15 Best Things to Do in The Ardennes (Belgium)

The Ardennes is the name given to a region of Belgium in the south that extends into Luxembourg, France and Germany. This southern region is totally different from the busy, industrial north. The things available to do in this region are as varied as you might imagine and include some great museums, plenty of beer and even the world’s smallest city. Given the rolling hills and the lush green scenery, it will not surprise you that The Ardennes has become a popular spot for travellers who love the outdoors. There is also plenty beneath the rolling hills such as mines and grottos that make for spectacular day trips.

While some of the cities within The Ardennes may not be as visually appealing as the surrounding countryside, most of them offer plenty of interesting attractions and hidden history that will make you glad you visited. The war museums in Bastogne are interesting and very well done and, as you may expect, there are churches and art galore.

Food and drink lovers will also be happy in The Ardennes region and will no doubt be familiar with the world famous paté that is named after the area. Other popular culinary treats also revolve around the pig including ham and cured meats. There are plenty of good restaurants both inside and outside of the cities. Do your research in order to stick to your budget and avoid disappointment.  Beer is without a doubt the prominent drink in the region and there are many historical breweries and abbeys in the area that are bound to excite anyone with an interest in the history of the drink.

Lets explore the best things to do in The Ardennes:

1. Explore the Grand Curtius Museum

Grand Curtius Museum

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Grand Curtius Museum

The Grand Curtius building  in Liege certainly lives up to its name and is instantly recognisable by its impressive red brick exterior.

Inside, the building has been impressively and carefully renovated but also houses a museum exploring the history of art from inception to modern day.

Understandably, the museum  is initially quite overwhelming and you will need to throw a couple of hours at it in order to see, and take in, all of the information.

For those looking for even more immersion, there are also audio guides and temporary exhibitions.

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15 Best Things to Do in The Ardennes (Belgium):

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