15 Best Things to Do in Linz (Austria)

Linz is a beautiful and sometimes underrated city located in the northern part of Austria on the River Danube. As the third largest city in Austria it as actually of major importance and also a great tourist destination with many interesting sights and activities.

The great combination of historical buildings, stunning architecture, vast areas of green space, and modern innovations mean that Linz has as much to offer as such high-ranking Austrian cities as Vienna and Salzburg.

Since 2014 Linz has been part of the UNESCO Creative Cities network and this is apparent with the brilliant array of museums you can visit here.

1. The Ars Electronica Centre

Ars Electronica Centre, Linz

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Ars Electronica Centre, Linz

If you are a technology nerd then the Ars Electronica Centre or Museum of the Future as it is also known will be like heaven.

This is one of the most fascinating places you could visit and the different types of technology and interactive features are so much fun to use and learn about.

The centre is split up into different rooms and sections that contain various items such as a virtual ping pong  game, a huge 8k resolution screen that displays different parts of the world in stunning high definition, interactive screens that show satellite images of earth, new technologies such as robots that respond to their name being called and even an information system you can access using a special touch pen that displays an amazing amount of detail about the world’s population and cities.

Even if you are not a fan of new technologies, the Arts Electronica Centre is a fabulous place to visit.

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15 Best Things to Do in Linz (Austria):