15 Best Things to Do in Taguig (the Philippines)

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The official slogan of Taguig is “Think Big, Dream Big, I love Taguig”. It seems fitting considering that Taguiug has seen a boom in growth over the past few decades in their economy and infrastructure. What used to be a sleepy fishing town that made most of their money from produce, Taguig is now a thriving metropolis that is keeping up with the likes of Manila and Quezon.

With business and lifestyle district spanning over 70-acres, you best believe that nightlife in Taguig is on point. There are tons of outdoor eating streets to appeal to the business workers in the city and lots of upscale restaurants for those with a more sophisticate palate.

This city is full of entertaining bars, incredible nightclubs, and lots of areas to shop. Many visitors say that Taguig is reminiscent of other capitol cities around Asia like Singapore and Bangkok. You be the judge…

Let’s explore the best things to do in Taguig:

1. Heroes Cemetery

Heroes CemeterySource: ARTRAN / Shutterstock.com
Heroes Cemetery

The first cemetery dedicated to Filipino soldiers who fought for their county is the Heros Cemetery established in 1947. At the time of commencment, it was named “the Republic Memorial Cemetery”, but was renamed in 1954 by President Ramon Magsaysay as the Heroes Cemetery.

The grounds are very well maintained and are in pristine condition. Visit the viewing deck where you can look down at all the crosses and absorb just how much violence the Philippines has had to endure to get to where they are today. It’s certainly a stark reminder to the harsh history of this country.

2. Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

Manila American Cemetery And MemorialSource: ARTRAN / Shutterstock.com
Manila American Cemetery And Memorial

The former Fort William McKinley Air Force Base is home to the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial. 150 acres of tombstones are neatly laid out as far as the eye can see. This cemetery holds the remains of American service men that served in the Battle of the Philippines from 1941-1942, along with military service members who fought and died in New Guinea. Of those buried here, 23 are Medal of Honor recipients who fought all over the Philippines.

Americans with military ties will easily find significance in visiting this site. The cemetery is open everyday from :00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

3. The Mind Museum

The Mind MuseumSource: walterericsy / Shutterstock.com
The Mind Museum

Where “science comes alive”, the mind museum is an interactive art and science center that will fascinate and mesmerize people of all ages. This non-profit project plans its exhibits with the direct aim to spark the curious minds of the public.

The exhibits are created by Filipino artists and scientists who are passionate about educating their country. They are always thriving and plotting how to push the limits and explore boundaries, as you will very well see.

Get up close with T-rex skeletons, create your own star, join on a writing project, visit the lifelike planetarium and more.

4. Jollibee

JollibeeSource: jejim / Shutterstock.com

If you haven’t yet tried Jollibee in the Philippines, take the opportunity in Taguig to do so! Jollibee is the epitome of fast food in the Philippines and is loved by the entire nation.

Just like in any foreign country, you’ve got to have an open mind when approaching the menu. There are unexpected meal pairings such as, spaghetti with fried chicken, but just go with it!

If you’re with a group, seriously check out their popular group meal sets that are just beyond gluttonous and such a novelty. You will get meals, for example, that come with 6 cheeseburgers, 6 peach mango rice plates, a bucket of fried chicken and more.

Don’t ask questions; just get in the Philippine spirit.

5. Venice Piazza

Venice PiazzaSource: Shutterstock
Venice Piazza

It truly does look like the sinking city of Venice! This outdoor mall has been designed to replicate Venetian architecture and is lined with bright blue canals that can be crossed via charming footbridges. There is even a lovelock bridge where you can write a heartfelt message of love on your lock and hang it on the bridge to be memorialized forever.

During the day, you can hop on a Venetian gondola to be paddled through the canal with your sweetheart. At night, have a walk along the boardwalk when the whole area is lit up with glittering street lights.

6. Palace Pool Club

Palace Pool ClubSource: manilaclubbing
Palace Pool Club

Get in vacation mode with a day spent at the Palace Pool Club. With cocktails, live DJs, and a collection of international travelers, you’re sure to have a good time.

Saturdays and Sundays are obviously the busiest days with the liveliest crowds. Some people swim and some people don’t. As the night carries on, Palace Pool Club is a great lead in to Valkyrie Nightclub which is located just next door.

If you’re keen to stay, house/disco music starts at 10pm and hip hop kicks off around 1am.

7. Valkyrie Nightclub

Valkyrie NightclubSource: tripadvisor
Valkyrie Nightclub

Laser lights, bottle service, cute waitresses and bartenders- what more could you ask for in a nightclub? The DJs are international and come from all over just to spin at Valkyrie. There are cool features throughout the night like a sudden confetti drop from the ceiling or trippy dancers in glow light outfits on stage. It can get pretty weird and wild here.

Another bonus: Valkyrie Nightclub is huge. That means that the when the dance floor gets packed (as it always does) that you will find yourself in a sea of fun loving humans partying and having a great time for hours into the night. Drinks are decently priced and the food is worth a visit alone.

8. Mecha Uma

Mecha UmaSource: facebook
Mecha Uma

Consistently rated as one of the best restaurants in the Metro Manila area, Mecha Uma is a foodie’s dream come true.

This establishment is ultra-popular for their 7-course Tasting Menu. If you are willing to completely surrender your palate, you can trust Chef Bruce to present to you dish after dish of art on a plate. There will be ingredients you’ve never heard of before mixed with the best cuts of Waygu Beef and tender seafood that you have ever had the pleasure of tasting. It’s a culinary experience that will be hard to top. Ever.

With all that being said, it’s rare to find such a refined Japanese restaurant outside of Japan, so when you stumble upon one, don’t pass up the opportunity.

9. Mercato Centrale

Mercato CentraleSource: Frances Lorainne / flickr
Mercato Centrale

From 6pm-3am, you can visit this outdoor food park, clothing bazar, and trendy flea market called Mercato Centrale in Taguig.

In terms of food, you’ll find everything here from Auntie May’s Filipino food to The Pastry Shack’s desserts. There is Italian, Mexican, Western, Japanese and everything in between. You’ll be doing a lot of roaming and nibbling as you make your way through the winding stalls. When you’ve got your hands full, you can find some seating with tables nearby.

There is a good mix of people here from all over the world and from many different backgrounds. It’s full of positive vibes!

10. Flying Trapeze Philippines

Flying Trapeze PhilippinesSource: tripadvisor
Flying Trapeze Philippines

Here’s your chance to fly high just like in the circus. Take a trapeze lesson where you’ll be securely strapped in and coached by an expert on how to swing, let go, and fly to the next trapeze.

No matter your age or experience, this can work for you. These professionals have worked with a range of visitors, some more confident than others. No matter how scared you might be, you’ll be flying in no time.

An extra benefit besides becoming a circus pro, the flying trapeze lesson in Taguig is also a great workout that tones your arms, your core, and your comfort zone.

11. Revel at the Palace

Revel At The PalaceSource: primer
Revel At The Palace

The definition of swanky, anyone who’s anyone in Taguig winds up partying at Revel at the Palace.

With bronze staircases, artistically modern chandeliers, well-dressed patrons, and killer cocktails, it’s hard not to feel like you are rubbing elbows with the elite- and sometimes you are. Models, CEOs, Celebrities and you make up the social scene here. Reserve a table for bottle service or just order handcrafted, gourmet cocktails off the menu as you mingle at the bar.

Before you get too ahead of yourself, keep in mind that fancy people have to eat, too. Check out their menu with Korean chicken, flatbread pizza, and even, popcorn. All of it is as gourmet as you’d expect.

12. LIT

LITSource: tripadvisor

If you consider yourself a whiskey aficionado, then you should certainly make time to pop into LIT. This bar is a collector of fine aged whiskeys from all around the world. Order a Whiskey flight to taste; there are about 8 of the on the menu for you to choose.

The owner, Francis, is passionately on site to answer questions, make recommendations, or just share his passion with the customers. He is particularly a fan of Japanese whiskey so you can expect to find an exceptional selection in this realm.

13. Track 30 Park

Track 30 ParkSource: megacities-go-services
Track 30 Park

Take a breather and remove yourself from the chaos of city life at Track 30 Park.

This sprawling area replaces all the visions of concrete in your mind with greenery and nature. There are tall shady trees to sit under, plots of grass to lie down in, and plenty of benches for people watching.

You’ll see that many office workers come here at lunch with a take away meal and unwind for a while. The park also fills up at night with joggers on the wide paths underneath the bright lamplights.

Track 30 Park is in a very central location, so odds are you will be in the area anyways! Why not?

14. The Fort

The FortSource: ARTRAN / Shutterstock.com
The Fort

The Fort is a modern shopping mall surrounded by a gorgeous park. Spend peak hours in the air-conditioned plaza shopping at Old Navy or the Metro Market, and then move outdoors to explore the area.

For the kids, there is a massive play area with slides, castles and monkey bars. There is also a dancing fountain, which lights up at night and a mini Ferris wheel.

There are plenty of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities like big elephant statue-hedge hybrids, and a beautifully planned modern landscape.

During the holidays, The Fort gets super festive with twinkling decorations everywhere you look. Other holidays and seasons are celebrated here with a very some serious festive dedication.

15. Greenwich Pizza

Greenwich PizzaSource: zomato
Greenwich Pizza

The Philippine’s version of Pizza Hut and Dominos is Greenwich Pizza, and lucky for you- they’ve got a branch in Taguig. After all that nightclub action and late night drinking, you’re going to need some good old pizza delivery.

They have just what you need to his the spot: crispy thin crust, overloaded pan pizza, and classic options. You really can’t go wrong.

They’ve also got menu items that include pastas, sides, and meals. Also, in proper Philippine fashion, they’ve got Pizza sets that come with fried chicken. What a not so surprising surprise!

Order big so you have some leftover pizza to ease you out of party mode in the morning.

15 Best Things to Do in Taguig (the Philippines):

  • Heroes Cemetery
  • Manila American Cemetery and Memorial
  • The Mind Museum
  • Jollibee
  • Venice Piazza
  • Palace Pool Club
  • Valkyrie Nightclub
  • Mecha Uma
  • Mercato Centrale
  • Flying Trapeze Philippines
  • Revel at the Palace
  • LIT
  • Track 30 Park
  • The Fort
  • Greenwich Pizza