15 Best Things to Do in Tigre (Argentina)

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A popular day trip from Buenos Aires, the peaceful town of Tigre is known for its delta of hundreds of tiny islands and waterways as well as its large artisan market. Named for the tigres or jaguars that used to roam here, the area is now home to several boat companies ready and willing to take you out on a tour of the surrounding delta and its wildlife.

Visitors can wander the artist’s corner of town and check out the bohemian scene and galleries there, or stroll along the waterfront to see the most important sites in the city. This tranquil town boasts great restaurants, museums, rowing clubs, nature reserves, an amusement park, and of course, plenty of islands and miles of canals you can explore.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Tigre:

1. Puerto de Frutos

Puerto de FrutosSource: flickr
Puerto de Frutos

Possibly the main attraction of Tigre, many folks escape the big city of Buenos Aires on the weekend to shop at this bustling market.

Located along the riverfront, the Puerto de Frutos was named for the old fruit market here, but now it sells handcrafted items like reed, wicker, and cane furniture and other home decor.

You’ll also find plants, artisan crafts, accessories, and the usual touristy souvenirs too.

Vendors sell large selections of cured meats, cheeses, olives, and homemade jams if you want to pick up a snack.

The market can get crowded, but there are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby for when you need a break.

The market is open all week long but the selection is bigger on weekends.

2. El Museo del Mate

El Museo del MateSource: quepasaweb.com.ar
El Museo del Mate

Learn all about the traditional Argentine drink of choice at a museum dedicated to its history and customs.

You’ll see over 2000 artifacts dedicated to this hot, herbal drink – most of which are mate gourds.

Start out your visit with a short film about mate and yerba production in Argentina, and then finish with a tasting.

The staff is super knowledgeable on the topic, and tours are also available so you can see things like the world’s smallest mate.

This is actually the only mate museum in the world – pretty much their claim to fame here – but if you’re only interested in drinking the stuff, you can just head straight to the “mate bar.”

3. Museo de Arte Tigre

Museo de Arte TigreSource: wikimedia
Museo de Arte Tigre

A magnificent building by the river, Tigre’s art museum is worth a stroll just to visit the grounds and take photos of the resplendent architecture – you’ll see why brides often get their portraits taken here.

The interior of this Italian and French style mansion is home to a small collection of 19th and 20th-century Argentine art spread throughout its luxurious rooms.

Previously used as a club for the elite during the Belle Époque for dancing and gambling, and you’ll find marble staircases and a ballroom inside.

Rotating exhibits occasionally contain more modern works, tours are available, and admission is cheap.

4. Take a Boat Tour Around the Delta

Tigre DeltaSource: Diego Grandi / shutterstock
Tigre Delta

This is a must-do activity in Tigre, and you’ll have your pick of boats and tours that’ll take you into the delta to cruise the rivers on the outskirts of town.

There’s a huge network of naturally-formed canals and islands within the Paraná River to explore.

Learn how life on the rural islands works – you might even catch a glimpse of one of the grocery boats, medical boats, or school bus boats that the locals use.

People live on many of these islands, but the uninhabited islands are filled with wildlife and great scenery too.

Choose a big catamaran if you want to leisurely cruise for an hour or two through the bigger channels.

Or go deeper into the delta with smaller boats like Safari Delta, My Tigre Trip, or Delta Boats to get a more tailored and informative experience.

Picnics, drinks, birdwatching, and stops for fishing can be arranged!

5. Parque de la Costa

Parque de la CostaSource: flickr
Parque de la Costa

Looking for a little something different to do with the family while you’re in Tigre? Visit the city’s amusement park.

They have a couple of roller coasters, a ferris wheel, some options for thrill-seekers, and water rides.

While the park could use some updating and it’s definitely no Disneyland, it’s the largest of its kind in Argentina.

There are rides for small children, views of the waterfront, and places to eat within the park (though the food can be pricey). It gets pretty crowded on the weekends as this is where the locals go, so come prepared to wait in line or go on the weekdays for less crowds and cheaper tickets!

6. Paseo Victoria

Paseo VictoriaSource: flickr
Paseo Victoria

Take this beautiful walk along the Luján River to see most of the main sites in Tigre, or rent a bicycle from one of the shops beside the train station to cycle the path for the day.

Bring a picnic to have by the water while you enjoy nature and the views.

Or stop for a snack and a drink at one of the popular restaurants, ice cream shops, bars, or tea houses along the route.

The Paseo Victoria is well-signposted and you’ll pass city landmarks like the Naval Museum, the historic Tigre Hotel, English-inspired rowing clubs, city hall, and the fabulous art museum.

7. Museo Naval de la Nación

Museo Naval de la NaciónSource: blogspot
Museo Naval de la Nación

If you’re into ships or naval history, pay a visit to this museum that details the past of the Argentine Navy and its maritime pursuits.

You’ll also learn about the pirates, trade ships, and warships of South America, and there’s even some naval weaponry and models of ships on display.

Actually, the miniature recreations of cabins, bathrooms, and ship’s living quarters could be the coolest and most unique things you’ll see here.

The admission is cheap, but some of the exhibits might require you to brush up on your Spanish!

8. Boulevard de Tigre

Boulevard Saenz PeñaSource: flickr
Boulevard Saenz Peña

A bohemian area filled with art galleries, workshops, and artists’ studios, the Boulevard de Tigre’s hip flea market vibe is a must if you’re into art.

Have a browse of the city’s art district along Boulevard Sáenz Peña to buy something totally one of a kind or just feast your eyes on some of Tigre’s best artwork, crafts, and street art.

There are great boutiques where you can shop for vintage clothing and cute bars where you can grab a bite or a drink.

Located a few blocks from the Puerto de Frutos, it can get crowded on the weekends, but you should at least wander these colorful streets to see what’s on display.

Wednesday through Saturday is the best time to go.

9. Trilenium Casino

Trilenium CasinoSource: flickr
Trilenium Casino

Whether you’re a big gambler or you just want to see a show and have a good meal, this casino is the place to do it.

Impressively large for little Tigre, it receives fab reviews from international tourists.

Trillenium has three floors of table games and slots, plus tango shows, concerts, and tribute bands – just check the show schedule to see what’s on! They’ve also got dining options from fancy to buffet to bar food.

Along with certain meals and promotions guests receive a credit to play a few games, so everybody gets in on the action without having to risk their own cash.

10. Go Kayaking

KayakingSource: flickr

If you’re feeling more adventurous than just a leisurely boat cruise, opt to spend the day kayaking the delta.

Take a half-day tour with one of the local companies like Sudeste Paseos or El Dorado, and you’ll get to check out all the local scenery, wildlife, and surrounding island communities before having a picnic lunch.

Tour guides will provide the gear, lead you around the peaceful backwaters, snap photos, and alert you when you need to watch out for the wakes of bigger boats.

They’ll create an itinerary based on how rigorous or relaxing you want your journey to be.

You can also DIY the delta by renting a kayak or canoe from one of the many agencies or rowing clubs along the river.

11. Museo de la Reconquista

Museo de la ReconquistaSource: flickr
Museo de la Reconquista

A visit to this quaint museum is interesting for a wander through the colonial-style house and its beautiful gardens.

The museum focuses mainly on Tigre’s history and the reconquest of Buenos Aires after the British invasions, so you’ll see many artifacts, photos, models, uniforms, and exhibits dedicated to those battles and the leader of the reconquest, Santiago de Liniers.

There’s also a room with exhibits on the native peoples and the flora and fauna of the delta.

The museum is used to host cultural workshops like piano concerts, craft demonstrations, and theater classes taught by local professors, so you can drop by for one if you’re interested.

12. Enjoy Some Fine Dining and Ice Cream

Vivanco, TigreSource: tripadvisor
Vivanco, Tigre

Tigre has its fair share of fabulous restaurants, whether you’re looking for casual or fancy, seafood or steak.

For a beautiful setting along the water, check out the popular Vivanco or Maria del Lujan.

Or take a ferry just a little ways from town to Gato Blanco, a restaurant surrounded by canals and lush greenery.

For ambiance, wine, and a romantic scene, Tibuk Bistro gets great reviews.

But wherever you dine, skip dessert and head for Heladeria Via Toscana, the best ice cream shop in town by far.

It’s really more like smooth Italian gelato and you could actually hit it up (daily) as you stroll the Paseo Victoria.

13. Isla El Descanso

Isla El DescansoSource: islaeldescanso
Isla El Descanso

Venture out to this unique little oasis by boat (or you could arrive by helicopter, of course). It’ll take you about 20 minutes to get to this private island from the main port of Tigre.

Isla Descanso is open to the public, but only by reservation.

Once here, you can wander the immense and extraordinary gardens and discover the contemporary outdoor artwork which was created to complement the surrounding nature.

Take a two-hour guided walk with an expert who’ll tell you more about the sculptures and gardens, or arrange for a private tour – just try to come when the flowers are in bloom!

14. Delta Terra Natural Reserve

Delta Terra Natural ReserveSource: tripadvisor
Delta Terra Natural Reserve

This nature reserve along the river will provide you with a breath of fresh air and a full day of walking, hiking, birdwatching, or kayaking through the wildlife-filled delta.

Get a guide who can point out the local flora and fauna or just wander the well-kept walking trails yourself to do some exploring.

The reserve is only accessible by boat, but you can spend the day here as there’s a nice cafe with a terrace for meals and drinks.

If you love nature, they provide plenty of it, along with information about the plants and birds that are unique to the area.

15. Delta Eco Spa

Delta Eco SpaSource: travelocity
Delta Eco Spa

If you need to relax and unwind while you’re in Tigre, what better place to do it than amongst nature at this secluded spa? Delta Eco Spa is great for a day trip or a few nights of pampering and rejuvenation.

The property feels far from civilization while providing excellent service, fantastic meals, and a beautiful setting with three outdoor pools, a deck, and a pool bar.

They offer treatments like aromatherapy and hot stone massages as well as mud baths, chocolate baths, and wine body wraps.

They also offer body scrubs, seaweed treatments, and facials, plus guests get to use the pools, dry and steam sauna, and relaxation rooms while they’re here.

15 Best Things to Do in Tigre (Argentina):

  • Puerto de Frutos
  • El Museo del Mate
  • Museo de Arte Tigre
  • Take a Boat Tour Around the Delta
  • Parque de la Costa
  • Paseo Victoria
  • Museo Naval de la Nación
  • Boulevard de Tigre
  • Trilenium Casino
  • Go Kayaking
  • Museo de la Reconquista
  • Enjoy Some Fine Dining and Ice Cream
  • Isla El Descanso
  • Delta Terra Natural Reserve
  • Delta Eco Spa