15 Best Things to Do in Shreveport (LA)

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The city of Shreveport sits along the raging Red River and is the place to come if you are looking for a wild ride and a huge range of things to do. If you like the great outdoors, then there is certainly plenty to experience here, such as parks, zoos, and the largest rose garden in the United States.

If you prefer to stay inside, then there are engaging museums here as well as art galleries, and if you are traveling with a family then you will still find a huge range of things to do including children friendly venues and activities like trampoline parks. In the evenings, Shreveport also comes alive and has a punchy nightlife scene with some excellent southern dining options and live music venues.

Lets explore the best things to do in Shreveport:

1. Call to Action Mural

Call to Action MuralSource: behance
Call to Action Mural

Sitting conveniently at the intersection of Spring and Crockett Streets you will find the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau.

The bureau is most well known for its colorful and vibrant mural named ‘A Call to Action’ which depicts painted scenes that tell the story of Shreveport.

The mural also features lighting features and it is also used to promote local upcoming events as well as showcasing dining and entertainment options.

2. American Rose Center

American Rose CenterSource: koa
American Rose Center

Many visitors to Shreveport won’t know that the largest rose park in the United States is actually situated here at the American Rose Center.

The park in which the roses grow spans an impressive 118 acres and has up to 20,000 individual rosebushes on show.

As well as these amazing blooms, you will also find other foliage like sculptures and other architectural features like delightful fountains.

3. Holiday in Dixie

Holiday in DixieSource: facebook
Holiday in Dixie

If you happen to be in Shreveport in the spring time, then make sure you don’t miss Holiday in Dixie, which is actually one of the oldest and most historical festivals in the whole of the South.

The festival is meant to mark the beginning of the spring time as well as the significant Louisiana Purchase, a land deal between the United States and France that occurred in 1803. Holiday in Dixie lasts for 10 days and is made up of a carnival as well as a colorful parade.

There are also fun activities like a treasure hunt as well as live music events and family fun in the form of children’s games and contests.

4. Davis Homeplace

Davis HomeplaceSource: flickr
Davis Homeplace

The Davis Homeplace dates from 1916 when it was built and has now been lovingly restored to its former glory to offer an amazing insight into how people would have lived in Louisianan in the days of old.

The house is filled with many of the original items that belonged to the Davis family who lived here, and you will still find period curiosities such as oil lamps, transoms, and pocket doors.

You need to call ahead for an appointment and can take a tour of the home with a docent.

5. Betty Virginia Park

Betty Virginia ParkSource: flickr
Betty Virginia Park

The Betty Virginia Park is one of the premium green spaces in Shreveport and cover 23 acres of lush lands in the city.

If you want to spend an afternoon here then you will find scenic picnic areas where you can enjoy a spot of lunch, or there is also a walking trail that skirts around the part if you want to get in some exercise.

Younger visitors will be delighted to find playgrounds in the park as well as softball and baseball diamonds where you might catch an all-American game in full swing.

6. Air U Trampoline Park

Air U Trampoline ParkSource: airu-shreveport
Air U Trampoline Park

The Air U Trampoline Park provides fun for all the family and is the perfect rainy day activity if you are looking for something to do indoors in Shreveport.

The park is made up of an indoor trampoline facility that has fun activities such as foam pits so that you can bounce around and make sure that you do not get injured in the process.

There are open jump sessions where you can come and play to your heart’s content, or you can also participate in fun group activities such as dodge ball games that take place on trampolines.

7. Elvis Presley Statue

Elvis Presley StatueSource: falloutfanon.wikia
Elvis Presley Statue

Many people may be surprised to see a statue of Elvis Presley in Shreveport, although this is actually a commemorative monument that dates back to the 1950s.

The statue is made of bronze, and you will find it in front of the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium.

The reason for its placement is that Elvis Presley performed as part of the famous Louisiana Hayride in October of 1954, and the statue was erected so that this act is never forgotten.

8. Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport

Eldorado Resort Casino ShreveportSource: eldoradoshreveport
Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport

The Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport is certainly an experience if you fancy testing Lady Luck while you are in town.

The casino aims to offer visitors a premium gaming facility and you will find a 30,000 square foot gaming floor here.

There are more than 50 table games here, or if you prefer you can have a go on one of the 1,500 slot and video poker machines.

There are also dining and other entertainment options throughout the casino such as live shows.

9. Statue of Ledbetter

Statue of LedbetterSource: flickr
Statue of Ledbetter

If you are in Texas Street in the downtown area of Shreveport, then swing by the statue of Huddie Ledbetter who was also known as Lead Belly.

Huddie Ledbetter was originally from Mooringsport in Louisiana and was known as one of the most talented musicians to come from the area.

Instruments that he played included the guitar, mandolin, piano, and accordion, and his music is said to have had a huge impact on a variety of musicians in the modern day.

As such, make sure you don’t miss this monument to one of the most famous musicians to have come out of Louisiana.

10. J. Bennett Johnston Waterway Regional Visitor Center

J. Bennett Johnston Waterway Regional Visitor CenterSource: tripadvisor
J. Bennett Johnston Waterway Regional Visitor Center

The J. Bennett Johnston Waterway Regional Visitor Center is dedicated to telling the story of the Red River in Louisiana and will take you on a journey from the past up until the modern day.

The center aims to educate on how the river was transformed in the days of old so that it could be safely navigated and used for recreation purposes, and at the center you will find over 8,000 square feet of exhibit space that includes a theater and static and rotating exhibits.

You can also take a guided tour of the center with one of the knowledgeable docents on site.

11. Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Holy Trinity Catholic ChurchSource: mapio
Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Holy Trinity Catholic Church is famous in Shreveport as it has the claim to fame of being the oldest church in the city.

The church is designed and built in the Romanesque style and it has a signature alter that is made entirely of Italian marble.

As such, the church is said to be reminiscent of a European cathedral rather than a church in the south of the United States, and it is also known for its pretty stained glass.

There are over 60 window panes here that are covered in beautiful stained glass motifs and the church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Shreveport.

12. Barksdale Global Power Museum

Barksdale Global Power MuseumSource: tripadvisor
Barksdale Global Power Museum

Barksdale Global Power Museum is part of Barksdale Air Force Base and has the simple premise of preserving the history of those who have served in the Air Force.

To that end, visitors here will find a range of exhibits that tell the story of the heritage of the Air Force, and you will find aircraft on display as well as a range of period memorabilia.

There is even some antique Air Force artwork on show here as well as a gift shop where you can stock up on souvenirs.

13. Jubilee Zoo

Jubilee Zoo
Jubilee Zoo

If you love animals or you are travelling with younger visitors, then the Jubilee Zoo makes a fantastic day out in Shreveport.

The zoo has a petting zoo where you can feed some of the animals, and many of the exhibits here are interactive so that you can get up close to the wildlife here.

There are carousel pony rides, and you can also get around the zoo on a safari ride that will let you take in all the action in comfort.

When you have toured the zoo, you can also enjoy inflatable items such as a bouncy castle, and there is also a playground for children.

14. Logan Mansion

Logan MansionSource: flickr
Logan Mansion

For a slice of spooky Shreveport, head to the Logan Mansion that dates back to 1897. The house is built in the classic Victorian style, and is said to be haunted.

As such, you can go on a tour here with a friendly and knowledgeable local guide who will take you around the home and tell you of all the ghost stories that exist here.

There are special holiday tours that you can join as well, particularly around Halloween and Christmas, so if you like feeling scared then this is one place not to miss.

15. Louisiana State Exhibit Museum

Louisiana State Exhibit MuseumSource: tripadvisor
Louisiana State Exhibit Museum

The Louisiana State Exhibit Museum first opened in 1939 and is known for its exhibits about the Caddo Indians who lived in the area.

These include displays of local antique artifacts, frescos, and even a historical dugout canoe.

The museum also has over 20 different dioramas that tell the story of the state of Louisiana.

The building itself is also known as an architectural jewel in the crown of Shreveport as it built in the shape of a circle in a modern style that shocked residents when it was constructed in the 1930s.

15 Best Things to Do in Shreveport (LA):

  • Call to Action Mural
  • American Rose Center
  • Holiday in Dixie
  • Davis Homeplace
  • Betty Virginia Park
  • Air U Trampoline Park
  • Elvis Presley Statue
  • Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport
  • Statue of Ledbetter
  • J. Bennett Johnston Waterway Regional Visitor Center
  • Holy Trinity Catholic Church
  • Barksdale Global Power Museum
  • Jubilee Zoo
  • Logan Mansion
  • Louisiana State Exhibit Museum