25 Best Things to Do in Fife (Scotland)

Fife is one of Scotland’s most beautiful and historic regions, with an extensive coastal line, rolling hills and dramatic countryside. Fife is known locally as the ‘Kingdom of Fife’ as it was once a major ancient kingdom for the native Picts. Today, Fife offers some of the most unique and memorable experiences in the country, with good food, friendly people, and plenty of outdoor activities to suit all tastes. Here are some of the best things to do in quaint and pretty Fife.

1. St Andrews Castle

St Andrews Castle

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St Andrews Castle

Start your Fife journey with a trip to St Andrew’s Castle in the historic town of St Andrews. These castle ruins sit atop a rocky hill overlooking the North Sea, with a visitor centre on site. The castle has stood in this location since 1200, used as a place of power in the Wars of Scottish Independence, and later as a home for important Scottish bishops and kings. Today you can visit the castle ruins, including the castle’s stone-cut prison, called the ‘bottle dungeon’. At the visitor’s centre you can find original sculptures and carvings, as well as other historic artefacts that will tell you more about the story of this important castle.

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25 Best Things to Do in Fife (Scotland):

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