15 Best Places to Visit in Norway

Picture perfect landscapes – from world-famous fjords, unbelievable mountain vistas, to fantastic cities – await you in Norway. Each region – south, west, interior, and arctic – is distinctly different and when you take in the wonder that is the northern lights or the sun glinting off an enormous glacier in one holiday, then you’re having a great adventure. In balance with its incredible natural beauty is the brilliant social and cultural life.  There are cosmopolitan cities that highlight modern Scandinavian life as well as its traditional past. Norway is one of the most appealing and beautiful countries on earth.

Lets explore the best places to visit in Norway:

1. Alesund


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Alesund is on a narrow peninsula on the west coast and is considered the gateway to the majestic northwestern fjords and alpine mountains.  It’s home base for the countries massive cod-fishing fleet and is considered by all who visit to be a picturesque and quintessential Scandinavian town.  Alesund is built entirely in the Jugendstil art nouveau style of architecture after a fire in 1904. You can visit Jugendstilsenteret (Art Nouveau Centre) to learn more about this brick and stone style.  You can also take a quick hike up the 400 steps to Fjellstua lookout point to see absolutely amazing views of the mountains and nearby islands.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Norway: