15 Best Things to Do in Wiener Neustadt (Austria)

Wiener Neustadt lies in the region of Lower Austria and is only 30km from the countries capital and also a short distance from the Hungarian border. The towns history has been strewn with conquest and battles and has been ruled by various different empires from The House of Babenberg, The Habsburgs and Matthias Corvinus of Hungary.

From the 1700’s onwards the town became an important military training ground with the construction of the Maria Theresa Military Academy and today stands as an important industrial town with the construction of the Austrian Southern Railway. Wiener Neustadt has a wide variety of historical sights combined with an impressive array of outdoor activities making it a great tourist destination in Lower Austria.

Lets explore the best things to do in Wiener Neustadt:

1. Myra Falls

Myra Falls

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Myra Falls

This protected monument lies around 20 minutes to the west of Wiener Neustadt and is a beautiful area for hiking. The well developed hiking trail starts in Muggendorf and follows the line of the Myra river until reaching the impressive falls that are surrounded by woodland.

The gorge that holds the falls is approximately 600mm long and the difference in height from the top to bottom is 70 meters.

You can explore the ravine and the powerful waterfall at your leisure and there is a wooden gangway that runs across its length. If you want to stay in this magical place longer there are a couple of restaurants in close proximity too.

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15 Best Things to Do in Wiener Neustadt (Austria):

Wiener Neustadt Town Hall