15 Best Tours of Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital, and with a population of nearly 800,000, it’s also the Baltic country’s largest city.

More than 1,000 years ago, the ground on which the metropolis now rests was little more than a fishing and trading village.

Many years later, many of these original sites still attract visitors from all over the world.

Ironically, Copenhagen is one of the region’s most modern cities and features an abundance of culinary, cultural, art, and historical attractions that have been known to keep visitors busy for days on end.

Below are 15 of the best tours of Copenhagen, Denmark.

1. 1-Hour Canal Cruise

Copenhagen Canal CruiseSource: Maridav / shutterstock
Copenhagen Canal Cruise

Copenhagen’s canals are the perfect means of exploration for those interested in seeing the historic city from a unique perspective.

You won’t need to worry about popping Dramamine tablets or vomiting in front of horrified tourists, because the canals are blocked from the wind, which generally means a smooth ride.

The 1-hour tours depart from Ved Stranden or Nyhavn and pass by a number of popular attractions, like the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, Christiansborg Palace, and the famous Little Mermaid statue.

Short tours are great ways for new visitors to get an overview of the city’s attractions and layout before striking out on their own.

2. Guided Segway Tour

Copenhagen SegwaySource: Evikka / shutterstock
Copenhagen Segway

Though they seem to defy the laws of physics, Segways are fun and safe methods of transportation, and they’re great for short urban tours.

Before heading out, tour participants will get an overview of how to use their machine, get their helmet with a wireless headset, and a brief synopsis of the things they’ll be visiting.

The headset will allow guests to hear their guide speaking along the way, so they’ll learn about the things they see as well.

There will be plenty of time to stop for photos along the way, and once the tour is over, guests will have light refreshments and receive a parting gift from the operator.

3. Inner City Day Trip

Copenhagen CitySource: S-F / shutterstock
Copenhagen City

The city of Copenhagen is full of a variety of attractions to suit nearly all ages and interests.

It’s relatively easy to get around on your own, but for a truly in-depth experience, it may be wise to hook up with a locally guided tour or two when in the area.

This inner-city day-trip is perfect for small groups and allows guests to see many attractions in a relatively short time.

The tour includes the services of a local, English-speaking guide, and transportation by both bus and canal boat.

Sites visited include the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg Palace, and the Copenhagen Opera House.

4. 3-Hour Alternative Tour

Alternative Copenhagen TourSource: www.getyourguide.com
Alternative Copenhagen Tour

Most tourist destinations like Copenhagen have attractions that can be classified as alternative or slightly off-the-beaten-path.

For many visitors, it’s these that offer the most interesting and unique glimpses into the area’s culture and history.

This 3-hour tour includes stops in a number of neighborhoods and focuses on quirky attractions that highlight the city’s diversity and eclectic sides.

Often referred to as the green and red-light districts, they show visitors the creative and seedy sides of the city that most tourists will never get to see.

Tours include narration about the city’s poor, sex workers, and drug cultures, among others.

5. Copenhagen Culinary Experience Tour

Open SandwichSource: Barbara Wheeler / shutterstock
Open Sandwich

Copenhagen has a vibrant and trendy food scene, and for many visitors, it’s just as important as the city’s other premier attractions.

In just four hours, you’ll get an incredibly thorough view of the city’s culinary hotspots, as well as learning a lot about its history and culture along the way.

Tour tastings include meats and cheeses, beer, wine, and spirits, and traditional baked goods, along with other sweets like chocolate and toffee.

It’s common for tour guests to discover neighborhoods and restaurants they’d like to explore on their own later and meet other likeminded participants for drinks when the tour is officially over.

6. Hidden Gems 2-Hour Canal Tour

Hidden Gems Canal TourSource: www.getyourguide.com
Hidden Gems Canal Tour

Due to its proximity to the Baltic Sea, Copenhagen has always been a city of maritime commerce, and its extensive canal system is a perfect way to experience it from the water without venturing out into the tumultuous sea.

Tours may include portions of the North or South Harbors depending on the season and discretion of the guide; either way, you’ll see lots of rare and hidden gems that are off the radar for many larger tours.

Guests appreciate the city’s impressive architecture, its unique melding of the old and new worlds, and its abundant historical, cultural, and culinary attractions.

7. 2 ½ -Hour Copenhagen Food Tour

Copenhagen Food TourSource: www.getyourguide.com
Copenhagen Food Tour

In the age of cheap worldwide travel and lightning-fast digital communication, it’s not surprising that Denmark’s food scene has undergone a bit of a renaissance in recent years.

Now the capital city is teeming with international chefs and fusion-inspired dishes that combine local ingredients with techniques not often used in the Baltic region.

That means a truly unique experience for globe-trotting epicureans, and this 2 ½-hour tour is a great way to experience the Danish food scene quickly.

Tours include multiple beer tastings, light sustenance like traditional meatballs and hot dogs, and engaging cultural narration between each of the five stops.

8. Copenhagen Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl CopenhagenSource: www.getyourguide.com
Pub Crawl Copenhagen

For young adults, pub crawls are ever-popular ways to experience city life without spending countless hours cramped in a minivan with hordes of fanny-pack clad seniors.

This Copenhagen pub tour includes stops at chic nightclubs and more low-key pubs and is often one of the biggest highlights of many visitor’s trips.

It’s common to meet crazy young revelers from all over the world and have an absolute blast chatting, imbibing, and dancing.

Participants must be at least 18-years-old and are encouraged to drink at least semi-responsibly.

Tours begin at 8:30 and officially end at 11:30, although they often continue unofficially until the wee hours.

9. Little Mermaid Quest Game

The Little Mermaid, CopenhagenSource: kerenby / shutterstock
The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

The premise of this Little Mermaid Quest is that you and your travel companions are newly-arrived guests in Copenhagen intent on tracking down a long lost granny.

It may not sound as exhilarating as killing zombies or finding the Holy Grail, but previous guests typically rank it as a surprisingly engaging activity.

You’ll need to use your smartphone to follow clues and solve riddles to get you closer to your ultimate goal. Along the way, you’ll take in many of the city’s most impressive sights.

The game may be played as a single, but it’s more fun when done as a group.

10. Copenhagen Small-Group Walking Tour

Christiansborg Palace, CopenhagenSource: kavalenkava / shutterstock
Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

Small-group tours are great options for those who’d rather spend their time getting a more intimate experience than they would with larger tours.

This three-hour walking tour gives participants the opportunity to stretch their legs, see many of the city’s most popular attractions, and learn from a knowledgeable and enthusiastic local guide along the way.

Copenhagen is one of the continent’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. It’s also remarkably green and pedestrian-friendly.

Tour highlights include Christiansborg Palace, long stretches of colorful and picturesque row homes set along impressive canals, and idyllic urban parks near the city center.

11. National Aquarium of Denmark

National Aquarium of DenmarkSource: A. Aleksandravicius / shutterstock
National Aquarium of Denmark

The National Aquarium of Denmark is one of the city’s most popular destinations, and it’s one that really doesn’t require the services of a pricy and talkative tour guide.

Much of the aquarium includes tanks that tower over visitors, giving the impression of being submerged.

An especially big hit with those traveling with kids, it is a great escape destination when the weather isn’t conducive to being outdoors.

The aquarium features birds, marine mammals, and fish from all over the world, of which the sharks, rays, and arapaima are perennial favorites.

Tickets are good for one day, so you’ll have the luxury of seeing things at your own pace.

12. Tivoli Gardens Fast-Track Ticket & Optional Rides

Tivoli Gardens, CopenhagenSource: bzzup / shutterstock
Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens is a Copenhagen icon that was founded in the mid-19th century, making it one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.

During peak times in the summer, it’s often overcrowded – to say the least, but savvy travelers can buy skip-the-line tickets in advance of their visits to avoid long waits.

The park is full of roller coasters and other exhilarating rides that are appropriate for those of most ages. It also features tranquil gardens, lots of dining options, and live entertainment.

Don’t worry about a guide; you won’t need one for this fast-track ticket with individual ride options.

13. 3.5-Hour ‘Hygge’ Experience with a Local

Hygge & Happiness Experience with a LocalSource: www.getyourguide.com
Hygge & Happiness Experience with a Local

According to recent studies, residents of Denmark and Copenhagen are among the happiest and most content people in the world.

In fact, they’ve got their own word for it—‘hygge.’

Though eternal serenity isn’t a guaranteed outcome after participating in this 3 ½ -hour tour, it definitely won’t make you less happy.

Along with your guide, you’ll wander quaint streets and visit garden libraries, coffee shops, and bakeries that serve tasty pastries.

Along the way, you’ll likely get unique insights into just what it is that makes the city so livable. At the very least, you’ll have an educational and entertaining time with like-minded searchers.

14. Untold Stories Tour

Rosenborg Castle CopenhagenSource: Anastasia Pelikh / shutterstock
Rosenborg Castle Copenhagen

With so much to see and do in Denmark’s capital city, lots of little tidbits of local history and culture can get lost in the shuffle.

That’s a shame because they’re often just as unique and fascinating.

This 2 ½-hour tour does include touristy attractions like the Little Mermaid and Rosenborg Castle, but it also delves into relatively obscure aspects of history that aren’t so well-known.

It’s a great way to spend a few hours for those who like to experience things from more of a street-level.

Many of the tales you’ll hear involve the dark days of World War II when Denmark was largely under the thumb of the Nazis.

15. Danish Christmas Walking and Tasting Tour

Danish Christmas Walking and Tasting TourSource: www.getyourguide.com
Danish Christmas Walking and Tasting Tour

Christmas is a magical time of year in Denmark, and the advent of the holiday season is anticipated for much of the year.

From October until January, local neighborhoods transform themselves into brightly decorated Christmas villages that harken back to ages long past.

This Christmas walking and tasting tour starts at 3:00 pm and lasts until 6:00, which means guests will get to see the city after the winter sun has set.

Copenhagen at night is a festival of lights that really must be seen to be believed.

Plan on brisk if not downright frigid weather, and wear comfy waterproof shoes if you have them.

15 Best Tours of Copenhagen:

  • 1-Hour Canal Cruise
  • Guided Segway Tour
  • Inner City Day Trip
  • 3-Hour Alternative Tour
  • Copenhagen Culinary Experience Tour
  • Hidden Gems 2-Hour Canal Tour
  • 2 ½ -Hour Copenhagen Food Tour
  • Copenhagen Pub Crawl
  • Little Mermaid Quest Game
  • Copenhagen Small-Group Walking Tour
  • National Aquarium of Denmark
  • Tivoli Gardens Fast-Track Ticket & Optional Rides
  • 3.5-Hour ‘Hygge’ Experience with a Local
  • Untold Stories Tour
  • Danish Christmas Walking and Tasting Tour