15 Best Things To Do In Decatur (AL)

Decatur is known as “The River City” and is located in the north of Alabama along the banks of the Wheeler Lake, for a city with a population of only 55,000 there is a surprisingly large number of things to do.
Before Decatur became the city it is today it was know as “Rhodes Ferry Landing” after Dr. Rhodes who operated a ferry along the river. In 1821 the city was finally incorporated with the name Decatur that we see today. There is a great sense of community in this city and a ton of things to do so let us look at the top 15 things to do in Decatur.

1. Learn About The Civil War At The Blue And Gray Museum

Blue And Gray Museum

The Civil War was one of the biggest conflicts that the Americans have been involved in, more than  625,000 Americans lost their lives during the four years that the war was happening for. In Fact more Americans lost their life in this war than in all the wars that America had been involved in before World War II. The Blue and Gray Museum is home to many weapons and artifacts from that war, it is an excellent museum where you can learn about the great struggles that the hero’s of that war went through.

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15 Best Things To Do In Decatur (AL):

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