15 Best Things to Do in Steyr (Austria)

Steyr is Austria’s 12th largest town and the 3rd largest in Upper Austria – It has a stable population of around 38,100 and is listed as a statutory city. The area has been settled since Celtic times and became part of the Roman Empire around 15 BC. As with many towns in Austria, the influence of the Habsburgs and Babenberg’s is evident and Steyr has been conquered and ruled by both during its history.

The two rivers that run through Steyr are a dominating feature of its divisions, as are the various manufacturing industries that have sprung up here over the years. The wonderful old town and wealth of historic buildings, coupled with Upper Austria’s stunning scenery make Steyr a great town to visit.

Lets explore the best things to do in Steyr:

1. Steyr Old Town

View over Old Town, Steyr

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View over Old Town, Steyr

The old town centre of Steyr is a beautiful place to walk through and boasts a stunning variety of historical architecture such as the Lamberg and the buildings on the Stadtplatz.

Starting at the bottom end of the Grunmarkt you can head up through the Stadtplatz and onto the Schloss Lamberg, stopping to admire the river Steyr and the waterfall that cascades down into the river Enns.

There are a wide variety of buildings to admire and plenty of cafes to enjoy a drink at, the old town really is just a pleasant place to enjoy and soak the atmosphere of this charming Austrian town.

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15 Best Things to Do in Steyr (Austria):

View over Old Town, Steyr