25 Best Things to Do in Minneapolis (MN)

Minneapolis is a huge city, made to seem even larger due to its twin city St Paul, the state capital of Minnesota.

Minneapolis has a lot of things worth seeing including iconic buildings, art galleries and performing arts venues. The buzz of the city is only enhanced by the large student population which not only provide their own energy but the shops, cafes and restaurants that cater for them are great places for anybody to hang out.

The locals in Minneapolis will only add to the enjoyment of your time in the city and are known throughout the states for their friendliness. You will most likely be told to “have a nice day” a fair number of times during your visit.

With so much going on here it may come as a surprise to see that Minneapolis also has a lot of great parks and the Chain of Lakes which cater for outdoor enthusiasts or those looking to relax whilst surrounded by more natural scenery.

Without further hesitation here is our list of the 25 Best Things to do in Minneapolis:

1. Visit the City Hall

City Hall Minneapolis

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City Hall Minneapolis

Located just to the east of Nicolet Mall is the City Hall of Minneapolis, sometimes referred to as the Municipal Building. The building is registered as a National Historic Landmark. Construction of the building began in the late 19th Century and was completed in the early 1900’s. The stunning rotunda within the building is one of its key features and is carved from a single piece of marble. The clock tower is also worth seeing and was once the tallest point in the city.

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25 Best Things to Do in Minneapolis (MN):