15 Most Romantic Cities in the World

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It could be argued that romance can be found anywhere – as long as you’re with the one you love. But another argument can be made that romantic cities don’t just bring us closer together with each other, but with the place itself.

Grand vistas, oceans, old architecture, and restaurants, cafes, and bars full of character are all key features of this list. If you’re able to find a special place, full of hidden gems and with time to focus on your sweetheart, you’ve found your romantic spot.

Lets have a look at the most romantic cities in the world:

1. Venice

VeniceSource: flickr

This is the city of Casanova – so you know you’re in for romance in a big way. Kisses on a gondola ride, a stroll along the canals and over hidden bridges, people watching in the piazzas, and getting lost in narrow lanes are just some of what makes Venice magical. There are also several islands near the city where more adventure can be had. One that stands out it Giudecca, which has fantastic views of the lagoon.  When you’re done, enjoy an evening waltz in St. Mark’s Square and wake up to breakfast overlooking the Canal Grande.

2. Charleston

CharlestonSource: flickr

Three-time winner of “America’s Favourite City,” Charleston really has it all. Perfect weather year round, colourful locals, rich history, gorgeous scenery, and a slow romantic southern pace. Walk around the downtown shopping district, or neighbourhood streets lined with huge jasmine trees, visit tons of art galleries, and eat low-country cuisine in award winning restaurants. You can sail around the harbour or take a charter boat to any of the many islands nearby – many of which are designated nature preserves with few to no inhabitants. You can find your own private beach that way! Look for a great B&B in the French Quarter and enjoy a carriage ride through many of the historical parts of town.

3. Paris

ParisSource: flickr

Really, even if you’ve never been to Paris and only seen a picture of it, you can tell that this really is the city of love. Lit up at night it’s simply gorgeous, and during the day you can stroll arm in arm along the Seine, sip espresso in a café, and have dozens of picture perfect moments. In Paris, you can describe an entire neighbourhood (like Montmartre) as romantic. You can’t miss the Arc de Triomphe, the Pont des Arts Bridge, a show at the Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower, the Jardin du Luxembourg, and the great Hausmann-style architecture found throughout the city. Get yourself a bottle of wine, some camembert, a baguette, and a blanket and you’re set for a romantic picnic along the river bank.

4. Sydney

SydneySource: flickr

Outdoor lovers will definitely find Sydney a romantic spot. Fabulous beaches, top quality wineries, and a buzzing nightlife all ensure that you’ll never run out of things to do. For a little more seclusion, visit nearby Blue Mountains or Hunter Valley – both popular as romantic getaways. The warm weather makes it a perfect destination spot – for whatever you’re looking for. Enjoy a romantic sunset on Sydney Harbour Bridge or take a ferry ride to really enhance the ambiance.

5. Prague

PragueSource: flickr

The old town in Prague is perfectly preserved. The fairy-tale architecture and European atmosphere combine to make romance come alive. Tour castles, roam Old Town Square, and then cross Charles Bridge for a beautiful view of the river. This is an old city filled with cobblestone streets, church spires, and winding alleys. The city comes alive at night and has a magic feel that completes this marvellous and romantic package.

6. Dublin

Dublin CastleSource: flickr
Dublin Castle

Here’s a little known fact: Saint Valentine himself was laid to rest in Dublin. You can visit his relics at the White Friar Street Church. After that, enjoy the many cathedrals and castles that give this capital city its romantic vibe. Plenty of restaurants, galleries, cafes, and concert venues around to craft your perfect romantic getaway. And Dubliners are known for their friendliness which makes it even easier to fall in love with the place.

7. Cape Town

Cape TownSource: flickr
Cape Town

Picture a romantic horseback ride along Noordhoek Beach, or a cable car ride to the top of Cable Mountain – where you’ll find the most unbelievable views no matter which was you turn. That’s just a taste of the beauty and romance that Cape Town has to offer. You absolutely can’t miss an open air cinema. There are several in the city and shows often sell out – especially on Valentine’s Day. If you prefer water, book a sunset boat cruise out to Table Bay of Clifton 4th Beach. Enjoy a remarkable sun set with oysters and champagne. And one last suggestion? Enjoy a sunrise in a hot air balloon followed by a fabulous breakfast at one of the cities excellent restaurants.

8. Buenos Aires

Buenos AiresSource: flickr
Buenos Aires

The city that created the Tango, the world’s most sensual ballroom dance, has just got to be romantic. If a fun and fast pace nightlife is your idea of romance, then Buenos Aires is the place for you. The capital of Argentina is known for nightclubs that stay open until eight in the morning. And everywhere you go throughout the city you’ll see couples of all ages holding hands, sitting on benches, and stealing kisses. There’s passion in the air in Buenos Aires, Tango’s in the streets, atmospheric architecture, and tree lined streets for strolling.

9. Florence

Florence, ItalySource: flickr
Florence, Italy

Italy might have the most romance per capita, and Florence is no exception. There’s a Renaissance feel here which creates a romantic city-wide vibe. Art lovers will love Florence. See works by Botticelli and Michelangelo, visit the Duomo and the Vecchio Bridge, and top it all off with dinner by candle light over fine Italian cuisine. There’s architecture, history, culture, and beauty everywhere you look.

10. Rome

Rome, ItalySource: flickr
Rome, Italy

Not just a romantic city, and not just a dazzling city, Rome has long been one of the most amazing places on Earth. Fountains, piazzas, benches, cafes, and winding alleys all lend themselves to romance. Share a gelato people watch over espresso. Whatever you do, there’s 3000 years of history behind it. It’s often called the Eternal City and it’s not hard to see why. Local custom encourages you to stand by one of Rome’s grand fountains and whish for eternal love.

11. Lisbon

Lisbon, PortugalSource: flickr
Lisbon, Portugal

Think scenery, an ancient castle, cobblestone streets, vintage trams, a lovely river, and slightly medieval feel, and you’ve just conjured Lisbon. Let the city take to back to the Age of Discovery as you discover all that it has to offer. Nearby is the European capital of Romanticism, Sintra, and the medieval village of Obidos. But there is more than just history here. The music and foodie scene are rapidly growing and Lisbon is become more and more cosmopolitan.

12. Seville

Seville, SpainSource: flickr
Seville, Spain

Spain is a beautiful country, and one of its most beautiful cities is Seville. There’s a bit of the exotic here thanks to the cultural combination of Moorish and Mediterranean influence. And it’s small enough that you feel its cosy while still having plenty to do. Enjoy flamenco dancing, check out a traditional bullfight, or take a carriage ride around the city. In the evening, try any of the dozens of fantastic tapas restaurants. It won’t take long until you understand that this is an incredibly soulful city. Don’t miss Alcázar castle or the Giralda bell tower.

13. Marrakech

MarrakechSource: flickr

One of the most romantic places to stay is in a Marrakech Riad (a boutique hotel). Marrakech is rich in sensory pleasures, heady spices, labyrinthine-like medina’s, snake charmers and more. The Atlas Mountains in the distance create a lovely backdrop for exploring this incredible city. It’s known as the Red City (the colour of love), and its exotic and unique culture make for one romantic destination.

14. Jaipur

Jaipur, IndiaSource: flickr
Jaipur, India

An elephant ride down one of the main streets of Jaipur is an incredibly romantic adventure. The Pink City is filled with temples, lush gardens, marvellous palaces, and lively markets perfect for strolling hand in hand. Sisodia Rani Garden and Palace is over 200 years old and there you’ll find galleries, fountains, and murals that tell the wonderful love story between Radha and Krishna. There is an energy to the city that makes it fun, and India is always an adventure. Fall in love with each other and the country all in one trip when you visit Jaipur.

15. Kyoto

Kyoto, JapanSource: flickr
Kyoto, Japan

In stark contrast to Jaipur is Kyoto. A tranquil oasis filled with romantic spots. Visit in the spring when the city is overflowing with cherry blossoms, enjoy a tea service, visit Zen temples, walk in extravagant gardens, or take the Sagano Romantic Train. Everyone falls in love with this 25-minute tour of the lovely Kyoto country side as it follows the Hozu River. The most popular temple is the Kiyomizu-dera. The waterfall that streams through the temple is said to be pure. Myth holds that anyone who jumps from the temple platform and survives will be granted one wish. What would you wish for?

15 Most Romantic Cities in the World:

  • Venice
  • Charleston
  • Paris
  • Sydney
  • Prague
  • Dublin
  • Cape Town
  • Buenos Aires
  • Florence
  • Rome
  • Lisbon
  • Seville
  • Marrakech
  • Jaipur
  • Kyoto