15 Best Things to Do in Aquitaine (France)

Covering the Atlantic side of south-western France, Aquitaine is vast, with a multitude of landscapes, places to visit and things to do.

On the coast the sand goes on forever and is washed by rolling waves that attract surfers from far and wide.

This is a world away from the Dordogne and its medieval castles and prehistoric caves, or the mountain meadows in the Pyrenees, or the regimented vineyards in the Gironde.

You get the picture; it’s a versatile region that will capture everyone’s imagination in a different way.

Lets explore the best things to do in Aquitaine:

1. Bordeaux

Place de la Bourse

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Place de la Bourse

The world’s wine capital, Bordeaux has more historic buildings than any other city in France apart from Paris.

The centre is a World Heritage site for its assortment of architecture from the 1700s, a time when the city started expanding out from its medieval walls.

A case in point is the staggering Place de la Bourse, now made even more inspiring by Michel Corajoud’s  Mirroir d’Eau, a thin layer of reflective water that is magical when the square is illuminated at night.

There’s a great deal more to see than just this, like the medieval gate Port Calihau, the Grosse Cloche belfry, the iconic Pont-de-Pierre and the striking Monument aux Girondins, with its rampaging horses.

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15 Best Things to Do in Aquitaine (France):

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