15 Best Things to Do in Maastricht (the Netherlands)

Maastricht is one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands and has a rich culture and economical history. It stands as an important city for many reasons including being the birthplace of the EU and the Euro currency. Located on the Belgium/Holland border, Maastricht serves as the capital of the Limburg region which is tucked away in-between Belgium and Germany.

Settlements have been documented at Maastricht for thousands of years, and Neanderthal remains have even been found. Throughout history, different groups have entered the Limburg region including the Romans, Carolingian’s, and later the Dukes of Brabant. As an important city located on the Meuse river, Maastricht is a fantastic tourist destination and has a great deal to offer from historical buildings, to beautiful parks and some intriguing cave networks.

Lets explore the best things to do in Maastricht:

1. Maastricht Underground

Maastricht Underground

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Maastricht Underground

Maastricht has a well developed network of historical caves and tunnels.

Between the 1500’s and the 1800’s, this network of tunnels and underground passageways was developed to aid during times of siege and for improving the cities defences.

During WWII, many people also took shelter here to avoid bombing raids and conflict.

Some networks of the tunnels once stretched for over 230km and were totally man-made.

You can now take many different guided tours of the tunnels and learn about their amazing history.

Walk through the eerie passageways and come to understand how they were built and how the citizens of Maastricht benefited from their creation.

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15 Best Things to Do in Maastricht (the Netherlands):