicated the castle to the composer.

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Top 25 Things To Do In Germany:

Old Town Hall - Bamberg, Germany