15 Best Waterfalls in Maine

Maine is a very beautiful state with countless tourist attractions to choose from. Every year, thousands of visitors troop in to behold its amazing coastal towns and coastlines and partake in a plethora of recreational activities and sightseeing.

However, there is more to Maine than its coasts; there many streams and lakes too. Needless to say, where there are water sources aplenty, there’s bound to be a waterfall nearby. Maine boasts an array of beautiful waterfalls, and this guide is here to help you decide on the best one to visit.

1. Angel Falls – Township D – northwest of Houghton

Angel Falls, Maine

Source: Max Moraga / shutterstock

Angel Falls

This is one of the most beautiful and remarkable waterfalls in Maine. It is located near Byron town in Franklin County and is supplied by Mountain Brook.

It is also named Angel Wing Falls, due to the fact that the water flow takes the shape of an angel, with the way the water slightly touches the rocks on its plunge downwards from the heavens.

Angel Falls is 90 feet tall, with enclosing cliff walls that are about 115 feet tall. You can access it via a short hiking trail which is clearly marked. Note that you should wear proper footwear because the trail can be quite slippery.

This waterfall is best visited during spring – from late May to early July – because during that period, the water levels are full and the weather is ideal for hiking. A trip to Angel Falls is an experience you’re unlikely to forget.

2. Dunn Falls- Oxford County / near Andover

Dunn Falls, Maine

Source: Paula Stephens / shutterstock

Dunn Falls

Dunn Falls is a fascinating waterfall situated close to Andover in Oxford County. It is sourced from the Ellis River.

It is made up of two sections – upper and lower falls – with the upper falls a 70-foot drop creating a horsetail and fans, while the lower falls add an additional 80-foot plunge which is enclosed by rock walls the shape of half-moons and the water flows through a hole in the wall.

Dunn Falls can be accessed via a moderately difficult hike along the west side of the Ellis River; the trail is marked, making access easier.

The best time to visit Dunn Falls is from late May to early October when the water levels are the greatest. Dunn Falls has a lot of unique natural attributes which makes it a trip worth considering.

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3. Grand Falls – West Forks in Somerset County

Grand Falls

Contrary to what its name suggests, at a height of 40 feet, Grand Falls is not as tall as other waterfalls in Maine.

However, what it lacks in height, it overtly makes up for in breadth; it spans about 120 feet. Grand Falls gets its water from the Dead River. It is extremely scenic and beautiful throughout the year.

This waterfall can be accessed by taking an easy hike along a dirt road leading to the waterfall. It is not advisable to swim here due to the extremely strong currents. The best time to visit is from late May to October. Grand Falls is remarkably scenic and highly captivating, therefore an opportunity to visit it should not be missed.

4. Moxie Falls – Moxie Gore

Moxie Falls, Maine

Source: racarter1025 / shutterstock

Moxie Falls

This is one of the most fascinating waterfalls in Maine. With a plunge of over 90 feet, it stands as one of the highest waterfalls in the state. The waterfall is sourced from Moxie Stream and is located in Moxie Gore in Somerset County.

Notwithstanding the fact that Moxie Falls is located in a remote area, it is quite popular and gets a lot of visitors, especially during the weekends. This lends proof to the fact that it is one of the most remarkable waterfalls in Maine.

Moxie Falls is very easy to access by hiking a short distance from a trailhead at a parking lot located along Moxie Road. Note that the road is slippery when wet and so it is recommended that you wear sturdy boots. It is also possible to swim in this waterfall and it is best visited from May to October.

5. Gulf Hagas Falls – Northern Maine

Gulf Hagas Falls, Maine

Source: Wade H. Massie / shutterstock

Gulf Hagas Falls

This is an epic waterfall located in Bowdoin in Piscataquis County, which is quite isolated. It is found in the Gulf Hagas Gorge – also known as the Grand Canyon of the East. It is sourced from Pleasant River and Gulf Hagas Brook.

Gulf Hagas Falls is one of the most well-known waterfalls due to its alluring natural features and eye-catching qualities, such as the numerous waterfalls and picturesque scenery.

This waterfall is accessible via a strenuous but adventurous hike of about 8.6 miles along a dirt road. Swimming here is possible and perfect for relaxation after the long hike.

Note that you should be careful about the strong currents and the high water levels, especially during spring. The best period to visit is between June and October. If you love a waterfall with a lot of scenic natural features and a touch of adventure, then Gulf Hagas should definitely be on your list.

6. Houston Brook Falls – Pleasant Ridge

Houston Brook Falls

Houston Brook Falls has a 32-foot height and takes the shape of horsetails and plunges. The waterfall gets its water from the Houston Brook.

It is very easy to find and easily accessible through a 10-minute walk in the woods. When the water is low, swimming is possible, but when the water level is high, it becomes difficult and dangerous to swim in.

It should be noted that the mist is usually thick in this area, making the rocks slippery and dangerous to walk on, so be careful when you’re exploring. The best time to visit this waterfall is from May to October when the view of the waterfall is at its best.

This waterfall is quite special; the rock arrangements, the strong torrent of water, and swimming holes gives it a very artistic and striking setting. A trip to Houston Brooks Falls is definitely worth considering.

7. Step Falls – Newry

Step Falls

At approximately 250 feet high, Step Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Maine. Unlike some other waterfalls, this one does not take a direct descent, instead, it takes a gradual descent.

Step Falls is located in Newry, Oxford County. It takes the shape of horsetails, cascades, slides, and plunges. Step Falls gets its water from Wight Brook, so at times it is also known as Wight Brook Falls.

It is best visited from May to October and can be accessed via a 20-minute hike. There are signs on the trail to make it easier. Also, note that the trail can be slippery, so wear non-slip shoes and be careful with your steps. It is a perfect spot for wading in the water as well as some swimming. The view of this waterfall is spectacular during spring.

8. Hay Brook Falls – Bowdoin College Grant East

Hay Brook Falls, Maine

Source: Arend Trent / shutterstock

Hay Brook Falls

This waterfall is quite unpopular and not frequently visited by tourists. It is located in Bowdoin College Grant East, Piscataquis County. It has a height of about 28 feet and takes the shape of horsetails.

Hay Brook Falls gets its water from Hay Brook and is best visited between the months of June and October. It can be accessed from the Gulf Hagas trail or a hike from the 4WD trail.

Due to its secluded and remote nature, Hay Brook Falls is perfect for tourists who want to have a relaxed and tranquil time away from the crowds. It is also perfect for camping and picnics.

9. Screw Auger Falls – Grafton Notch

Screw Auger Falls

Source: Chintla / shutterstock

Screw Auger Falls

This waterfall is peaceful and beautiful all year round. It is Maine’s most heavily visited waterfall. Screw Auger Falls is located in Grafton Notch, Oxford County. It has a height of 25 to 30 feet and gets its water from Bear River.

This waterfall can easily be accessed from a small trail. The area boasts some picnic tables with lots of shade, bathrooms and plenty of parking space. The place is very serene and kept in pristine condition.

One of the main attractions of this waterfall is the way the water drops in beautiful cascades, making it a perfect background for taking breathtaking pictures. This waterfall is best visited from May to October. It is perfect for people looking to have a cookout, a small picnic, a little get-together or a relaxing swim.

10. Alder Stream Falls – Alder Stream Township

This waterfall has two sections – the upper falls at 20 feet high take the shape of plunges and cascades, while the lower falls at 25 feet take the shape of horsetails and cascades. Alder Stream Falls is sourced from Alder Stream.

The falls are easily accessed through a short walk from the parking lot. Since 2017, there has been a rope to assist people when climbing down the really steep areas. It is necessary to watch your footing around here to prevent accidents. Note that swimming is not possible at this waterfall and the best time to visit is from May to October.

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11. The Cascades – Sandy River Plantation

The Cascades has three sections of waterfalls – the upper, lower and middle falls. The upper falls are 10 feet high, the middle falls 18feet, and the lower falls 20 feet. They take the shape of cascades, plunges, horsetails and slides. The Cascades are also referred to as Cascade Gorge and Cascade Stream Gorge.

Swimming is great at the lower and middle falls but not great at the upper falls. The area can be accessed by hiking a trail surrounded by the towering walls of a gorge, giving the impression that you are hiking through a tunnel. This waterfall is supplied by the Cascade Stream; it has must-see natural and scenic features and is best visited between May and October.

12. Little Wilson Falls – Elliotsville

Little Wilson Falls has three sections of waterfalls. The upper falls are 40 feet high and take the shape of a horsetail; the lower and middle falls are 18 feet and 25 feet respectively and take the shape of slides and cascades. This waterfall can be accessed through the Appalachian Trail.

Little Wilson Falls are supplied by the Little Wilson Stream. It is possible to swim at the lower and middle falls, but impossible to swim at the upper falls. This waterfall is well known for its untouched natural beauty and picturesque scenery. It is best visited from May to early October.

13. Poplar Stream Falls – Carrabassett Valley

Poplar Stream Falls, Maine

Source: Mark Rust / shutterstock

Poplar Stream Falls

This waterfall is well known because it houses the biggest ski resort – Sugarloaf Mountain Resort.

Poplar Stream Falls has two different sets of waterfalls and each gets their water supply from different sources. The first waterfall is 24 feet; it takes the shape of a horsetail and plunges into a pool beneath it.

The other cascade is 51 feet, supplied by South Brook. It also takes the shape of a horsetail and drops into a big swimming pool beneath. These two streams merge on their flow downwards. Note also that swimming here is possible at both falls.

This waterfall is accessible via the long and pleasurable hike east of the resort. The best time to visit is from May to October. Once upon a time, it was quite difficult to locate the falls, but with the building of the Poplar Hut, it has become much easier. This hospitable hut offers food and a place to stay – this has added to the attraction of the beautiful waterfall.

14. Smalls Falls – Rangeley

Smalls Falls, Rangeley

Source: Madelyn Hart / shutterstock

Smalls Falls – Rangeley

Small Falls has four sets of waterfalls which altogether have a height of 54 feet. It is sourced from Sandy River.

This waterfall is well known because of its alluring natural features; its swimming holes and the beautiful waterfalls traveling through a colorful gorge of brown, green, gold, beige, orange, ivory and black.

There are also bathrooms and picnic tables, and you can swim to cool off in hot weather. It is best to visit from May to October.

15. Snow Falls – West Paris

Snow Falls - West Paris

Source: Paula Stephens / shutterstock

Snow Falls – West Paris

Also known as Snow Falls Gorge, it has a height of 25 feet and takes the shape of plunges and cascades. Snow Falls gets its water from the Little Androscoggin River and is best visited from April to November.

Swimming is not possible here and highly prohibited. This site also has picnic tables, toilets, and parking spaces. It is also fenced, making it a safe environment for families to visit and have a great time without worrying about the children.

This waterfall is extremely fascinating and interesting. Even though the water gets a bit foamy and dark sometimes, it is definitely worth a visit. Don’t forget to walk along the bridges to see the waterfall in all its glory.

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