15 Best Things to Do in Pueblo (CO)

Basking in the sun, Pueblo lies on the banks of the Arkansas River and used to be known primarily as a mining town in the days of old. For this reason Pueblo had something of a murky reputation and was filled with cowboys and ruffians looking to make their fortunes during the gold rush.

Famous, or rather infamous, characters frequented the town such as the legendary Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild Bill Hickcock. Nowadays however, things have changed somewhat, and while Pueblo retains a lot of its old charm, it is now better known for its friendly locals and delicious green chili dishes that are unique to the region.

Lets explore the best things to do in Pueblo:

1. Union Avenue Historic District

Union Avenue Historic District

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Union Avenue Historic District

Union Avenue Historic District is a great place to begin a tour of the city as this was once the town’s city center in the days of old. This district would have been lined with old fashioned saloons and even brothels in the days of old, but now the area is filled with brick and sandstone buildings that date from the period. 70 of these buildings are listed as part of the National Register of Historic Places and are now used as small boutiques, art galleries, and cafes. As such you can easily spend the morning walking around this area and taking in the feeling of Pueblo. This area is also part of what is known as Pueblo’s ‘Creative Corridor’ which is an arts and culture section of the city that is filled with galleries, museums, and pretty touches such as delightful fountains and sculptures.

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15 Best Things to Do in Pueblo (CO):

Union Avenue Historic District