15 Best Things to Do in Greenacres (FL)

Greenacres Florida is located along the state’s southern Atlantic coast between West Palm Beach to the north and Boynton Beach to the south.

The land on which the city now sits was originally farmland that was purchased by a Colorado farmer in 1910, and for much of the 20th century, it remained largely undeveloped and agricultural.

Now, the area is much more developed, and tourism is the significant economic driver, though there are still plenty of natural areas nearby for those who prefer outdoor recreational activities to urban ones.

Below are 15 things to do in and around Greenacres, Florida.

1. Sonny’s BBQ

Sonny’s BBQ

Located on Lake Worth Road in Greenacres, Sonny’s BBQ is a bit of a local legend, and that’s not an easy thing to accomplish in an area packed with so much competition.

Previous guests have noted that the wait staff are attentive, the portions are hearty, and the environment is laid-back and family-friendly.

Of course, the food is the big draw; for BBQ lovers, there are plenty of options to choose from, including chicken, pulled pork, and ribs.

Sonny’s is also known for its tasty sides that include garlic bread and baked sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon.

2. Phoenix Theaters Lake Worth Cinema 8

Phoenix Theaters Lake Worth Cinema 8

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Phoenix Theaters Lake Worth Cinema 8

Especially during the summer months, the weather in south Florida can be a double-punch of high heat and humidity that make being outside unpleasant.

Savvy Florida travelers know that during such times, finding indoor activities is key, especially when traveling with little ones, and the Phoenix Theaters Lake Worth Cinema 8 is just the place to escape the heat.

Open every day, and unlike other theaters, they serve beer and wine, which will come in handy for parents forced to sit through a two-hour kiddie movie.

They also offer a special summer free movie series on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, so check out their website for details.

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3. Greenacres Bowl

Greenacres Bowl

Located on Lake Worth Road in Greenacres, Greenacres Bowl is one of South Florida’s hottest bowling destinations and is appropriate for all ages and levels of ability.

The cost to reserve a lane is higher in the evening than it is during the day, so to save a few bucks, consider an afternoon trip.

There’s also an arcade and billiards room, and for experienced bowlers who want to hone their skills every week, there are a variety of leagues available.

If you’re traveling with a large group, call ahead to let them know you’re coming, and ask about their group discounts.

4. Downtown West Palm Beach

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Downtown West Palm Beach

Downtown West Palm Beach is known as one of Florida’s trendiest destinations and is full of a variety of boutique shops, galleries, and eateries that are the perfect contrast to the long stretches of white sandy beach just a few blocks away.

The downtown area also hosts a variety of fairs, festivals, and live entertainment, most of which takes place during the fall and winter months when the Florida weather is usually perfect.

Don’t expect to find many good shopping deals or cheap eats, but do expect to be wowed by this beautiful area and all there is to see and do.

5. Okeeheelee Golf Course

Okeeheelee Golf Course

Unlike most golf courses Okeeheelee Golf Course on Forest Hill Boulevard in West Palm Beach is comprised of three 9-hole courses that can be played in a number of ways.

Regardless of which courses you choose to make up your 18-hole round, you’ll have access to five sets of tees, which means that there’s an appropriate tee area for those of all ages and levels of ability.

Previous guests noted that the course was well maintained, natural, and scenic and that it had just the right amount of water and sand hazards to make things interesting without being overly difficult.

6. Okeeheelee Park

Okeeheelee Park

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Okeeheelee Park

Comprised of more than 17,000 acres, West Palm Beach’s Okeeheelee Park is vast by any standards and is chock-full of amenities and recreation options that keep guests coming back.

Due to its size, the park has both north and south entrances and includes a golf course, BMX bike course, disc golf, tennis courts, and an area reserved for those with dogs.

The park can really draw the crowds especially during peak times on the weekends, but it’s large enough that even those who’d rather commune with nature than mingle with the masses should be able to find a quiet corner for themselves.

7. Mounts Botanical Garden

Mounts Botanical Garden

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Mounts Botanical Garden

Mounts Botanical Garden is the oldest garden of its kind in the region and home to more than 1,000 species of plants, trees, and flowers from all over the world.

The garden is divided into more than a dozen distinct cultivated areas that include exotic trees, fruit, herbs, and palms.

Each garden area is connected by well-marked trails that have plaques describing the things you’re seeing.

A few favorite areas include the rose and Mediterranean gardens. Since a fair amount of walking is involved, there are a number of quiet and shaded seating areas that are perfect for a short break and a cold drink.

8. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

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The Kravis Center For The Performing Arts

West Palm Beach is one of South Florida’s cultural icons, and the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts is one of its centerpieces.

The center’s concert hall seats more than 2,000 visitors and has a state-of-the-art sound system and comfortable chairs, according to previous guests.

From theater and ballet to a variety of live music, there’s almost always something going on at the Kravis Center. The best way to stay abreast of what’s on their schedule is to periodically check the calendar of events on their website.

Tickets to favorite shows can go quickly, so buy yours in advance if possible.

9. South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

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South Florida Science Center And Aquarium

Comprised of thousands of gallons of fresh and saltwater aquariums and a variety of animal and nature-related interactive exhibits, the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium are well worth a visit for those environmentally conscious folks visiting the Greenacres area.

Throughout the year, the center’s staff offer a variety of educational and instructional programs tailored to locals and visitors interested in learning about the area’s habitats and diverse range of animal species.

For amateur stargazers, there is a world-class planetarium and movie theater as well.

The center is located on Dreher Trail North in West Palm Beach close to lots of other attractions.

10. Don Victorio’s Market

Don Victorio’s Market

Located on South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach, Don Victorio’s Market is a family-owned business known for its fresh juices, organic foods, and reasonable prices.

Don Victorio’s is a place where many locals shop when they need things the big chain stores don’t have. Unlike those stores, most of the money spent at Don Victorio’s stays in the community.

Much of the produce and items you’ll find are grown and made locally, and most of them don’t contain all the added preservatives, food coloring, and other unhealthy things that most prepared foods have.

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11. The Royal Poinciana Plaza

The Royal Poinciana Plaza

Palm Beach is particularly well-known as a swanky and trendy shopping destination that’s usually reserved for only the most well-heeled shoppers.

The Royal Poinciana Plaza dates back to the ‘50s when it was designed by a world-famous architect. Though it underwent a massive renovation project just a few years ago, it still retains much of its original charm, but now with a more contemporary twist.

Most of what you’ll find inside will be out of the price range for many visitors, but it’s fun to window shop and people watch even if you have to go home empty-handed.

12. Rapids Water Park

When the weather heats up in the Florida summer, it’s wise to have a few indoor, well-shaded, or water-related activities up your sleeve. Rapids Water Park is one place that savvy families go when the beach becomes unpleasantly hot.

Featuring a massive wave pool, a lazy river for tubing, and more than two dozen water slides, finding ways to keep the little ones occupied won’t be a problem. For parents who’d rather watch from a safe distance than participate, there are plenty of shaded seating areas near the action.

The park is located on North Military Trail in Riviera Beach and includes changing rooms with showers and food and drink concessions.

13. Sandoway Discovery Center

Sandoway Discovery Center

Since 1998, Sandoway Discovery Center has been at the forefront of preserving the coastal ecosystems that make Florida such a unique place.

The discovery center offers a variety of engaging and educational interactive exhibits and many special programs that are largely geared toward local school children and their teachers.

Most visitors find the regularly scheduled shark, stingray, and alligator feedings to be the highlights of their visit, and there are a variety of staff-led nature walks that include dunes and the ground’s gardens.

Admission is relatively inexpensive, and most of the money spent goes directly toward assisting the center in doing its good work.

14. The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum

The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum

The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum has been dedicated to preserving the history of African Americans in Palm Beach County and the surrounding area for nearly two decades.

The museum is named after a famous African American teacher and community activist who lived and worked in the area for most of his life.

As the only museum of its kind in the region, most of the items on display relate to the turbulent Civil Rights era, but also delve into the contributions black Americans, Haitian Americans, and other island peoples have made in medicine, science, and the arts.

15. Ragtops Automobile Museum

Ragtops Automobile Museum

With its warm weather and abundant sunshine, Florida has always been big classic car country. For those interested in taking a tour down Memory Lane, there’s no better place to do it than Ragtops Automobile Museum on Claremore Drive in West Palm Beach.

In addition to its restored automobiles, the museum has several permanent exhibits that include automobile-related memorabilia, advertisements, photographs, and first-hand accounts of historical significance.

During the year, the museum hosts a variety of events, most of which take place in the cooler fall and winter months.

Check out their website for specifics.

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