11 Best Things to Do in Concord (NH)

Concord is the capital city in the state of New Hampshire and holds a modest population of less than 50,000. The city was incorporated in 1734 under the name of Rumford before later changing its name in 1765 to the name it has to this day. The city was originally famed throughout the U.S. for its furniture making and granite quarrying, before moving on to become a main hub for the railroad industry.

With a history that includes a former President of the United States lets look at the top eleven things to do in Concord:

1. Watch A Movie At The Red River Theater

Red River Theater - Concord

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Red River Theater – Concord

Red River Theater is no ordinary cinema and as such it deserves its place in this list. It was opened in 2007 after the local community put together a seven year project to create this state-of-the-art cinema that would show art house films. The cinema has three screens and cost the local community $1.8 million dollars. The cinema does not play mainstream movies instead focuses on art house productions and local movies instead. The cinema has a huge place in the hearts of the community and is an important feature in the New Hampshire cultural scene.

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11 Best Things to Do in Concord (NH):

The New Hampshire State House