25 Best Things to Do in England

The name “England” was first taken from Englaland, which is derived from “land of the Angles”. The Angles were a Germanic tribe that resided in England during the Early Middle Ages.

Currently, the population of England stands at just over 53 million, most of which is located around the London area, London being the largest city in Europe in terms of populace. England also hosts over 600 miles of fascinating coastline in addition to a number of the world’s top tourist attractions.

The country is divided into nine separate regions, each of which has its own unique culture, history, and personality – from the charming villages of Cornwall and beautiful rolling hills in the Cotswolds, to the striking coastline in the North East and the bustling city life in the capital.

It really does make the perfect destination for those who wish to pay a quick visit or for those who are intent on savoring the experience over the longer term.

But let’s get on with the best things to do in England!

25. London: Chinatown

Chinatown, London

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Chinatown, London

At the East End of London, during the beginning of the 20th century, many Chinese immigrants flocked to London and set about creating businesses as a way to cater to the throngs of Chinese sailors who frequented the docklands area.

Nevertheless, due to the World War II Blitz, a large inflow of immigrants from Hong Kong, and a growth in popularity of Chinese cuisine, many Chinese restaurants opened elsewhere.

Today, the finest Chinese cuisines can be found just off Shaftesbury Avenue.

24. Cambridge: Cambridge University

Cambridge University, England

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Cambridge University

Cambridge University, which was founded in 1209, represents the fourth-oldest surviving university in the world (the oldest being the University of Karueein, Fez, Morocco).

These days, it is a collegiate university and is comprised of 31 colleges together with some 18,000 students. The university was first established when a group of scholars left the University of Oxford after having been involved in a dispute with the local townspeople.

Of particular note is Trinity College, with its exquisitely carved chapel, a masterpiece of architecture in the English Baroque style.

23. Cornwall: The Eden Project

The Eden Project, Cornwall

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The Eden Project, Cornwall

The Eden Project in Cornwall represents a number of environmental and social projects all under the auspices of sustainable growth.

Visitors can view a variety of beautiful landscapes in addition to numerous works of art. It also plays home to regular music events and hosts a botanical and conservation research division.

The Eden Project is far more than a sizable horticultural theme park. It is a cultural revelation whereby visitors can learn through interactive displays together with detailed information given throughout the 10 hectares of natural wonder.

22. Liverpool: Maritime Mercantile City

Maritime Mercantile City, Liverpool

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Maritime Mercantile City

Visitors to Liverpool’s Maritime Mercantile City can venture throughout the docklands and historic center.

The area relates the story of UK development throughout the preceding centuries, including the mass movement of emigrants to the United States, immigrants from northern Europe, and of the slave trade. Maritime Mercantile City is also the home to significant civic, commercial, and public buildings such as St. George’s Plateau.

Based on the recent drive for modernization, however, the area has been bestowed with the accolade of an endangered World Heritage Site, being one of only two such sites within all of Europe.

21. Worcestershire, Herefordshire, and Gloucestershire: Malvern Hills and Commons

Malvern Hills

Source: Dominic Warren / shutterstock

Malvern Hills

Located in the counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire, and Gloucestershire, the Malvern Hills and Commons provide for 3,000 acres of spectacular natural beauty.

The igneous and metamorphic rocks are regarded as among the oldest within Great Britain, and are dated at 680 million years.

To gain the best vantage point, it’s prudent to climb the Worcester Beacon, the summit of which stands at 1,394 ft. (424 m).

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