25 Best Things to Do in Charlotte (NC)

Charlotte (North Carolina), nicknamed the Queen City in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz who had become the Queen of England several years before the city’s inception, draws in its many tourists by showcasing the NASCAR Hall of Fame, which celebrates auto racing through interactive exhibits and films, as well as being home to the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Hornets, the Charlotte Independence of the United Soccer League and many other sporting interests. The city’s population of approximately 2,380,500 in 2014 now makes Charlotte North America’s 17th largest city. There’s a lot more to learn about the location so join me in its exploration of the 25 best things to do in Charlotte!

1. NASCAR Hall of Fame

NASCAR Hall of Fame

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NASCAR Hall of Fame

When planning a visit to Charlotte the thought of NASCAR might cross your mind and, for racing fans, taking a trip to the 150,000 sq ft state of the art Hall of Fame venue should be high on the itinerary. This modern site, dedicated to entertain race fans, includes awesome interactive exhibits such as racing simulators, artifacts and an amazing state of the art theater which holds 278 people. There is also the popular Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant and NASCAR Gear Shop to explore. It will be a real treat to see how the venue honors NASCAR icons over the years and how it has successfully created a lasting tribute to all the drivers, team owners and crew member of the sport.

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25 Best Things to Do in Charlotte (NC):