15 Best Waterfalls in Maine

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Maine was a state I found to be incredibly beautiful, offering a plethora of tourist attractions that left me awe-struck. As I explored its breathtaking coastal towns and stretched my gaze across the vast coastlines, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder. Each year, thousands of visitors would flock to Maine, eager to partake in the abundance of recreational activities and indulge in the delights of sightseeing.

However, I soon discovered that Maine had more to offer than just its magnificent coasts. The state was also home to numerous streams and lakes, creating a haven for water enthusiasts like myself. Wherever there were ample water sources, it seemed there was always a waterfall nearby, waiting to be discovered. I was amazed by the variety of beautiful waterfalls that Maine had to offer, and I wanted to share my experiences with others.

Thus, this guide came to fruition, aiming to assist fellow travelers in choosing the perfect waterfall to visit.

1. Angel Falls – Township D – northwest of Houghton

Angel Falls, MaineSource: Max Moraga / shutterstock
Angel Falls

During my exploration of Maine, I had the pleasure of encountering one of the most stunning and captivating waterfalls in the region—Angel Falls. Nestled near Byron town in Franklin County, this waterfall, supplied by the pristine Mountain Brook, left me in awe of its natural beauty.

The falls earned the nickname “Angel Wing Falls,” a name that perfectly captures its enchanting allure. As the water gracefully descended from the heavens, it embraced the rocks, creating a delicate and ethereal shape resembling an angel’s wings. It was a sight that truly felt magical.

Standing at an impressive height of 90 feet, Angel Falls was accompanied by towering cliff walls that reached about 115 feet. Accessing this natural wonder was made easy through a clearly marked, short hiking trail. However, caution was necessary as the path could be quite slippery, emphasizing the importance of wearing appropriate footwear for a safe journey.

To fully appreciate the majesty of Angel Falls, I learned that the best time to visit was during spring, particularly from late May to early July. It was during this period that the water levels were at their peak, creating a breathtaking display of power and beauty. The weather during this time was also ideal for hiking, allowing me to enjoy the entire experience to the fullest.

2. Dunn Falls- Oxford County / near Andover

Dunn Falls, MaineSource: Paula Stephens / shutterstock
Dunn Falls

Dunn Falls, a truly captivating waterfall located near Andover in Oxford County. Sourced from the majestic Ellis River, this waterfall proved to be a fascinating natural wonder.

Dunn Falls was composed of two distinct sections: the upper and lower falls. The upper falls featured a mesmerizing 70-foot drop, creating a breathtaking horsetail formation along with delicate fans of cascading water. As for the lower falls, they added an additional 80-foot plunge, enclosed by magnificent rock walls shaped like half-moons. To my amazement, the water gracefully flowed through a small hole in the wall, adding an element of intrigue to the entire scene.

Reaching Dunn Falls required embarking on a moderately difficult hike along the west side of the Ellis River. Fortunately, the trail was well-marked, facilitating easier access for adventurous souls like myself. Although the journey presented its challenges, the rewards were well worth it.

To truly appreciate the splendor of Dunn Falls, I discovered that the best time to visit was from late May to early October. During this period, the water levels reached their peak, creating a magnificent display of power and beauty. The unique natural attributes of Dunn Falls made it an enticing destination, enticing nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

3. Grand Falls – West Forks in Somerset County

I had the pleasure of encountering a waterfall that defied expectations—Grand Falls. Despite its name, which might suggest towering heights, this waterfall stood at a modest 40 feet. However, what it lacked in height, it more than made up for in breadth, spanning an impressive 120 feet. Fed by the majestic Dead River, Grand Falls showcased its scenic and captivating beauty year-round.

Accessing Grand Falls was a breeze, requiring a simple hike along a dirt road that led directly to the waterfall. While the hike was easy and enjoyable, caution was advised when it came to swimming in the vicinity. The currents at Grand Falls were incredibly strong, making swimming unsafe. Nevertheless, the allure of this picturesque location was more than enough to captivate visitors.

The best time to experience the full magnificence of Grand Falls was from late May to October. During this period, nature adorned the surroundings with vibrant colors, enhancing the already remarkable scenery. The waterfall’s beauty transcended seasons, providing an ever-changing landscape that was impossible to resist.

4. Moxie Falls – Moxie Gore

Moxie FallsSource: JMP_Traveler / shutterstock
Moxie Falls

One of the most captivating waterfalls in the state—the awe-inspiring Moxie Falls. Standing tall with a plunging height of over 90 feet, it held the distinction of being one of the highest waterfalls in Maine. Located in Moxie Gore, Somerset County, Moxie Falls drew its waters from the pristine Moxie Stream, adding to its allure.

Despite its remote location, Moxie Falls enjoyed significant popularity and drew numerous visitors, particularly on weekends. Its reputation as one of the most remarkable waterfalls in Maine was well-deserved, as evidenced by the steady stream of enthralled spectators.

Accessing Moxie Falls was a breeze, thanks to a conveniently located trailhead at a parking lot along Moxie Road. A short hike was all it took to reach this magnificent waterfall. However, it was important to remain cautious, as the road could become slippery when wet. Sturdy boots were recommended to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

One of the unique features of Moxie Falls was the opportunity it provided for swimming. The inviting waters beckoned adventurers to take a refreshing dip and bask in the natural beauty that surrounded them. The best time to visit Moxie Falls was from May to October, when the weather was favorable and the waterfall showcased its splendor.

5. Gulf Hagas Falls – Northern Maine

Gulf Hagas Falls, MaineSource: Wade H. Massie / shutterstock
Gulf Hagas Falls

I embarked on a thrilling journey to witness the majesty of Gulf Hagas Falls—a truly epic waterfall nestled in Bowdoin, Piscataquis County. Located in the secluded Gulf Hagas Gorge, often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the East, this waterfall emerged as a captivating sight, sourced by the Pleasant River and Gulf Hagas Brook.

Gulf Hagas Falls had earned its reputation as one of the most renowned waterfalls in the region, thanks to its enticing natural features and breathtaking qualities. The cascading water, coupled with the picturesque surroundings, created a scene that seemed almost otherworldly.

Reaching Gulf Hagas Falls required embarking on a challenging yet exhilarating hike along an approximately 8.6-mile dirt road. While the journey demanded physical exertion, it also promised a memorable adventure filled with stunning vistas and thrilling discoveries. The effort was well worth it.

Swimming in the refreshing waters of Gulf Hagas Falls was an option, providing a well-deserved respite after the demanding hike. However, caution was necessary due to the presence of strong currents and fluctuating water levels, particularly during the spring season. Being aware of these conditions ensured both safety and enjoyment. The optimal time to visit Gulf Hagas Falls was between June and October when nature showcased its best colors and the waterfall was at its most enchanting.

If you are a lover of waterfalls adorned with scenic natural features and crave a touch of adventure, Gulf Hagas Falls is an absolute must-visit. Its isolated location adds to the allure, making it a destination that promises both serenity and excitement. My own experience at Gulf Hagas Falls left an indelible impression, solidifying its place as a remarkable gem in Maine’s vast natural wonders.

6. Houston Brook Falls – Pleasant Ridge

Houston Brook FallsSource: Call of The Wild Photo / shutterstock
Houston Brook Falls

I also had the pleasure of discovering the charming Houston Brook Falls. With a modest height of 32 feet, this waterfall showcased a beautiful combination of horsetails and plunges, creating a captivating display of nature’s power. Sourced from the Houston Brook itself, the waterfall emanated a sense of tranquility in its surroundings.

Finding Houston Brook Falls proved to be a simple task, as it was easily accessible through a pleasant 10-minute walk through the woods. The path led me to the waterfall, where I was greeted by its enchanting beauty. During periods of low water levels, swimming in the refreshing pools below the falls was possible. However, caution was necessary when the water levels were high, as it could become difficult and dangerous to swim.

One important aspect to note about Houston Brook Falls was the thick mist that often engulfed the area. This created a stunning ambiance but also made the rocks quite slippery, posing a potential hazard. It was crucial to exercise caution while exploring the area, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

To witness Houston Brook Falls at its finest, I discovered that the best time to visit was from May to October. During these months, the view of the waterfall was at its most splendid, showcasing the harmonious combination of rock formations, the powerful rush of water, and inviting swimming holes. The setting of Houston Brook Falls was nothing short of artistic and striking, leaving a lasting impression on all who visited.

My trip to Houston Brook Falls was a memorable experience, filled with the beauty of nature and the serenity of the surroundings. The unique charm of this waterfall, coupled with its artistic ambiance, made it a destination that should not be missed. If you find yourself in the area, I highly recommend considering a visit to Houston Brook Falls—a true gem in Maine’s vast array of natural wonders.

7. Step Falls – Newry

Step Falls, MaineSource: Kingfox / Flickr
Step Falls

Step Falls, also known as Wight Brook Falls due to its water source from Wight Brook, displayed a captivating combination of horsetails, cascades, slides, and plunges. Its diverse features added to its allure, creating a captivating tapestry of nature’s artistry. The majestic waterfall that stood tall at approximately 250 feet. This remarkable cascade, located in Newry, Oxford County, captured my imagination with its unique descent. Unlike other waterfalls that take a direct plunge, Step Falls gracefully descended in a gradual and mesmerizing manner.

To experience the full magnificence of Step Falls, the optimal time to visit was between May and October. During this period, nature unveiled its vibrant colors, enhancing the already awe-inspiring beauty of the waterfall. Accessing Step Falls was made convenient by a 20-minute hike, marked by helpful signs along the trail. It was crucial to tread carefully, as the trail could become slippery. Wearing non-slip shoes ensured a secure foothold throughout the journey.

Step Falls offered more than just a visual spectacle. It provided the perfect opportunity to wade in the crystal-clear waters or indulge in a refreshing swim. The tranquil pools beckoned, offering a serene escape amidst nature’s splendor. The spectacular view of Step Falls during the spring season was a sight to behold, leaving an indelible mark on my memories.

8. Hay Brook Falls – Bowdoin College Grant East

Hay Brook Falls, MaineSource: Arend Trent / shutterstock
Hay Brook Falls

The enchanting Hay Brook Falls, standing at approximately 28 feet, resided in the tranquil and lesser-known Bowdoin College Grant East, situated in Piscataquis County. Taking the form of delicate horsetails, Hay Brook Falls exuded a serene beauty that captivated my senses.

Unlike some of the more popular tourist destinations, Hay Brook Falls remained off the beaten path, making it a haven of tranquility away from the bustling crowds. Its remote location in the wilderness added to its charm, attracting those seeking a peaceful retreat. It was evident that Hay Brook Falls had not yet been discovered by the masses, and this sense of seclusion only enhanced its allure.

To experience Hay Brook Falls at its finest, the ideal time to visit was between the months of June and October. During this period, nature flourished, complementing the cascading waters with vibrant foliage and blooming flowers. There were two ways to access the falls: either via the Gulf Hagas trail or by embarking on a hike from the 4WD trail. Both options offered an opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the surroundings while journeying towards the tranquil oasis.

Hay Brook Falls offered more than just a visual spectacle. Its remote location and peaceful ambiance made it an ideal spot for camping and picnics. The serenity of the surroundings allowed for a truly rejuvenating experience, where one could bask in the beauty of nature undisturbed.

9. Screw Auger Falls – Grafton Notch

Screw Auger FallsSource: Chintla / shutterstock
Screw Auger Falls

Screw Auger Falls is nestled in the captivating Grafton Notch of Oxford County, this waterfall stood as a testament to the wonders of nature. With a height ranging from 25 to 30 feet, Screw Auger Falls drew its water from the graceful Bear River.

As Maine’s most popular waterfall, Screw Auger Falls welcomed visitors year-round with its serene ambiance and captivating allure. Accessing this natural wonder was made effortless by a small trail that led to its breathtaking splendor. Upon arrival, I was delighted to discover the well-maintained amenities available, including shaded picnic tables, convenient bathrooms, and ample parking space. The area’s pristine condition only added to the overall appeal.

The mesmerizing cascades of Screw Auger Falls were a sight to behold, creating a picturesque backdrop for capturing breathtaking photographs. The gentle descent of the water added to the tranquil atmosphere, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surroundings. From May to October, Screw Auger Falls was at its finest, offering an ideal timeframe to witness its splendor.

Beyond its visual charm, Screw Auger Falls provided an inviting environment for various activities. The tranquil setting made it a perfect destination for a cookout, a small picnic, or a relaxed get-together with loved ones. The allure of the cascading waters even enticed visitors to indulge in a refreshing swim, further enhancing the overall experience.

10. Alder Stream Falls – Alder Stream Township

This remarkable waterfall consisted of two distinct sections, each boasting its own unique charm. The upper falls, with a height of 20 feet, gracefully descended in a series of plunges and cascades. In contrast, the lower falls, standing at 25 feet tall, showcased the beauty of horsetails and cascades. Alder Stream served as the lifeblood that fueled this awe-inspiring spectacle.

Accessing the falls was a breeze, requiring only a short walk from the nearby parking lot. I was relieved to discover that since 2017, a rope had been installed to assist visitors in navigating the steep areas. This thoughtful addition made the journey to Alder Stream Falls safer and more enjoyable. It was crucial to remain cautious and mindful of our footing, as the terrain demanded our respect to prevent any accidents.

While the allure of swimming was absent at Alder Stream Falls, the absence of such activity did not detract from its charm. Instead, it allowed for a heightened appreciation of the raw beauty that surrounded us. The best time to experience the magnificence of this waterfall was between the months of May and October, when nature showcased its vibrant colors and the falls thrived with life.

11. The Cascades – Sandy River Plantation

During my thrilling expedition through Maine, I ventured the mesmerizing beauty of The Cascades. This enchanting waterfall revealed itself in three distinct sections, each with its own captivating allure. The upper falls stood at a modest 10 feet, while the middle falls cascaded gracefully from a height of 18 feet. Finally, the lower falls commanded attention with their impressive 20-foot descent. These sections boasted a stunning array of cascades, plunges, horsetails, and slides, creating a symphony of water in motion. It was no wonder that The Cascades were also referred to as Cascade Gorge and Cascade Stream Gorge, paying homage to the awe-inspiring spectacle they presented.

A unique feature of The Cascades was the opportunity for swimming, particularly at the lower and middle falls. The refreshing waters beckoned visitors to immerse themselves in the embrace of nature’s splendor. However, it was worth noting that swimming at the upper falls was not as conducive to the experience. Careful consideration of the specific sections was required to make the most of this delightful opportunity.

Accessing The Cascades was an adventure in itself, as a hiking trail led us through the towering walls of a gorge. The surrounding landscape created a sense of walking through a magnificent tunnel, immersing us in nature’s grandeur. The Cascade Stream served as the lifeblood of this picturesque waterfall, its waters cascading over the rock formations with grace and power. It was impossible to resist the allure of this natural wonder, with its must-see natural and scenic features captivating our senses at every turn.

To fully appreciate the splendor of The Cascades, the ideal time to visit was between the months of May and October. During this period, nature revealed its vibrant colors, breathing life into the surroundings and enhancing the overall experience. It was a time when The Cascades truly thrived, offering a symphony of sights and sounds that were nothing short of extraordinary.

12. Little Wilson Falls – Elliotsville

Little Wilson FallsSource: John Hayes (gravelboy) / Flickr | CC BY-SA
Little Wilson Falls

Accessing the majesty of Little Wilson Falls was an adventure in itself, as it awaited explorers along the renowned Appalachian Trail. As I ventured along this storied path, nature unfolded before my eyes, leading me to the hidden gem of Little Wilson Falls. The Appalachian Trail served as a gateway to this pristine sanctuary, guiding me to the marvels that awaited. The upper falls stood tall at an impressive 40 feet, gracefully descending in the form of a horsetail. The lower and middle falls followed suit, with heights of 18 and 25 feet respectively, showcasing magnificent slides and cascades. Together, they formed a symphony of water in motion that left me in awe.

Little Wilson Falls owed its existence to the gentle flow of the Little Wilson Stream, which breathed life into its cascading waters. The lower and middle falls presented a rare opportunity to embrace the refreshing allure of swimming, inviting me to immerse myself in the cool embrace of nature. However, caution prevailed at the upper falls, where the conditions were not conducive to swimming. Nonetheless, the magnificence of Little Wilson Falls transcended the need for a dip, as it stood as a testament to the untouched beauty of the natural world.

This splendid waterfall was renowned for its unspoiled natural allure and picturesque scenery. Every corner revealed a sight worthy of admiration, with its pristine surroundings transporting me to a realm untouched by time. The untouched beauty of Little Wilson Falls spoke volumes about the captivating wonders that awaited those who dared to venture off the beaten path.

To truly savor the grandeur of Little Wilson Falls, the best time to visit was from May to early October. During this period, nature painted the landscape with vibrant hues, enhancing the beauty of the waterfall and its surroundings. It was a time when Little Wilson Falls flourished, offering a magnificent display that left an indelible impression on my heart.

13. Poplar Stream Falls – Carrabassett Valley

Poplar Stream FallsSource: mkzdillon / shutterstock
Poplar Stream Falls

Poplar Stream Falls revealed itself in two distinct sets of cascades, each with its own unique character and water source. The first waterfall, standing at an impressive height of 24 feet, gracefully descended in the form of a horsetail before plunging into a serene pool below. Its elegance was a sight to behold. This renowned waterfall held a special place in the hearts of many, as it housed the magnificent Sugarloaf Mountain Resort, the largest ski resort in the area.

The second cascade, fed by the South Brook, boasted a breathtaking drop of 51 feet. Like its counterpart, it took the shape of a horsetail, cascading down with sheer grandeur before merging with the flow of the first waterfall. The resulting spectacle was a captivating dance of water and nature. Remarkably, both falls offered the opportunity for swimming, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the cool embrace of these natural wonders.

Accessing the splendor of Poplar Stream Falls was an adventure in itself, as it required embarking on a long and pleasurable hike to the east of the resort. Once a challenge to locate, the construction of the Poplar Hut transformed the experience, making it much easier for explorers to find their way. This hospitable refuge not only provided sustenance but also offered a place to rest, further enhancing the allure of the magnificent waterfall.

The best time to witness the captivating beauty of Poplar Stream Falls was from May to October. During these months, nature unveiled its vibrant colors, enhancing the charm of the waterfall and its surroundings. As I stood in awe of its splendor, I couldn’t help but marvel at the harmonious blend of water, lush greenery, and the tranquil atmosphere that enveloped this natural treasure.

Poplar Stream Falls was not only a testament to the awe-inspiring wonders of nature but also served as a gateway to the exhilarating adventures offered by the Sugarloaf Mountain Resort. With its proximity to the resort, visitors could indulge in a multitude of activities, from skiing down the slopes to exploring the picturesque landscapes that surrounded the falls. It was a destination that combined natural beauty with thrilling recreational opportunities, making it an irresistible attraction for adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike.

14. Smalls Falls – Rangeley

Smalls Falls, RangeleySource: Madelyn Hart / shutterstock
Smalls Falls – Rangeley

Small Falls had gained a well-deserved reputation, thanks to its irresistible natural features. As I approached, I was immediately captivated by the picturesque scene before me. The water cascaded through a vibrant gorge, adorned with a stunning array of colors. The earthy tones of brown, green, gold, beige, orange, ivory, and black painted a breathtaking canvas, adding an extra layer of beauty to this already magical place. This remarkable waterfall boasted a series of four captivating sets, collectively reaching a height of 54 feet. Its water source was none other than the splendid Sandy River, contributing to its mesmerizing allure.

To enhance the visitor experience, amenities such as bathrooms and picnic tables were conveniently available. This thoughtful provision allowed for a comfortable and enjoyable outing amidst the splendor of nature. Additionally, the inviting swimming holes provided a refreshing escape during hot weather, inviting me to cool off and immerse myself in the crystal-clear waters.

The optimal time to embark on an adventure to Small Falls was from May to October. During these months, the surrounding landscape flourished with life, accentuating the vibrant beauty of the waterfall and its surroundings. The gentle melodies of flowing water accompanied my journey, creating a soothing ambiance that embraced me throughout my exploration.

As I reflected on my time at Small Falls, I couldn’t help but appreciate the natural wonders that Maine had to offer. This hidden gem showcased the harmonious blend of stunning visuals, invigorating swimming spots, and serene picnic areas. It was a haven for nature enthusiasts and families alike, providing an idyllic setting to unwind, connect with loved ones, and immerse oneself in the tranquility of the surroundings.

15. Snow Falls – West Paris

Snow Falls - West ParisSource: Paula Stephens / shutterstock
Snow Falls – West Paris

As I arrived at Snow Falls, I immediately noticed the clear prohibition against swimming in the area. This precautionary measure aimed to ensure the safety of visitors and maintain the pristine condition of the site. Families could rest assured knowing that their little ones could explore and enjoy the falls in a secure environment. The presence of picnic tables, toilets, and ample parking spaces further enhanced the convenience and comfort of our visit.

Snow Falls proved to be an extraordinary sight, captivating me with its unique features. While the water occasionally took on a foamy and dark appearance, it only added to the allure of the waterfall, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and mystique. To fully appreciate the magnificence of Snow Falls, I strolled along the bridges that spanned the gorge. From these vantage points, I was able to witness the waterfall in all its glory, marveling at the raw power and beauty that nature had bestowed upon this enchanting place.

This captivating waterfall stood tall at a height of 25 feet, featuring a mesmerizing combination of plunges and cascades. It derived its water from the Little Androscoggin River, adding to its scenic splendor. The ideal time to experience the magic of Snow Falls was from April to November, when nature adorned the surroundings with its vibrant colors and serene atmosphere.

My time spent at Snow Falls was nothing short of fascinating and unforgettable. The captivating allure of the cascading waters, combined with the well-maintained facilities and family-friendly environment, made it a destination worth recommending. Despite the occasional foamy and dark water, the unique qualities of Snow Falls left a lasting impression on me, further reinforcing the remarkable wonders that nature had in store.

15 Best Waterfalls in Maine:

  • Angel Falls - Township D – northwest of Houghton
  • Dunn Falls- Oxford County / near Andover
  • Grand Falls - West Forks in Somerset County
  • Moxie Falls - Moxie Gore
  • Gulf Hagas Falls - Northern Maine
  • Houston Brook Falls - Pleasant Ridge
  • Step Falls - Newry
  • Hay Brook Falls - Bowdoin College Grant East
  • Screw Auger Falls - Grafton Notch
  • Alder Stream Falls - Alder Stream Township
  • The Cascades - Sandy River Plantation
  • Little Wilson Falls - Elliotsville
  • Poplar Stream Falls - Carrabassett Valley
  • Smalls Falls - Rangeley
  • Snow Falls - West Paris