25 Best Things To Do In Manchester (England)

Manchester is England’s second biggest city, having been settled since 79 AD by the Romans. Manchester is a vibrant urban hotspot with excellent nightlife, arts and culture. The city is surrounded by countryside and the gorgeous Pennine mountains, making it a great base for exploring wilder regions of the country. Manchester has an extensive history and is important in many fields, including music, science and transport. It is home to the world’s first inter-city passenger railway station and a thriving culture scene, making it one of England’s most exciting cities. Here are 25 of the best things to do in this buzzing city.

1. Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum

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The Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum is the country’s biggest university museum with a collection of 4,500,000 items from all around the world. The museum is housed within a striking gothic-style building and showcases the best in archaeology and natural history. The museum features a number of galleries focusing on diverse topics such as fossils, the ancient world, and world culture. There is a special exhibition on the natural history of Manchester which looks at the city’s origins as an underwater world and then a swamp. Spend some time in the museum’s vivarium, a collection of live reptiles and amphibians and home to some of the rarest frogs in the world. Don’t miss Stan the T.Rex, a well-preserved skeleton of an infamous dinosaur, boasting the world’s best tyrannosaurus rex skull. There is a café on-site to offer a break after a few hours exploring this wonderful museum.

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25 Best Things To Do In Manchester (England):

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