25 Best Things to Do in France

France serves to delight the romantically inclined with fairy-tale castles, picture-perfect villages, soaring cathedrals, and still, the country manages to impress realists together with its progressive and yet contemporary styling.

Whilst perusing the streets of Paris, be sure to take in the delights of the Eiffel Tower, which represents the modernized emblem of France. Then, venture to the Louvre Museum and witness famous masterpieces aplenty. Enjoy a day at the most elegant Palace of Versailles. Be sure to save some time for traditional French gastronomic delights and leisurely gourmet meals.

Nevertheless, it’s not merely about Paris. Each individual region in France comes with its own distinctive culture and cuisines. From the quaintest of fishing villages in Brittany that specialize in seafood and crêpes, to the cozy chalets dotted around within the French Alps, where hearty cheese-based fondues and charcuterie is the indulgence of every day. Savor it all, and take gratification from the irresistible charms that France has to offer. Let’s have a look at the best things to do in France!

1. Paris: Musee de Louvre

Louvre, Paris

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The Louvre, Paris

Even the main entrance way to the Musee de Louvre is an artistic dream, as is befitting to the world’s most visited museum. But there’s not much time to linger gazing up at the glassy pyramid. For inside awaits the fantasy of the most ethereal collection of art the world has seen, with everything from the Code of Hammurabi, to Egyptian mummies, to Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, and the Venus de Milo.

The museum has endured the centuries-old political and social transformations of France, while still maintaining the vastness and beauty of the human mind under a single roof, and thereby becoming a potent symbolization of French finesse and sensitivity.

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25 Best Things to Do in France:

Cathedrale de Chartres

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  • Gorge Du Verdon: wilks72 / shutterstock
  • Route Des Vins D’Alsace: Jean-Luc SCHMITT / shutterstock
  • Disneyland, Paris: aureliefrance / shutterstock
  • Pampelonne Beach Near Saint Tropez: lukaszimilena / shutterstock