15 Best Things to Do in Zoetermeer (the Netherlands)

Located in western Netherlands in the South Holland province, Zoetermeer has developed from a small village in the 1960’s into a large city that is the third largest in the region behind The Hague and Rotterdam. During its early years, Zoetermeer was a small village and a village centre wasn’t formed until the 13th century.

The city name derives from the lake that was present here until it was reclaimed in the 1600’s. As Den Hague grew in prosperity, there was an increased need for additional housing, therefore many moved to Zoetermeer hence its growth in the 1960’s. A contrasting city of old traditions and new modern developments, this is a wonderful place to visit that will provide a mix of both old and new culture.

Lets explore the best things to do in Zoetermeer:

1. Westerpark


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This fine public park covers a wide area and is a fantastic place to enjoy the outdoors and nature.

You can find the Westerpark in the western part of Zoetermeer, adjacent to the A12 road.

With over 220 acres of landscaped parkland, this truly is a great place to explore.

The landscape includes woodland, reed beds, several playing grounds and many different waterways with quaint bridge crossings.

An island lies in the centre of the park where you can explore a small nature garden.

If you want to relax, enjoy the beautiful weather, and get away from the city, Westerpark makes a great retreat.

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15 Best Things to Do in Zoetermeer (the Netherlands):