This is what happens if the Dutch would rule the world!

Written by Jan Meeuwesen
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Infographic - Dutch Rule the World


01. Licorice

Every citizen of the empire is forced to eat at least one bag of salted licorice a week, those that can’t keep a straight face while finishing the bag will be beheaded.

02. Nose picking

From now on picking your nose in public will be acceptable behaviour.

03. The bicycle

The bicycle will become the most used form of transportation.

04. Clogs

Although the Dutch themselves never really wear clogs, they would force the rest of the world to do so.

05. Going Dutch

The bill will be split in half, even on a first date!


What else would happen if the Dutch would rule the world? Let us know in the comments!

This is what happens if the Dutch would rule the world!:

  • Licorice
  • Nose picking
  • The bicycle
  • Clogs
  • Going Dutch