15 Most Romantic Cities in the World

It could be argued that romance can be found anywhere – as long as you’re with the one you love. But another argument can be made that romantic cities don’t just bring us closer together with each other, but with the place itself.

Grand vistas, oceans, old architecture, and restaurants, cafes, and bars full of character are all key features of this list. If you’re able to find a special place, full of hidden gems and with time to focus on your sweetheart, you’ve found your romantic spot.

Lets have a look at the most romantic cities in the world:

1. Venice


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This is the city of Casanova – so you know you’re in for romance in a big way. Kisses on a gondola ride, a stroll along the canals and over hidden bridges, people watching in the piazzas, and getting lost in narrow lanes are just some of what makes Venice magical. There are also several islands near the city where more adventure can be had. One that stands out it Giudecca, which has fantastic views of the lagoon.  When you’re done, enjoy an evening waltz in St. Mark’s Square and wake up to breakfast overlooking the Canal Grande.

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15 Most Romantic Cities in the World: