15 Best Tours in Mexico

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Mexico is a vibrant Latin American country filled with astounding sights and unique experiences. The excellent cuisine brings in many tourists, as well as the golden beaches and picturesque mountains.

The cities and towns are filled with history from the Aztec and Mayan eras, right through to the colonial period and modern times.

Tours are an excellent way to sample the local culture and learn about the history of the country. As Mexico is a large, eclectic country, there are a wide variety of fantastic tour options available to appeal to every tourist.

These are the 15 best tours you can take in Mexico.

1. Chichén Itzá, Ik Kil Cenote and Valladolid Full Day Tour

Chichén ItzáSource: Pakhnyushchy / shutterstock
Chichén Itza

One of the New 7 Wonders of the World, Chichén Itzá is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that allows visitors to step back in time to the height of Maya civilization.

This tour takes you to Chichén Itzá and departs from both Cancún and Riviera Maya. After visiting the historic site, you will also have the chance to swim in the Ik Kil Cenote – a large sinkhole that was also important to the Mayan people. A buffet lunch is included, as well as a short Mayan cooking class.

The tour finishes with a short stop in Valladolid where you can explore the main square.

2. Cancún: 7-Day Yucatan Bike Tour

Yucatan Bike TourSource: getyourguide.com
Yucatan Bike Tour

This incredible seven-day tour lets you explore the best sights in the Yucatan Peninsula. This tour starts and finishes in Cancún, allowing you to follow a complete circuit around the region.

You will take in the major sights such as Chichén Itzá, Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve and Valladolid – as well as visiting some of the smaller villages and attractions along the way.

Entrance fees, accommodation, and your bike are all included in the price, as well as a knowledgeable tour guide who is also there to keep you safe. Breakfast is provided every morning; however other meals will need to be purchased separately.

3. Guadalupe Shrine and Teotihuacan Pyramids from Mexico City

TeotihuacanSource: Vadim Petrakov / shutterstock

This is an eight-hour tour of the Mexico City area that takes you to some of the most important archaeological and historical sites in the area.

You will visit Plaza de las Tres Culturas, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the Teotihuacan Pyramids, as well as some more unique stops along the way. These areas highlight the focal points of Aztec Civilisation, and are some of the only remains of the period in Mexico City.

You will also learn about the importance of religion in Mexico, and how the historic traditions still influence modern life.

4. Oaxaca: 2-Day Taste of Oaxaca with Overnight Tour

Monte AlbanSource: Anton_Ivanov / shutterstock
Monte Alban

This tour, departing from Huatulco on Oaxaca State’s Pacific Coast, will take you to the culturally important city of Oaxaca and includes an overnight stay in a central hotel.

You will get to sample the vibrant lifestyle of Oaxacans and visit all of the major sights. The tour includes archaeological sites, mud sculpture building, and visits to nearby villages.

There is also the opportunity to sample mezcal, and you will be guided on the best places to taste authentic Mexican cuisine in central Oaxaca. Entrance to Monte Alban and Mitla are included.

5. From Mexico City: Mixquic Day of the Dead Celebrations

Day Of The Dead CelebrationsSource: Oleg Elkov / shutterstock
Day Of The Dead Celebrations

Day of the Dead is a famous celebration across Mexico, held on the 2nd November each year. This tour from Mexico City takes you to San Andrés Mixquic – one of the best places to participate in the festival.

You will be shown the colourful displays commemorating the dead loved ones of local families, while having the chance to participate in the parade where you can see the flamboyant costumes and bright floats.

There is also a typical Mexican snack included, as well as pick up and drop off from the Sheraton in Mexico City. This tour is conducted in English and Spanish.

6. West Coast E-Bike Snorkeling Tour (Cozumel)

West Coast E-Bike Snorkeling TourSource: getyourguide.com
West Coast E-Bike Snorkeling Tour

Departing from Punta Langosta Pier on the west of Cozumel, this tour allows you to take a relaxing, guided bike tour on the main trail on the island.

Your guide will show you a hidden underground river and tell you about Mayan culture and the impact it had on the island. You will also get the chance to snorkel in the surrounding coral reef – the second largest in the world.

After your bike journey and snorkelling adventure, you will be given a sample of local tequila to finish of your tour. Bikes and safety equipment are provided. The bikes are electronic, making this a great option for all fitness levels.

7. Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul, Xochimilco & Coyoacan Full Day Tour

XochimilcoSource: LEON FELIPE CHARGOY / shutterstock

This tour, departing from Mexico City, takes you to the famous Blue House where famous artist Frida Kahlo was born. You will also check out Xochimilco, where colourful floating houses and gardens line the canals.

Coyoacan is another area popular with artists, making this a perfect tour for art-lovers and creatives. The final stop of the tour is at Central University, where you can visit one of the sites of the 1968 Olympics – which is now covered with murals from some of Mexico’s most famous street artists.

Entrance fees and a boat ride in Xochimilco are all included in the price, as is pick up from central locations in Mexico City.

8. Cholula Magical Town 6-Hour Tour by Double-Decker Bus

Cholula, MexicoSource: Madrugada Verde / shutterstock

Departing from Puebla, this half day tour takes you to Cholula – a town located in the heart of Mexico’s volcanic region.

The beautiful landscapes surrounding the town are excellent for taking picturesque photos, and the town itself is packed with history and culture. The largest pyramid in the world is located in Cholula, and you will be given plenty of time to explore it at your own pace.

You will also get to discover the unique churches, vibrant cultural sights, and breathtaking baroque architecture on the tour. An audio guide is included for you to learn more information about the sights.

9. Ixtapa Island Escape

IxtapaSource: Lux Blue / shutterstock

If you are visiting Guerrera’s Pacific Coast, this tour is a great way to unwind and enjoy the crystal-clear waters that line Mexico. Departing from Zihuatanejo, this is a boat cruise that takes you to Ixtapa Island.

The island is full of beautiful native flora and fauna, and unique local traditions. You will be able to choose your own activities from snorkelling, water sports, and swimming, or opt to spend the day sunbathing or exploring at your own pace.

A lunch is included and is freshly prepared on the island whilst you relax. A tour guide is also available.

10. Xel-Há Park All-Inclusive Day Pass

Xel-Há ParkSource: MIKE FOUQUE / shutterstock
Xel-Há Park

Located on the Riviera Maya, Xel-Há is one of the most unique waterparks in the world.

The entire park is designed to work in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem, and you can choose to learn more about conservation efforts whilst you are there. It also has all of the usual attractions of water parks such as a lazy river and slides.

There are also areas where you can learn about Mayan culture and enjoy traditional cuisine. All food and drinks are included with this pass. This is a fantastic option for families visiting the region.

11. Day Trip to Tequila with Tasting

Tequila With TastingSource: getyourguide.com
Tequila With Tasting

Probably the most famous liquor to come from Mexico, Tequila was originally produced in the Jalisco state.

This tour takes you from Guadalajara to the quaint village of Tequila where you can enjoy learning about the history of the drink as well as the culture of the locals. A tequila tasting is included, allowing you to sample some of the best drinks available in the country.

You will also be shown the agave fields where the crops necessary to produce the drink are grown. Pick up from hotels in Guadalajara is included, and the guide is fully trained and experienced.

12. Acapulco: Half-Day City Tour and La Quebrada Cliff Divers

AcapulcoSource: Tony Moran / shutterstock

Acapulco is a popular tourist resort on the Pacific Coast where many of the hotels themselves are attractions.

This tour begins by explaining the mid-century architecture of these hotels and surrounding buildings. You will also be taken to tropical gardens and shown the best places to pick up souvenirs. The most unique part of this tour is the La Quebrada Cliff Divers.

La Quebrada is a popular site for daredevils to indulge in the adrenaline sport, and you will be given the perfect viewpoint to see them. Transfers from hotels in central Acapulco are included.

13. Merida: 2-Hour City Tour

MeridaSource: DouglasDepies / shutterstock

Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, Merida is known locally as the White City thanks to the impressive architecture and whitewashed façades.

Founded by Spanish explorers in 1542, this city is a great place to delve into Mexico’s colonial past and learn about the impact the Spanish had on the region.

This tour is a great way to get to know the city, and your knowledgeable guide is fully trained. A twenty minute lunch break is included.

14. Cozumel Food Tour

San Miguel de CozumelSource: Susan Schmitz / shutterstock
San Miguel De Cozumel

No trip to Mexico is complete without sampling the country’s world-famous cuisine. This tour focuses on local cuisine in San Miguel de Cozumel, keeping away from the main tourist areas and providing you with a more authentic dining experience.

You will be taken to traditional restaurants, marketplaces and local hangout spots to sample a range of dishes from empanadas to fish.

All food and drink is included in the price of the tour, so go with plenty of room in your stomach for the culinary delights.

15. Puerto Vallarta Outdoor Adrenaline Adventure

Puerto Vallarta Outdoor Adrenalin AdventureSource: getyourguide.com
Puerto Vallarta Outdoor Adrenalin Adventure

This is a fantastic tour for adrenaline junkies who are in the Puerto Vallarta area.

You will get to experience a wide variety of activities in a single tour around the surrounding towns of Puerto Vallarta. These include a speed boat ride, a 4×4 adventure, jungle hikes, and zip-lining.

You will also be able to unwind with a gentle mule ride through the Mexican countryside after a day packed with adventure. Light snacks and water are included to keep you refreshed throughout the experience.

15 Best Tours in Mexico:

  • Chichén Itzá, Ik Kil Cenote and Valladolid Full Day Tour
  • Cancún: 7-Day Yucatan Bike Tour
  • Guadalupe Shrine and Teotihuacan Pyramids from Mexico City
  • Oaxaca: 2-Day Taste of Oaxaca with Overnight Tour
  • From Mexico City: Mixquic Day of the Dead Celebrations
  • West Coast E-Bike Snorkeling Tour (Cozumel)
  • Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul, Xochimilco & Coyoacan Full Day Tour
  • Cholula Magical Town 6-Hour Tour by Double-Decker Bus
  • Ixtapa Island Escape
  • Xel-Há Park All-Inclusive Day Pass
  • Day Trip to Tequila with Tasting
  • Acapulco: Half-Day City Tour and La Quebrada Cliff Divers
  • Merida: 2-Hour City Tour
  • Cozumel Food Tour
  • Puerto Vallarta Outdoor Adrenaline Adventure