15 Best Things to Do in Woodbridge (NJ)

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Woodbridge Township in Middlesex County in New Jersey is made up of 10 small yet picturesque all-American town that include Avenel, Colonia, Fords, Hopelawn, Iselin, Keasbey, Menlo Park Terrace, Port Reading, Sewaren, and Woodbridge itself.

Known for being a family-orientated community, this is the perfect place to come for both adult and younger visitors, and there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family here, including historical sites, leafy parks, and multi-cultural neighborhoods.

Woodbridge Township is also close to the Jersey Shore and New York City which means that visitors can experience pieces of both small town and big city America located only a 40 minute drive away from each other.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Woodbridge:

1. Kidz Village

Kidz VillageSource: kidzvillage
Kidz Village

Visitors to Woodbridge with youngsters shouldn’t miss the chance to swing by Kidz Village, an indoor play area that is perfect particularly if you are looking for something to do when the weather isn’t so good.

Kidz Village is packed with fun and games that children under the age of ten will love, including climbing frames, slides, tunnels, bridges and ball areas.

There are different rooms spread throughout Kidz Village for little ones to explore including themes like fairyland as well as a tool shop and garage where budding mechanics can have fun building and playing with tools.

There is also an old-school arcade filled with all your favorite games and for even younger patrons there is a dedicated Toddler Town where they can play in a safe and fun environment.

2. Woodbridge Center

Woodbridge CenterSource: flickr
Woodbridge Center

If you fancy some retail therapy in Woodbridge then look no further than the Woodbridge Center which is perfect for both adults and children alike and is one of the largest malls on the East Coast.

Woodbridge Center sprawls over a whopping 1.5 million square feet and flagship stores here include Macy’s, Sears, and J.C. Penney.

The mall is also home to the quaintly named Tiny Town which is designed with little ones in mind and has a play area along with an old fashioned carousel.

There are also a comprehensive range of dining options throughout the mall so that you can access everything you need under one roof for a delightful day out for the whole family.

3. Woodbridge Community Youth Players

Woodbridge Community Youth PlayersSource: woodbridgecommunityyouthplayers
Woodbridge Community Youth Players

For those that like the arts, a trip to the Woodbridge Community Youth Players is not to be missed, as the group put on a selection of productions throughout the year to great fanfare and in the past these have included firm favorites like ‘Grease’ and ‘Footloose’.

The group is made up of talented individuals from the Woodbridge area and there is no age limit for children who wish to attend the shows, as long as they are able to adhere to the house rules.

4. Sewaren Waterfront Park

Sewaren Waterfront ParkSource: flickr
Sewaren Waterfront Park

Located in Sewaren in Woodbridge Township, this scenic lookout point and park makes the most of the Sewaren Marina, providing visitors with delightful views that are especially memorable at sunset.

The park has a range of amenities for visitors such as trails, picnic areas, and ample seating and provides a serene atmosphere in which to take in the natural beauty of the Sewaren area.

There are also jogging trails for those who are in the mood for a little light exercise and there are firework displays held over the water for key holidays such as the annual New Year Celebration.

5. Barron Arts Center

Barron Arts CenterSource: flickr
Barron Arts Center

Budding artists and art enthusiasts should make sure to visit the Barron Arts Center on a trip to Woodbridge.

The center runs a number of activities that include art classes such as drawing or painting which are open to groups of all different ages.

All levels of ability are accepted, so if you are a shy beginner or something of an expert you will surely find a class to fit your needs.

Programs are open on Saturday mornings and the center also runs events at other times such as art exhibitions and pop up galleries in the Woodbridge area as well as poetry evenings and musical performances.

6. William Warren Park

William Warren ParkSource: flickr
William Warren Park

For a taste of the great outdoors in Woodbridge look no further than William Warren Park which spans an impressive 126 acres and has everything you could want for a day of fun and sun.

If you want to be active then there are tennis and basketball courts as well as softball fields where you may be lucky enough to catch a game in progress.

For something a little lighter there are several playground areas for children of different age groups to enjoy, and there are also bike paths that circle the park.

If you don’t want to bike then you can follow one of the many footpaths that cross the park to take in some of the local plant and wildlife.

7. Heard’s Brook

Heard’s BrookSource: nj.com
Heard’s Brook

Woodbridge Township is bisected by a number of waterways, one of which is Heard’s Brook, a picturesque spot of water that is flanked on both sides by grassy banks that make it the perfect place for a walk in the afternoon sun.

This stream provides a serene and relaxing setting for visitors who want to take in the rural side of Woodbridge and joggers are known to use the area to go for a gentle run along the rambling paths that skirt past Heard’s Brook.

8. Merrill Park Zoo

Merrill ParkSource: jerseyfamilyfun
Merrill Park

Park of Woodbridge Township, Merrill Park Zoo is located within the wider Merrill Park, which is known as a ‘progressive playground’, meant to encourage active play and provide youngsters with a range of outdoor activities.

One of these is the Merrill Park Zoo which is home to horses, pigs, goats, turkeys, chickens, and peacocks.

There is a path that skirts around the zoo which allows visitors to take in all the animals, and once visitors have visited the zoo they can also take advantage of the rest of Merrill Park that includes wooden playgrounds, walking trails, and pretty picnic spots.

9.  The Club at Woodbridge Health and Fitness Center

The Club at WoodbridgeSource: theclub
The Club at Woodbridge

The Club at Woodbridge is a premium center that caters to all your health and fitness needs and has a wide range of exciting fitness and sports programs for all age groups and ability levels.

The Kidsports part of The Club has everything that children aged five to twelve years old need in order to get active and the programs are designed by professionals in order to ensure a safe environment for the whole family.

If guests don’t want to join a class or program then they can simply use the salt-water swimming pool at The Club, or there are fun and challenging obstacle and turf courses to test your endurance and agility.

10. Woodbridge Bowling Center

Woodbridge Bowling CenterSource: twitter
Woodbridge Bowling Center

The Woodbridge Bowling Center promises an enjoyable day out if you happen to be in the area and love bowling.

Patrons of all age groups as welcome and in addition to fitting in as many games as you like, you can also enjoy some of the delicious traditional bowling snacks on offer like chicken wings, pizza, and chips and dips.

Whatever your preferences, you certainly won’t go hungry at the Woodbridge Bowling Center and there are regularly events like competitions held here if you want to show off your bowling prowess.

11. Woodbridge Historical Society

Woodbridge Historical SocietySource: woodbridgetownnews
Woodbridge Historical Society

The Woodbridge Historical Society has been working tirelessly over the years to preserve the best of the Woodbridge area for future generations to enjoy, and there are a wide number of events held annually to help promote the preservation and conservation of items if cultural significance in Woodbridge.

Meetings are open to the public on the second Wednesday of each month so if you happen to be in the area this is a great opportunity to learn more about historical Woodbridge and to find out about upcoming events in the region.

Past events include period costume nights and musical performances.

12. Inman Avenue

Inman AvenueSource: realtor
Inman Avenue

A treat, particularly for those coming from outside of the United States, Inman Avenue in Colonia in Woodbridge Township is a prime example of a typical version of ‘Main Street, USA’ and symbolizes streets in small towns all over the country.

Come here if you want to witness a traditional picture perfect setting that includes a town post office, a library, a quaint ice cream shop, and a friendly neighborhood pizzeria.

There is even a grocer and a series of delightful little restaurants for visitors to stop by if you want to grab a bite to eat as you take in this charming all-American avenue.

If you are heading over to Woodbridge from neighboring New York then this is the perfect contrast to frenetic big city living.

13. Oak Tree Road Iselin

Oak Tree Road IselinSource: tripadvisor
Oak Tree Road Iselin

For a completely different side of Woodbridge, head to Oak Tree Road in Iselin, part of Woodbridge Township that is known for its diversity and for its large Indian and Pakistani community.

This community is concentrated along Oak Tree Road which has become known as Little India in the Woodbridge area and features a wide range of Indian shops, restaurants, and services.

Visitors here will find delicious Indian and Pakistani food as well as traditional textiles such as exquisite Indian saris for sale.

There are also events held throughout the year to promote cultural awareness and to share Indian and Pakistani traditions with the community.

14. Restaurant Row

SteakSource: twistcatering

Visitors to Woodbridge certainly won’t go hungry with a huge range of dining options on offer including the famous ‘Restaurant Row’ which is located on Route 1 South and has a plethora of different food choices available from more upscale dining to casual cafes and eateries.

Expect to find all-American dishes as well as Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Indian, and Thai flavors which mean that you can pick and choose depending on your mood or simply let your taste buds guide you.

15. First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian ChurchSource: fpcwoodbridgenj
First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church and Cemetery in Woodbridge Township dates from the 17th century, making it one of the oldest buildings still standing in the area and it also has the claim to fame being part of the National Register of Historic Places.

The spectacular whitewashed building is a sight to behold and many visitors flock here to see some of the historic items on show that include headstones that date from the 1600s.

15 Best Things to Do in Woodbridge (NJ):

  • Kidz Village
  • Woodbridge Center
  • Woodbridge Community Youth Players
  • Sewaren Waterfront Park
  • Barron Arts Center
  • William Warren Park
  • Heard’s Brook
  • Merrill Park Zoo
  • 9.  The Club at Woodbridge Health and Fitness Center
  • Woodbridge Bowling Center
  • Woodbridge Historical Society
  • Inman Avenue
  • Oak Tree Road Iselin
  • Restaurant Row
  • First Presbyterian Church