15 Best Warsaw Tours

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With a population of nearly two million residents, Warsaw is the largest city in Poland and the seventh-largest in the European Union.

Located in the east-central portion of the country along the scenic Vistula River, and is also the capital of the Mazowieckie Province.

The city is full of old-world charm, abundant historical sites, vibrant art and food scenes, and some of the most stunning natural beauty in the area.

For first-time visitors and those who’ve been before, there are a variety of tour options to fit travelers of nearly all ages and interests.

Below are 15 of the best tours of Warsaw.

1. 3-Hour Communism Tour in an Original Socialist Van

Communism TourSource: www.getyourguide.com
Communism Tour

For much of the 20th century, Poland was held firmly in the grips of the Soviet Union behind the infamous Iron Curtain, and some of the city’s most prominent attractions harken back to its communist past.

From the relative comfort of a Soviet-era Nysa 522 van, guests and their guide will depart on an intriguing excursion into Polish history.

The tour gets underway at Constitution Square and includes other attractions, like the Palace of Culture and Science and the United Workers’ Party Headquarters.

Tours begin mid-morning, include round-trip transportation, and hefty doses of culture, art, architecture, and shameless propaganda as well.

2. Christmas Tour

Warsaw ChristmasSource: Artur Bogacki / shutterstock
Warsaw Christmas

Warsaw really seems to hit its stride during the holiday season. For those who find themselves in the capital city in December, it’s awash with lights, decorations, music, and vendors selling every manner of Christmas trinkets.

Tours begin mid-afternoon and start at the Nowy Świat, which is one of Warsaw’s most beloved and photographed streets.

Tour guests will get a street-level view of attractions like the Old Town Christmas Market, hear interesting stories about historic areas and famous city residents like Frederic Chopin, and sample a variety of local treats like Polish donuts and cherry liquor at a comfortable bar.

3. 3-Hour Car Tour of Jewish Warsaw

The Ghetto Heroes MonumentSource: Tomasz Bidermann / shutterstock
The Ghetto Heroes Monument

In the years leading up to World War II, Jews made up a significant portion of Warsaw’s population, but that percentage was reduced significantly as residents were shipped to concentration camps in the country.

On this three-hour tour, travelers interested in Jewish history will walk the streets once frequented by famous residents, and get glimpses into what life was like in the peaceful years before the war.

Tours include the services of an expert local guide, stops at one of the only synagogues to escape destruction in the war, ethnic Jewish neighborhoods, and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

4. 3 ½-Hour Beer Tour

Beer TourSource: Rene Ramos / shutterstock
Beer Tour

It’s a little known fact, but according to nameless statisticians, Poland is one of the top five beer consuming nations in Europe.

It’s also home to hundreds of small-batch and craft breweries, and many of them are located in the capital city of Warsaw.

That means lots of opportunities to sample great brews, like on this guided 3 ½-hour tour of some of the city’s best microbreweries.

Each tour makes three stops at trendy and traditional restaurants and bars, where guests will chat with locals, learn how to appreciate beer’s nuances, and sample nearly a dozen distinct varieties paired with tasty food.

5. Chopin’s Life Tour with Live Concert

Holy Cross Church, WarsawSource: ArtMediaFactory / shutterstock
Holy Cross Church, Warsaw

Classical musician and composer Frederic Chopin spent much of his early life in Warsaw, and this 2 ½-hour walking tour explores many of the places he frequented.

Along with their knowledgeable and enthusiastic local guide, music lovers will set out on foot to learn about Chopin’s formative years.

Tour centerpieces include the Holy Cross Church, King’s Castle Square, and a church where he played as a boy.

Each tour ends with a magnificent one-hour concert which takes place in an intimate hall inside King’s Castle.

Tours last about 2 ½ hours and begin in the late afternoon.

6. Warsaw Praga Tour

Warsaw PragaSource: agsaz / shutterstock
Warsaw Praga

This Praga culture tour packs a big punch because it incorporates many of the elements that make Warsaw such a unique and alluring place.

Praga is known as a center for art and culture in the city but is most well-known for its amazing murals and statues—some of which were done by creative local children.

You’ll also visit a Jewish bathhouse, an impressive Orthodox church and Catholic cathedral.

7. Shooting Range

Warsaw Shooting RangeSource: www.getyourguide.com
Warsaw Shooting Range

Shooting military-grade guns in foreign countries is gobs of fun, and this shooting range experience is appropriate for everyone, from beginners to seasoned special-forces operatives and battle-hardened mercenaries.

Before the fun begins, everyone will get a thorough overview of the high points of firearm safety and get fitted with eye and ear protection.

Then under the watchful eye of a trained professional, it’ll be time to let loose with a variety of handguns and rifles.

Favorites include the venerable AK-47, America’s M16, and handguns like Glocks and heavy-duty magnum revolvers.

Expect an adrenaline-filled few hours before heading off to other adventures.

8. 4-Hour Polish Food Tour

PierogiSource: Brent Hofacker / shutterstock

To the uninitiated, Polish food is generally associated with pierogies, sausages, and lots of cabbage and potatoes.

Though they’re all traditional staples, they’re just the tip of the iceberg, because Warsaw’s culinary roots run much deeper.

On this four-hour food tour, guests and their guide will stray from the well-worn path and savor a number of dishes that aren’t usually served at typical tourist haunts.

Each tour stops at between four and six hand-picked establishments, where happy eaters will meet locals, learn little-known tidbits of Polish culture, and sample both sweet and savory delicacies and fiery local Vodka.

9. 90-Minute Guided Electric Scooter Tour of Old Town

Warsaw Old TownSource: MarinaD_37 / shutterstock
Warsaw Old Town

For those who want to see Warsaw’s sights without wasting time crammed into a tour bus or expending too much energy, E-scooters are definitely the way to go.

They’re non-polluting means of transportation that are fun, safe, and able to cover lots of ground quickly.

On this 1 ½-hour tour, riders will explore the Old Town area, learn about the city’s history, and get lots of great suggestions for things to see and do on their own once the tour is over.

Tours meet at a central location, start just after lunch, and are appropriate for those of most ages.

10. Behind the Scenes Retro Minibus City Tour

Retro Minibus TourSource: www.getyourguide.com
Retro Minibus Tour

Warsaw’s abundant historic attractions usually occupy most of visitors’ vacation time, but for those interested in experiencing parts of the city that usually get overlooked, this funky retro minibus tour would be a great fit.

It’s a small-group excursion, which means a more intimate and memorable experience. Along with their guide, guests will explore attractions that don’t often grace the pages of most guidebooks.

Tours include pre-war, Soviet-era, and contemporary sites that give first-time visitors unique insights into the city’s culture, geography, and multi-layered past.

Hotel pick-up is also an option, and tours include snacks and light refreshments.

11. Concentration Camp Tour from Warsaw

TreblinkaSource: AkzuzkA / shutterstock

Located just 60 miles from Warsaw, Treblinka was the Nazi extermination camp where many Polish Jews lost their lives during the Second World War.

Treblinka operated between mid-July 1942 and the end of October 1943. All told, more than 800,000 European Jews died there.

It’s one of the country’s most disturbing and emotional attractions, but well worth a visit for history and military buffs.

This tour begins and ends in Warsaw, includes the services of an officially licensed guide and visits to some poignant sites. Entrance fees are a modest additional cost, so bring a few extra bucks.

12. Second World War Tour

Warsaw Uprising MonumentSource: Cezary Wojtkowski / shutterstock
Warsaw Uprising Monument

Poland was ground zero for many significant events in World War II.

By some estimates, nearly 90% of the city was destroyed during the war. On this tour, guests will follow their guide’s lead and head into the rebuilt city on a fascinating World War II centered excursion.

Few places suffered as much as Warsaw during those dark years, and the city is now full of national memorials and monuments, which make up the tour’s highlights.

Tours end with a visit to the Warsaw Uprising Museum, which tends to be one of the most touching and heart-rending experiences of many visitors’ trips.

Everything is included except food, tips, and personal expenses.

13. Private Wilanow Palace and Garden Tour

Wilanow PalaceSource: Marcin Krzyzak / shutterstock
Wilanow Palace

Often referred to as Little Versailles, Wilanow Palace is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful examples of architecture in all of Warsaw.

Unlike many of the city’s historic structures, it survived World Wars I, II, and the partition of the country after the Second World War.

Back in the day, the palace was an opulent summer home for King John III and was built in the baroque style so popular with royal residences.

On this three-hour tour, guests and their guide will explore the palace and impressive French-inspired gardens, and discuss the interesting histories that go along with them.

14. 2-Hour Off-Road Super Segway Tour

Warsaw SegwaySource: Roman Babakin / shutterstock
Warsaw Segway

Though they’re most commonly seen on paved surfaces, Segways are more than capable of going off-road.

On this two-hour nature tour, participants will first meet their guide and get a crash-course in how to use their gravity-defying two-wheeled machines for maximum safety and enjoyment.

Then it’ll be time to head into the wild to explore parts of the countryside known for their natural beauty.

Tour highlights include idyllic stretches of the Vistula River, old-growth forests, and the chance to see a variety of local wildlife species in their natural environment.

Tours start in the late morning and begin and end in Warsaw.

15. Discover the Secrets of Polish Liqueurs

Discover the Secrets of Polish LiquersSource: www.getyourguide.com
Discover the Secrets of Polish Liquers

Though Poland is most well-known as a beer-drinking nation, it’s also home to a large variety of tasty spirits.

On this polish liqueurs tour, guests will sample many types of intoxicating beverages, including Nalewki, which is infused with some delicious extracts from things like fruit, spices, honey, and flowers.

According to legend, they contain a number of therapeutic properties, so tour participants need not fret if they imbibe more than they normally would, because it’s all for good health and long life.

Guests will also meet locals, discover traditional distilling recipes, and enjoy light snacks.

15 Best Warsaw Tours:

  • 3-Hour Communism Tour in an Original Socialist Van
  • Christmas Tour
  • 3-Hour Car Tour of Jewish Warsaw
  • 3 ½-Hour Beer Tour
  • Chopin's Life Tour with Live Concert
  • Warsaw Praga Tour
  • Shooting Range
  • 4-Hour Polish Food Tour
  • 90-Minute Guided Electric Scooter Tour of Old Town
  • Behind the Scenes Retro Minibus City Tour
  • Concentration Camp Tour from Warsaw
  • Second World War Tour
  • Private Wilanow Palace and Garden Tour
  • 2-Hour Off-Road Super Segway Tour
  • Discover the Secrets of Polish Liqueurs