25 Best Things To Do In Glendale (AZ)

Beet lovers will be pleased to hear that Glendale was built on them. Well, not literally, but the building and commercial concentration in 1906 of the Beet Sugar Factory definitely played a big part. Although factory operations only lasted until 1913, it helped play a very relevant role in the increase of settlers to the town. Together with William John Murphy, who had found a way to provide good access into the vicinity by way of railroad and canal (and name the area in the interim), the town of Glendale in Arizona is now home to a population of approximately 227,000, as of 2010. So, let’s go explore the best things to do in Glendale.

1. University of Phoenix Stadium

University of Phoenix Stadium

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University of Phoenix Stadium

The University of Phoenix is very proud of its stadium, and with very good reason! It is one of a kind, literally, and unlike any other North American stadium, with not only a retractable roof but retractable field as well. All the games are indoors and therefore completely flat as there is no need to allow for rain run off, making for great seating throughout. This marvel of design is primary home to the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals, with a seating capacity of 72,200 for its loyal fans as well as the vibrant Annual Fiesta Bowl.

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25 Best Things To Do In Glendale (AZ):

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