15 Best Things to Do in Ajaccio (France)

The capital of the Corse-du-Sud has the happy knack of packaging all of the things that people adore about Corsica.

You’ve got history, because Napoleon Bonaparte was born and baptised in the city, and his family donated lots of exciting memorabilia to the museums.

There’s cinematic natural scenery at Pointe de la Parata a few minutes from the city, or the mountains in the background covered with wild herbs, heather and myrtle shrubs.

And then you come to the beaches, which are plentiful, white and bathed by pale blue seas with mind-blowing clarity.

Lets explore the best things to do in Ajaccio:

1. Pointe de la Parata

Pointe de la Parata

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Pointe de la Parata

On an island where stupendous natural spectacles are almost commonplace, Pointe de la Parata will still make you lost for words.

This is a black granite promontory announcing the northern limit of the Bay of Ajaccio, near the end of a stubborn string of rocky apexes that continue offshore to create the Sanguinaires Islands.

The headland is capped with a Genoese watchtower, 55 metres above the water and built as part of a network to defend the coast against Barbary pirate attacks in the 16th century.

Drive down  to the restaurant, and from there you can take the walking trail to get a closer look at the tower or dip your feet in the transparent seas.

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15 Best Things to Do in Ajaccio (France):

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