15 Best Things to Do in Saint-Malo (France)

2. Old Saint-Malo

Old Saint-Malo

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Old Saint-Malo

With grey granite as the their material, Saint-Malo’s houses have a distinguished air that borders on severe, but is always beautiful.

The “Intra-Muros” district is all cobblestone streets with bars, restaurants, upmarket shops and crêperies, and exploring is the name of the game.

The sense of the city’s venerability is so strong that it almost seems impossible that most of Saint-Malo needed to be restored after 1944. It’s a difficult task to choose; the most picturesque are in old Saint-Malo, but Rue Jacques Cartier is gorgeous.

Here on the east side of the walled city the houses are built into the defences and the ground floor is one long string of cafes and restaurants.

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