15 Best Things to Do in Pinellas Park (FL)

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Located in Florida’s Pinellas County, the city of Pinellas Park was founded more than 100 years ago, and since then, has grown into the county’s fourth largest city.

Though it’s a landlocked city, it’s close enough to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico to make beaches and other natural attractions easy to get to.

Pinellas County is one of the state’s most densely populated, and though it’s near to large urban areas and popular tourist destinations, it has retained much of its old-time charm that many visitors find refreshing.

Below are 15 things to do in and around Pinellas Park, Florida.

1. Mainlands Golf Course

Mainlands Golf CourseSource: Mainlands Golf Club / Facebook
Mainlands Golf Course

With more than 1,000 courses from coast to coast and stem to stern, Florida is a mecca for avid golfing men and women from all over the country; the Mainlands Golf Course on Mainlands Boulevard West in Pinellas Park is one of the area’s most popular.

It’s been around for nearly five decades, features 18-scenic holes, and is reasonably priced, making it a convenient and inexpensive option for locals and visitors alike.

Walking is okay, and carts are available for those who’d rather ride in style. If you’d rather not play the full 18, it’s okay to play nine holes only.

2. Wagon Wheel Flea Market

Wagon Wheel Flea MarketSource: Wagon Wheel Flea Market / Facebook
Wagon Wheel Flea Market

Pinellas Park’s Wagon Wheel Flea Market is a one-stop destination for those with the time and patience to scour its vast array of items.

Part vintage store, part antique shop, and part flea market, since 1966, it’s been a popular spot for those looking for all sorts of cool stuff.

From books, vinyl albums, and tools to arts and crafts, produce, and prepared food items, there should be a little something for even the pickiest shopper; you may just walk away with a one-of-a-kind find, or at least a cool trinket to remind you of your trip.

3. Tampa Bay Automobile Museum

Tampa Bay Automobile MuseumSource: Crwpitman / Wikimedia
Tampa Bay Automobile Museum

Featuring a variety of masterfully restored vintage automobiles from the ’20s and ’30s, Tampa Bay Automobile Museum is open from mid-morning to late afternoon every day other than Tuesdays and holidays.

The museum’s eclectic collection includes many examples of lesser known brands that were considered innovators in their day, and many are from other parts of the world.

The Tampa Bay Automobile Museum is located on Gateway Centre Boulevard and is the perfect stop for lovers of little-known history, especially those who fancy cars in all their varied forms.

Check out their website for hours of operation, directions, and prices.

4. John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk

John's Pass Village and BoardwalkSource: Jerome LABOUYRIE / shutterstock
John’s Pass Village And Boardwalk

Though it’s about 20 minutes outside town, John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk are the county’s most popular tourist attraction. They’re full of shops, eateries, and a variety of activities to keep guests busy for hours.

It’s named after a legendary pirate who passed through the area in the mid-1800s, and though the days of the patch-eyed swashbucklers are long gone, it’s a fun-filled area that’s definitely worth checking out.

Parasailing and dolphin sightseeing tours are perennial favorites, and the restaurant and retail businesses are unique and reasonably affordable.

John’s Pass is located on Gulf Boulevard in Madeira Beach and is open daily.

5. Pinellas Trail

Pinellas TrailSource: Robert Blouin / shutterstock
Pinellas Trail

Stretching from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs, Pinellas Trail is nearly 50 miles long and is open to walkers, bikers, and runners. There are a variety of access points to make getting there and exploring easy.

Much of the trail’s path is in a green corridor that’s noted for its lack of development, but there are a number of dining, shopping, and sightseeing options along the way. If you’re new to the area, consider doing a bit of research before heading out.

The trail is open daily, free to use, and the perfect antidote to overcrowded tourist sites.

6. Fort De Soto Park

Fort De Soto ParkSource: Tiago Nash Coelho / shutterstock
Fort De Soto Park

Featuring nearly seven miles of beach and a variety of recreational activities like fishing, swimming, and sunbathing, Fort De Soto Park in Tierra Verde is full of unique natural habitats that are home to a variety of animals.

The park is a favorite for those looking to slip away from the crowds for a few hours. It is particularly beautiful and serene in the morning before most tourists have finished their first plate at the hotel buffet.

Nature trails, a dog park, and plenty of wide-open play spaces and covered seating areas make it a great place for a family day out.

7. The Dali Museum

Salvador Dali Museum, St PetersburgSource: travelview / shutterstock
Salvador Dali Museum

Salvador Dali is a legend and is most well-known for his unique and surreal paintings that made quite an impact on the contemporary art world.

The Dali Museum on Dali Boulevard in St. Petersburg is one of the world’s most complete collections of the artist’s works and is a must-visit destination for lovers of modern art.

The museum has been open since 2011 and features nearly 100 original paintings and a variety of other works as well.

Despite being dedicated to the works of one artist, most guests feel that the museum’s exhibits are so diverse and interesting that they didn’t care they were all created by the same man.

8. Sunken Gardens

Sunken GardensSource: Joseph Sohm / shutterstock
Sunken Gardens

St. Petersburg’s Sunken gardens are a natural oasis set amidst the frenzied chaos of the surrounding city. They are the perfect escape destination for those who’d rather not spend half the day in the car just to experience an hour or two of tranquility.

The gardens are more than 100 years old and are home to tens of thousands of species of plants, trees, and flowers in a variety of distinct gardens.

They’re all connected with well-marked paths, and there are plenty of informational plaques to let you know what it is you’re seeing.

Guided tours and instructional programs are offered as well, so check out their website for a complete list of options.

9. ARTpool Gallery and Vintage Boutique

ARTpool Gallery And Vintage BoutiqueSource: ARTpool Gallery / Facebook
ARTpool Gallery And Vintage Boutique

St. Petersburg is known for its hip shopping, dining, and art scenes, and ARTpool Gallery and Vintage Boutique is one of the most popular attractions for those looking to engage in a bit of retail therapy.

Located in the Grand Central District of the city, it includes an eclectic collection of original art, vintage clothing and jewelry, and lots of other quirky things too – like books, old vinyl records, and cool posters.

ARTpool is on Central Avenue and hosts arts and crafts fairs, fashion shows, and live entertainment, so ask a local or check their calendar of events to see what’s on the horizon for when you’ll be visiting.

10. Mahaffey Theater

Mahaffey TheaterSource: Sean Pavone / shutterstock
Mahaffey Theater

Located on First Street South in St. Petersburg, the Mahaffey Theater has been around for decades and has recently undergone some significant renovations that have transformed it into a state-of-the-art theater.

Featuring more than 2,000 seats, stunning waterfront vistas, and private boxes for those who’d rather not mingle with the common rabble, the theater is the perfect alternative date night or anniversary activity for romance-minded travelers.

From classical to contemporary music and serious drama to silly kids’ productions, it’s got you covered regardless of the demographics of your traveling companions. They also offer acting classes for budding thespians of all ages.

11. Florida Holocaust Museum

Florida Holocaust MuseumSource: flickr
Florida Holocaust Museum

Since its opening in 1998, the Florida Holocaust Museum on 5th Street in St. Petersburg has been one of the area’s most poignant attractions. It is a monument to those who lived and died in the concentration camps in one of the darkest periods in human history.

The Museum features two distinct galleries that include photographs, historical documents, first-hand accounts, and even artwork from Holocaust victims and survivors.

After your look around, you’ll find ample seating areas that offer some unique photo opportunities and time for quiet contemplation as well.

Many guests consider the museum one of the highlights of their visit.

12. St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market

Saturday Morning Market, St PetersburgSource: fitzcrittle / shutterstock
Saturday Morning Market, St Petersburg

Taking place every Saturday morning from October until May, the St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market is as much a social gathering as it is a place to do your weekly shopping.

Featuring a huge variety of seasonal, locally grown fruits and vegetables, the market’s vendors also offer non-food items like arts and crafts and health and body products, nearly all of which are produced by local artisans and entrepreneurs.

The market has hundreds of vendors and is particularly well-known for its chocolate, fresh baked goods, and prepared food items like cheese, honey, salsa, and pasta sauce. The hot coffee will already be brewing by the time the gates are opened.

13. Great Explorations Children’s Museum

Great Explorations Children's MuseumSource: Great Explorations Children's Museum / Facebook
Great Explorations Children’s Museum

Even energetic and beach loving children get tired of the great outdoors, especially when the weather is oppressively hot and humid as it is for much of the summer in Florida.

Great Explorations Children’s Museum is the perfect indoor alternative when the weather isn’t cooperating; it’s one of those rare places that engages, educates, and entertains all at the same time.

Most of the museum’s exhibits are interactive, which means children are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and participate, not just view passively.

Exhibits touch on the animal world, art, culture, and history, to name just a few.

14. Thirsty Pelican Tours

Thirsty Pelican ToursSource: Brew Tours by Thirsty Pelican / Facebook
Thirsty Pelican Tours

Like much of the country, Tampa Bay has experienced a microbrewery explosion in the last few years; from just five breweries in ’07, the sector has swelled to nearly 90 today.

Featuring outgoing and knowledgeable local beer lovers as guides, Thirsty Pelican Tours is the perfect way to get an overview of the area’s beer offerings. Since tours are professionally managed, all you need to do is show up with an empty stomach.

There are a variety of options to choose from, and large groups are okay, just be sure to call ahead with specifics before your trip.

15. Tropicana Field

Tropicana FieldSource: Felix Mizioznikov / shutterstock
Tropicana Field

Home of the Tampa Bay Rays major league baseball team, Tropicana Field isn’t the newest stadium in the world, but most guests appreciate its old-time feel that’s missing from many newer and more commercial venues.

Centrally located, it offers plenty of nearby parking, some of which is free if there are more than four people in a car.

Some visitors don’t like its cashless payment system, but since food and drinks are ridiculously expensive – like they are at all big-league stadiums – it’ll be nice not having to worry about lugging around a roll of hundreds.

Many portions of the stadium are air-conditioned, and it’s okay to bring in food and non-alcoholic drinks, but they must fit in a 16 x 16-inch bag.

15 Best Things to Do in Pinellas Park (FL):

  • Mainlands Golf Course
  • Wagon Wheel Flea Market
  • Tampa Bay Automobile Museum
  • John's Pass Village and Boardwalk
  • Pinellas Trail
  • Fort De Soto Park
  • The Dali Museum
  • Sunken Gardens
  • ARTpool Gallery and Vintage Boutique
  • Mahaffey Theater
  • Florida Holocaust Museum
  • St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market
  • Great Explorations Children's Museum
  • Thirsty Pelican Tours
  • Tropicana Field