15 Best Places to Visit in Kent (England)

In the far southeast of England, you could say there are two Kents.

There’s the soft rural Kent of posh towns, National Trust houses and quaint villages, and then coastal Kent, fortified to defend the entranceway to England but also adapted for seaside fun in the 19th century.

In rural Kent, the county lives up to its nickname the “Garden of England” for its verdant countryside of hop farms and orchards, and florid villages with pastoral scenes of duck ponds, pubs, village greens and Norman churches.

Something in the Kent countryside that you won’t see anywhere else are “oast houses”, barns and houses on hop farms with conical roofs capped by a white vent to draw in air and dry the hops that would be stored on the upper floor.

Lets explore the best places to visit in Kent:

1. Canterbury


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As beautiful as it is significant, Canterbury is a university crammed with history.

It is the seat of the British Isles’ first diocese, founded in the 6th century.

The Archbishop of Canterbury remains one of the most influential public figures in England.

The magnificent Norman and gothic cathedral is the showpiece of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was the scene of one of the pivotal moments in English medieval history: The murder of the Archbishop Thomas Beckett by supporters of King Henry II at the altar in 1170. There’s much to keep you enthralled in Canterbury, whether it’s Roman mosaics, the ruins of the castle and abbey, the city walls or the bulky Westgate, the biggest medieval city gate in England.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Kent (England):